The International Technology Management Review

ISSN: 1835-5269
Volume 3, Issue 2, July 2013
Jun Xu, Xiangzhu Gao, Golam Sorwar, Peter Croll
Pages: 92 - 104
Consideration of e-health record systems in Australia started in 2000. Based on the effort to develop stand-alone and state-wide systems, the national Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record system was released on July 1,2012. However this system has been widely criticised, although stakeholders...
Yu-An Huang, Chad Lin, Ying Chieh Liu, Mei-Lien Tung
Pages: 105 - 115
Alliances has the potential to assist hemodialysis centers in pooling their IT resources to achieve mutually compatible goals such as improved work-flow efficiency, a higher quality of healthcare services, decreased scheduling conflicts, reduced patient waiting time, and reduction in healthcare costs...
Md.Shah Azam, Mohammed Quaddus
Pages: 116 - 126
Applying five cultural dimensions, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, in-group collectivism, Bengali value and ethical culture, along with the two fundamental antecedents of Technology Acceptance Model (perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use), this study examined the influence of culture...