The International Technology Management Review

ISSN: 1835-5269
Volume 4, Issue 3, October 2014
Chad Lin, Hao-Chiang Koong Lin, Yu-An Huang, Geoffrey Jalleh, Ying Chieh Liu, Yueh-Hsia Huang, Sheng-Hsiung Su, Ching-Ju Chao
Pages: 115 - 132
Effective utilization of business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce (e-commerce) in hospitals may lead to many benefits such as increased accessibility to healthcare providers, improved process efficiency, enhanced quality of healthcare services, increased responses to changes, decreased scheduling...
Susan Lowry, Mitchell Kempton, John B. Hammond
Pages: 133 - 141
In 2007, opened an online shop selling predominantly customized event dresses made by suppliers offering value for money and true sizing. Its early success made expansion into other product offerings possible and today revenue is approximately US$292M. Can LITB sustain this growth?...