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Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health

Global Author Distribution

Region# Corresponding Authors
North America107
South America5

Global Author Distribution

Global Author Distribution gives an indication of the countries where the corresponding authors for a journal are based. The world map above shows the total number of corresponding authors by country during the lifetime of the journal, where the size of the bubble for a particular country is a measure of the number of corresponding authors from that country (hover over the bubble to see the exact number of corresponding authors and how that country ranks in terms of authorship compared to other countries). The table below the map groups the corresponding author numbers by region.

Atlantis Press journals are generally international by nature and therefore have a global authorship. Authors publish research articles from all over the world and collaborate with peers at different institutions in different countries. This metric intends to visualize the geographical spread of a journal's authorship and the relationships between countries for which the journal has relevance.