Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

ISSN: 2210-8505

The Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (JRACR) strives to promote a higher level of methodology and practice in risk analysis (RA) and crisis response (CR) by providing an international forum for the sharing of theory and applications of RA and CR and for the exchange of research findings and case studies that serve to bridge the latest RA and CR developments.

At the same time, JRACR aims to provide knowledgeable and reasonable suggestions for populations, decision-makers and governments worldwide, so that risk prevention and crisis response ability may be enhanced to change the world into a much safer and more harmonious environment.

JRACR, as an official publication of Society for Risk Analysis – China (国际风险分析学会中国分部,SRA-China), also receives the submissions written in Chinese with English title and abstract.

The journal is peer-reviewed and publishes both high-quality theoretical and applied papers in the broad ranges of risk analysis and crisis response. Related topics will include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. General theory and methods on risk analysis and risk management (风险分析和风险管理的一般理论和方法)
  2. General theory and methods on crisis response and emergency management (危机反应和应急管理的一般理论和方法)
  3. Risks caused by environmental hazards (环境危害风险)
  4. Risks caused by natural disasters (自然灾害风险)
  5. Risks caused by terrorism (恐怖袭击风险)
  6. Risk identification and management in food safety(食品安全风险识别与管理)
  7. Risk issues in industrial systems (工业系统中的风险问题)
  8. Investment risks in projects (项目投资风险)
  9. Risks in financial systems (金融体系中风险)
  10. Risks faced by insurance industry (保险业面临的风险)
  11. Risks in information systems (信息系统中的风险)
  12. Emerging risks related to new technologies and environment (与新技术和环境相关的新兴风险)
  13. Emerging risks related to global climate change (与全球气候变化有关的新风险)
  14. Emergency management of catastrophic accidents (灾难性事故的应急管理)
  15. Emergency management of natural disasters (自然灾害的应急管理)
  16. Public health and crisis response to outbreaks (公共卫生和疫情危机反应)
  17. Information systems serving for risk analysis and risk management (为风险分析和风险管理服务的信息系统)
  18. Internet of Intelligences and risk radar (智联网和风险雷达)