Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

ISSN: 2210-8505

JRACR is an Open Access journal, allowing for a maximum exposure of its papers. For having a paper published, an Article Processing Charge (APC) of 350 euro is requested. Submitting a paper remains, of course, free.


The world faces more and more insecurities and challenges than ever before. A greatly increasing number of uncertainties and catastrophes the world has had to confront are redefining the way countries approach disaster and crisis management. Current times necessitate greater effort to understand risks and avert crises. In particular, the cultural fusion of the West and the East is most likely to help serve humanity to achieve security and relative freedom in a vulnerable, risk-filled society.

The International Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (JRACR), an official publication of Society for Risk Analysis – China (SRA-China), publishes high-quality papers concerning risk analysis and crisis response. This publication facilitates the promotion and rapid development of risk analysis theory and application worldwide, thus helping to reduce the effects of natural and man-made disasters and to avoid major economic and social crises. The published papers provide the necessary risk analysis theory and response techniques to ensure healthy development of society and of the economy.

JRACR is published by Atlantis Press, Paris, France. Professor Chongfu Huang (President of SRA-China) and Professor Gordon Huang (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering) serve as Co-Editors-in-Chiefs. The Editorial Committee of the journal comprises Area Editors and an Editorial Board. The Area Editor is responsible for having all submitted articles peer-reviewed in a timely manner, providing constructive feedback to authors, advising as to which articles are to be published, and forwarding those articles to the Co-Editors-in-Chief, who always make the final decision regarding the acceptance of a paper.