Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 3, Issue 2, August 2013
Editor’s Introduction
Montse Mari, Jordi Díaz-Ferrero, Marta Schuhmacher, Martí Nadal, José L. Domingo
Pages: 77 - 87
In order to evaluate the environmental impact of a hazardous waste incinerator (HWI) located in Constantí (Spain), during the period 2010-2012, 30 vegetation and soil samples were alternatively (herbage in 2010 and 2012, and soils in 2011) collected in the surroundings of the facility, and their contents...
K.K. Thampi, M.J. Jacob
Pages: 88 - 94
In this paper, we consider a renewal risk model with constant interest force for an insurance portfolio. We discuss equations for the survival probability and its Laplace-Stieltjes transforms have been obtained. We provide recursive algorithm for the upper and lower bounds for the ruin/survival probability...
Jingjing Xiao, Zhiguo Huo, Dapeng Huang, Fenfen Guo, Yan Jiang, Gaofeng Fan, E. Youhao, Y.U. Caixia
Pages: 95 - 102
To optimize irrigation and provide a technical guide on agricultural production, the water-saving irrigation meteorological grading indexes of different development stages of maize were built in this paper, based on the principle of farmland water balance, the theories of insufficient irrigation and...
Fusheng Yu, Shihu Liu
Pages: 103 - 109
For decision makers, the data property has a direct influence on the selection of decision making approaches and the reliability of decision results. Because of the complexity and diversity of practical decision data, some traditional decision approaches are not very good at reflecting the actual problem....
Qinghua Gong, Guangqing Huang, Junxiang Zhang
Pages: 110 - 114
The mechanism of landslide hazard in weathering crust of granites in south china was chosen as our research object. Landslides, as a common geo-hazard, can result in huge economic losses and enormous casualties in mountainous regions of the world. Therefore, the mechanism of landslide hazard has become...