Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2011

1. Foreword

Chongfu Huang
Pages: 0 - 0
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2. Efficient Applications of Risk Analysis in the Chemical Industry and Emergency Response

Roberto Bubbico
Pages: 92 - 101
Despite it is now used in many technical and industrial areas, Risk Analysis is sometimes still considered by many plant managers as a methodology too complex and too timeconsuming to be of practical use. Conversely, it will be shown that Risk Analysis can often provide very useful information on the...
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3. Risk Management in Process Industry - Practical Approach in Poland

Andrzej Kozak
Pages: 102 - 105
As one of the risk analysis methods HAZOP has been successively and commonly applied for many years since it enables the future user of a process installation to check the project in terms of security in a way that minimises the costs of changes. This paper refers to the weak points of risk management...
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4. The Errors Estimate of the Multistage Combined Investment Risk Assessment

Yu Jike, Zhou Zongfang
Pages: 106 - 109
Investment risk is economic development faced serious risk. The multistage combination investment risk assessment (MCIRA) can reduce the assessment error, but how to survey the error which produces by the MCIRA models, has the important significance. From theoretical side, the errors upper-bound of the...
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5. Internet of Intelligences in Risk Analysis for Online Services

Chongfu Huang
Pages: 110 - 117
There are always some people who experienced or studied the risks of daily life. Based on that, in this paper, we proposed a new concept Internet of intelligences (IOI), which consists of intelligent agents, the Internet and a mathematics model. An IOI collects and processes the information provided...
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6. A Study on Food Safety Risk Analysis under the Condition of Traditional Agriculture

Jingyuan Yin, Haiyan Gao, Wei Pei
Pages: 118 - 125
With the development of economy, the problem of food safety has caused extensive concern. Agricultural production node is on the front of the food safety management chain. The combination of which and modern economic social development is an important character to reflect the food safety situation in...
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7. Dynamics of Urban Fire Correlations with Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

Jinghong Wang
Pages: 126 - 132
To explore and understand the intrinsic dynamic mechanisms of urban fire system is an important prerequisite for the fire risk analysis and management. By analyzing the time series of urban fire system, it is helpful to achieve this goal. In this paper, the detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) is applied...
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8. The Research of a Hail Risk Evaluation under Imperfect Information

Wang Wei, Zhou Chao, Du Xin
Pages: 133 - 141
Based on the situation of the global warming, hail disasters will maybe cause the higher risk of loss in the future. The author established a risk evaluation model of hail disasters in terms of the combination of probabilistic and physical methods. Moreover, a nonlinear finite element analysis software...
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9. Research on Model for Evaluating Risks of Venture Capital Projects

Yunfei Li, Zongfang Zhou
Pages: 142 - 148
An index system for evaluating the risks of venture capital projects is established on the basis of analyzing the factors affecting the risks of venture capital projects. A model for evaluating the risk degree of single venture capital project is presented by applying the uncertain type analysis of hierarchy...
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10. Environmental Risk Discrimination and Assessment for Municipal Solid Waste Secure Landfill Site

Cao Yonghong
Pages: 149 - 155
With the development of urbanization, the amount of municipal solid waste is increasing. Landfill is the main method for disposing the urban garbage at present in China. But the secure landfill site is not safe completely because it has a lot of risks threatening surrounding environment. After types...