Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2011
Chongfu Huang
Pages: 110 - 117
There are always some people who experienced or studied the risks of daily life. Based on that, in this paper, we proposed a new concept Internet of intelligences (IOI), which consists of intelligent agents, the Internet and a mathematics model. An IOI collects and processes the information provided...
Wang Wei, Zhou Chao, Du Xin
Pages: 133 - 141
Based on the situation of the global warming, hail disasters will maybe cause the higher risk of loss in the future. The author established a risk evaluation model of hail disasters in terms of the combination of probabilistic and physical methods. Moreover, a nonlinear finite element analysis software...
Yunfei Li, Zongfang Zhou
Pages: 142 - 148
An index system for evaluating the risks of venture capital projects is established on the basis of analyzing the factors affecting the risks of venture capital projects. A model for evaluating the risk degree of single venture capital project is presented by applying the uncertain type analysis of hierarchy...