Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference on Education and Social Sciences (ACCESS 2019)

The First Annual Conference on Education and Social Sciences (ACCESS) aimed to be a sharing platform for researchers in the field of education and social sciences to build educational character in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. The first ACCESS was held in 2019 at Universitas Mataram, Indonesia. We are determined to hold quality conferences every year. 2019 marks the beginning of ACCESS, which marks the start of a new era of the education conference. ACCESS 2019 was organized by the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Mataram in collaboration with the Indonesian Publication Center (IPC) which is a professional organization in the field of publication and conference management.

Character education in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 is a crucial issue for most educational researchers. Researchers have developed and conducted various studies that discuss various issues related to the development of students during the industrial revolution 4.0. Issues such as the massive inclusion of computer technology in the world of education, high-level skills required in the era of the industrial revolution, and the emergence of the online world for future education, support most articles in ACCESS 2019.

The digital world plays a big role in the world of education. The emergence of online classes, e-assessment-based assessment instruments, and learning methods that combine online and offline learning is a bit of data that requires deep understanding for practitioners in the world of education. Schools or universities can build a more effective flow of information through digitalism if they use the potential of the digital world wisely. Thus, ACCESS is a means of exchanging and sharing information with the aim of understanding the entry of the 4.0 industrial revolution era towards the development of character education.

ACCESS is attended by various researchers from various universities. 350 articles were recorded following ACCESS 2019 and after following a strict review procedure, 111 articles passed to be published on Atlantis Press. The entire article is divided into seven scopes (Character Education, Elementary Education, Mathematics and Science Education, Language and Literature, Educational Technology, Social Sciences, and Humanities). Each scope has been selected according to the discussion and main objectives of ACCESS.

Finally, ACCESS is a conference that will develop far into the future, as long as the development of education in the world does not stop. In the future ACCESS will collaborate with various national and international universities while maintaining the high quality of writing and research data.

Committee Chair/Editor in Chief
Dr. Gunawan, M.Pd