Proceedings of the 2019 Ahmad Dahlan International Conference Series on Engineering and Science (ADICS-ES 2019)

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Pyrolysis of Ethylene Vynyl Acetate Polymer by Natural Zeolite Catalyst as an Alternative Fuel

Siti Salamah, Dede Azhari, Arba Mitanto
In Indonesia, ethylene vinyl acetate polymer type of sponge waste increases in number. The increase was due to the increase of the shoe factory which was the main consumer of this type of sponge. Conversion of this type of waste is done as an alternative fuel oil through pyrolysis process. The purpose...
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LSTM Based Prediction of Total Dissolved Solids in Hydroponic System

Riky Puriyanto, Supriyanto, Anton Yudhana
This paper discusses the implementation of long short term memory (LSTM) for forecasting the value of total dissolved solids (TDS). The TDS value in a hydroponic system represents the number of nutrients contained in water. The amount of water in the hydroponic system is important to note because optimal...
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Irrigation Distribution System for Agriculture using Fuzzy Control and Android-Based Water Monitoring

Son Ali Akbar, Sunardi, Harianto, Fiftin Noviyanto
Water is a critical element in agriculture fields. One of them, paddies. In this research developed the smart irrigation system to real-time monitoring, that provided the water level information based on Android. The prototype system made using the ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) to detect the water level,...
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Technology Development for Organic Production of High Quality Virgin Coconut Oil

Imam Santosa, Endah Sulistiawati, Ika Kumalasari, Suhendra
Indonesia is a country that has the largest coconut plantation in the world, with its main copra products. The quality of copra produced from rural areas is low and complained by the international market because it is thought to contain aflatoxin. This paper describes the fast-drying machine to produce...
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Drying of Longan Fruit (Dimocarpus longan lour) at Low Temperature

Endah Sulistiawati, Alma Sulaeman, Priesta Nafisah
Longan fruit comes from a subtropical climate, and it can grow well in Indonesia. With the drying process of longan can also be beneficial as a tonic for the maintenance of insomnia and neurosis. Once the longan fruit separated from the skin and seeds, longan fruit put in plastic containers and then...
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A Study of Deep Learning Method Opportunity on Palm Oil FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunch) Grading Methods

Wahyu Aji, Kamarul Hawari
The deep learning method is a state of the art in technological developments in various fields, including in agriculture. Deep learning applications in agriculture include many things including the application of fruit grading, including the fruit of palm or palm oil FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunch). Deep learning...
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Monitoring Human’s Emotion through Fast Fourier Transform Method form Brainwave Features

Akbar Muslim, Anton Yudhana
Emotions are intrinsic to the way humans are interacting with each other. A human being can understand the emotions of another human being to a certain extent and behave in the best manner to improve the communication in a certain situation however a machine cannot. This paper aims to make an analysis...
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The Trashcan Design Using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Method For The Campus Garbage Separation

Endah Utami, Okka Adiyanto, Zahrul Mufrodi
Waste management is currently a popular topic in the campus environment. Waste management in the campus environment is carried out in several methods one of them is the method of 3R (Reuse, Recycle, and Reduce). The purpose of waste management in the campus environment is to create a green campus program....
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EonTex Conductive Strechtable Sensor Response on Smart Glove for Sign Language

Anton Yudhana, Jihad Rahmawan, Son Akbar
EonTex Conductive Strangeable sensor is a sensor with e-textile technology where the sensor is in the form of a sheet of fabric. EonTex Conductive Strechtable sensor has a resitive property, where if the sensor is pulled or spun and then returned as before again the EonTex Conductive Strechtable sensor...
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Polling Stations Secure Scheme For e-Voting System in Indonesian General Election

Slamet Risnanto, Yahaya Rohim, Nanna Herman
The implementation of e-voting technology for election has been prevalent worldwide. There are 43 countries in the world implementing this technology, where some of those countries succeeded while the other found unsuccessful. The reason for the application of e-voting is mainly due to inefficient, insecure,...
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Discovering Meaningful Pattern of Undergraduate Students Data using Association Rules Mining

Herman Yuliansyah, Hafsah, Ika Arfiani, Rusydi Umar
Association rules mining is a technique in data mining to discovering a meaningful pattern of data. The main objective of this research is to identify undergraduate students data and to get the profile and insight from the past data. It will have a benefit for improvement in academic activity in the...
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The Influence of Inclined Plane Angle to The Oscillation Period of Spring and Block Systems

Yudhiakto Pramudya, Endra Raharja
The topic of oscillation in spring and block systems in the inclined plane is fairly complex and rarely to be discussed in oscillation research topic. Apart from theoretical calculations, physical quantities in this topic can also be calculated through experiments. This research determines one of the...
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Capsule shells From Eucheuma Cottonii Seaweed With Plasticizer Sorbitol And Filler TiO2

Zahrul Mufrodi, Lia Septianigsih, Tiffany Ariandi
Most of capsule shells commercial production recently from gelatin as raw material, but the application of gelatin in hard capsule shells production can causes controversy. That is the emergence of consumers concern about health problem and religion issues.Total production of seaweed in the world reached...
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Process Design Study of Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether Production Using Reactive Distillation

Zahrul Mufrodi, Baharuddin, Widy Aditya
The increasing of gasoline demandcause, the need for octane number booster additives such as methyl tertiary-butyl ether, ethyl tertiary-butyl ether, triacetin and other additives is increasing. Methyl tertiary-butyl ether is one of the non-metallic substances that can be used as an octane number booster...