Proceedings of the 4th Asia Pacific Education Conference (AECON 2017)

It’s a pleasure and honor to have an opportunity to give introductory remarks to a proceeding containing great ideas presented for an international conference on education. Education has the task of conserving human civilization and at the same time exploring the human potency to an extent where only the sky is the limit.

Education has been gaining importance in many parts of the world and more and more effort is put to improve its quality. It is thought to be at the forefront of everything when policy is to be set to improve the quality of various fields. Every nation sees the future as something that has to be face with the readiness to compete in almost every field of life especially for the source of food and energy.

With the scarcity of those resources the competition may lead to conflict involving powerful states. If this happens the world is on the brink of global suicide because this conflict will surely involve countries with deadly weapon of mass destruction. This global threat to human life, direct or indirectly and whether we like it or not, is the impact of education because it is education that has enable men to create technology to build infrastructures which ease human being to live comfortably as well as technology which can blow the earth in one go due to the existence of nuclear weapon. Therefore, education has indirectly created threat to human life and this threat must be addressed with education too.

Here we should realize that education cannot be value-free if is to contribute to human better life. Education should be based on the values which respect life, encourage compromise instead of conflict, cooperation instead of competition, sharing instead of monopolizing world resources, and values which promote love instead of hate. For these things to be achieved, education should provide curriculum which in the long or short run should be able to create human beings who are the promoter of scientific progress, prosperity, freedom and peace.

Therefore people across nations, especially those who have concern for education, should frequently meet to share ideas about how education should function so that it can contribute to better quality of human life.

With those things in mind, we, the committee of the conference, would like to express our high appreciation and thankfulness to everyone who has contributed paper for this because we know that the paper has been the result of deep contemplation about what should be put into the system of education that accelerate the emergence of human potency. May education get the benefit from great ideas of this conference as printed in this proceeding.

Purwokerto, September 2017

4th Asia-Pacific Education Conference (4th AECon)