Proceedings of the 5th Asia Pasific Education Conference (AECON 2018)

Praise be to Allah who has given us His blessing and mercy, and may peace be upon His messenger, the prophet Muhammad.

Our theme this year is Innovative Teaching in Education for Social Change. Moreover, the aims of the 5th Asia-Pacific Education proceeding are:

To discuss the educations issues
To discuss the innovative teaching in educational practices
To discuss the innovative teaching policies and policy development
To share ideas on the implementation of innovative teaching in different cultures and countries
To share ideas on other educational issues, such as teaching methodologies and practices, teachers professional development, and research in education.

We also would like to express our gratitude to contributors of papers which have been willing to share their visions, insights, and ideas throught their paper.

Last but not least, we have tried to do our best to make the proceeding perfect for all of you, but we realize that nothing is perfect and therefore we apologize should there be any inconvenience. However, with all that we can offer and provide, we wish you a meaningful and joyfull sharing.

The 5th AECon Editor