Proceedings of the International Conference on Health and Medical Sciences (AHMS 2020)

People’s quality of life recently became an interesting debate across professionals. World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that improving people’s health and well-being is an important factor that contributes to people’s quality of life. Their health and well-being can help managing the 4.0 industrial revolution era and it also determines the health of the next generation and can help predict the future of public health challenges for families, communities, and the health care system. Therefore, research, policies and strategies have been conducted and promoted in order to achieve the goal in each national level including Indonesia through innovation and involvement both public and private sectors. Additionally, the rapid development of science and technology in the 21st Century offers more benefits and opportunities. At the same time, it adds more challenges and threats to society. The development of technology has enabled people to live longer and more comfortably, yet at the same time have created a destructive lifestyle for both natural resources and societies. Lifestyle in the Digital Age demands all things fastpaced, instant and sophisticated, and easy, without the need for physical activity and tendst obestatic. To address such complex situations, stake holder collaboration is needed between the Government, the private sector, civil society and scholars. It also needs to be highlighted that research activity is crucial for improving health and well-being because it enables academicians and practitioners to explore issues and provide evidence for those who concerning at national or international level. Additionally, the one that also crucial to be focused on, is a research dissemination which enables researcher, professionals, health care providers, students or evenly person disseminate, share and discuss about topic matters.

2nd International Conference of Health, Science and Technology which was originally planned to be held in June 2020 by using conventional face to face meeting, however, due to Covid-19 impact is therefore changed to be run in July 2020 by using the online platform. It was because the committee were considering about travel restriction and we also put people’s safety first during Covid-19 pandemic situation. The virtual Conference held on 18th July 2020 at 07.00 AM -17.30 PM in Jogjakarta Location of the conference at Aisyiyah University Street West Ringroad No.63, Nogotirto, Gamping, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region 55592via zoom meeting conference and consists of 5 plenary sessions.

The virtual conference was run successfully with enthusiasm from all participants. There were 96 speakers with various topical and strategic papers participated in this 2nd International Conference of Health, Science and Technology, which means that the number of participants has increased from the previous year. We would like to thank all participants, committee and publication team who contribute to the 2nd International Conference of Health, Science and Technology. We do also really appreciate fo all reviewers who made valuable suggestions for the authors to improve their works. Also, special thanks go to Atlantis Press for making the publication possible.

We hope that this conference is strengthening a great academic atmosphere to the academicians in the fields of health, as well as promote scientific publication. We hope that the publications can make evidence and information to the broader society and eventually giving benefits for today’s development. Finally, on behalf of the committees, we would like to thank your valuable participants for the active and fruitful contribution to this conference. We look forward to seeing all of you next year at the conference.

Sarwinanti, M.Kep.,Sp Mat
General Chair 2nd International Conference on Health Science and Technology (ICHST) 2020