Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering

On July 26-27, the 2015 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering (AIIE 2015) will be held in Phuket Island, Thailand. As a researcher in this field, I am very pleased to see the coming of this international conference; it provides us an opportunity and a stage to communicate and share with others our views.

After a period of rapid development of industrial science from the last century, the industrial manufacturing has entered an era in which machines are highly relied. Intelligent robots are employed in almost every factory in different shapes and forms. On July 26 and 27, AIIE 2015 will be attended by researchers from many laboratories, colleges and famous institutes; the latest advance in this field will be presented and discussed. I am sure that our attendees will benefit a lot from AIIE 2015.

To guarantee the productiveness for AIIE 2015 and make preparation for it, we have asked support from many international reviewers. As for the reviewing process, the following aspects are particularly emphasized:
a) Plagiarism or not
b) Relevance to the conference
c) Readability, quality of the English
d) Quality of the abstract
e) Introduction and motivation
f) Presentation of the "state of the art"
g) Description, originality of the own contribution
h) Presentation of the results
i) Conclusions and future work
j) Quality of the figures
k) Quality of format

All the submissions were double-blind reviewed, both the reviewers and the authors remain anonymous. Each paper was reviewed by at least 2 reviewers with related academic experience assigned by TPC chairs. Papers accepted by all reviewers were accepted; those with different opinions would be reviewed again by another reviewer. Accepted papers will still be revised by the contributor according to the reports from the reviewers. Through this way, quality and academic value of this book is assured.

In this volume, all the 169 accepted papers (selected from nearly 450 submissions) on AIIE 2015 are presented. To make this book easy to read, we have specially arranged all the papers according to their research fields. There are 9 main chapters in this book. They are a) Computational Intelligence; b) Intelligent Systems and Application; c) Artificial Neural Network; d) Data Mining and Signal Processing; e) Intelligent and Optimization Algorithm; f) Software Process; g) Artificial Intelligence and Control Automation; h) Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation; and i) Educational Technology and Computer Application

I believe that with the support from the Atlantis Press, the organizer-Science and Engineering Research Center (SERC), the reviewers, the committee and our outstanding contributors, AIIE 2015 will be a great success. I also believe that our participants will have a great experience on AIIE 2015 on July 26 and 27.

The Editor
C.J. Lee
Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong, China