Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering

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Super-Resolution for Surveillance Video Via Adaptive Block-matching Registration

T. Lu, W. Yang, Y.J. Wan
In recent years, numerous surveillance cameras are widely installed in the streets, residential areas and traffic routes to protect the national public security. Since interested objectives are often far away from the camera, the resolution of these target images are always in low-resolution (LR). It...
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Research on Natural Interactive 3D Registration Algorithm Based on the Detection of Human Hand Features

J.C. Fan, Y.Z. Liu
Aiming at hand feature detection and recognition problem in the natural interaction, especially for the problem that finger was ignored or undetected in the current method, we propose, an improved Adaptive Mean-SHIFT(CamShift) algorithm which combined skin color detection to track and detect hand information...
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Wireless Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on PCA

H.L. Li, W. Quan, G. Ji, Z.H. Qian
The use ofWLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks)for indoor localization is an important content in the field of mobile Internet, usually based on the Received Signal Strength(RSS) and the fingerprinting algorithms. Due to the characteristics of the RSS, environmental factors have great influence on the...
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A New Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Haar-Like Features and SRC with Gentle Adaboost

G.M. Zhu, Z.L. Ying, L.W. Huang
In this paper, a new face recognition algorithm based on Haar-Like features and Gentle Adaboost (GA) feature selection via sparse representation was proposed. Firstly, all the images including face images and non-face images were normalized to size 20×20, then Haar-Like features were extracted from the...
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Effective Recognition and Statistic of Engagement Resources in Persian Discourses

W. Li, W.Y. Liu, M.Z. Yi
Appraisal theory has been focused on by more and more scholars because of its powerful function of analyzing interpersonal meanings, which not only pays attention to the contents and structure of discourses, but attaches more importance to speakers’ or writers’ attitude, stance and emotional tendency...
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The Detection of the Liquid Drop Fingerprint’s Abnormal Values Based on Boxplot Method

Q. Song, M.Y. Qiao, S.H. Zhang, L. Yang
In order to effectively detect the abnormal data of the liquid drop in the droplet analysis system and to improve the accuracy of the liquid drop fingerprint, a new method based on boxplot is put forward. After optimizing the 12 dimensional feature vectors of the liquid drop fingerprint, visualization...
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A New Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Sparse Coding

R.X. Wang, G.H. Peng, H.C. Zheng
The Bag-of-visual-words (BOVW) model discards image spatial information, and the computing cost is expensive on spatial pyramid matching(SPM) model. Due to sparse coding approach exhibit super performance in information retrieval, hence, we propose a new sparse coding image retrieval algorithm. Using...
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A Method to Detect Errors in Electronic Discharge Summaries Based on Named Entity Recognition

D.S. Yuan, T.S. Zhou, Y. Tian, J.S. Li
The hospital discharge summaryis an essential document, containing clinical and administrative information necessary for the continuity of care after the patients are discharged from hospital. The utilization of electronic discharge summaries has grown in popularity. However, many transcription errors...
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Fruit Image Segmentation Based on a Colour Perception Neural Network Inspired by the Retina Structure

Q.Y. Sun, Q.X. Wu, X. Wang, L. Hou
Fruit images segmentation is one of the important issues for fruit recognition. Inspired by the retina structure, a colour perception neural network is proposed to extract multiple colour features, and is applied to tomato fruits segmentation under natural complex background. The network is composed...
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Study on Zenithal Pedestrian Detection Algorithm

D.Y. Shen, M.H. Xu
Pedestrian detection is a hot and difficulty topic in computer vision. This paper presents a zenithal pedestrian detection algorithm designed with the circular feature of pedestrian head in case of top view. It is a reliable pedestrian detection strategy for intelligent illumination control system. The...
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A Novel Hand Gesture Tracking Algorithm Fusing Camshift and Particle Filter

M.H. Yao, Q.L. Gu, X.B. Wang, W.X. He, Q. Shen
This paper proposes an algorithm fusing the Particle Filter and Camshift for improving tracking performance. The algorithm creates a dynamic model which integrates the information of color and motion, uses Camshift to optimize the state of particles and embeds Camshift into Particle Filter. The experimental...
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Hand Gesture Tracking Based on Improved Level Set Algorithm

N.G. Yu, M. Guo, F.F. Mo, X.G. Ruan
The tracking and extraction the hand pose is the previous work of gesture analysis.I n this paper, a mixed Gauss model based level set contour extraction algorithm is presented. The algorithm combined with the mean shift algorithm to achieve the extraction of hand contour dynamically in a video sequence....
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Auto-Marking Image Segmentation Based Manifold Ranking

X.H. Zeng, R.H. Yi, S.W. Zhu, S.S. He
Interactive image segmentation requires adjusting label information manually which will lead to tedious marking process. We propose an auto-marking image segmentation method. It can obtain the object prior and background prior automatically. We segment an image into superpixels (regions) and get the...
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Text Location in Uneven Illumination Images Based on Homomorphic Filtering and Color Distribution

F.C. You, Q. Li, W.B. Bu
Aiming at the problem that uneven illumination in natural scene image has serious interferences on accurate text location, a new method based on homomorphic filtering and color distribution is presented. The homomorphic filtering is to reduce illumination changes and enhance the edge details. Utilizing...
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The Optimization of Task Assignments on Hadoop Platform for Large-Number Image Processing

G.R. Zhang, Q.X. Wu, L.P. Huang, B.S. Chen
This paper proposes a large-number images processing model based on Hadoop platform. According to this model, the task allocation strategies are investigated for large-number image processing on the isomorphic Hadoop clusters and heterogeneous Hadoop clusters. Firstly, a series of different experiments...
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Optimal Trajectory Tracking Control for Underwater Profiling Monitoring Vehicle

J. Yuan, C. Hui
The optimal trajectory-tracking control method for the underwater profiling monitoring vehicle (UPMV) is investigated. Firstly, the system dynamics of the UPMV is modelled and the quadratic performance index is chosen for considering the tracking control precision and energy consumption. The optimal...
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Multiple Features Fusion for Front-View Vehicle Detection

M.L. Men, F. Dai
With the rapid increase of vehicle holdings, urban transport is facing a severe test. Driver-assistance systems (ADAS) can effectively avoid happening of traffic accidents. Real-time detection of moving vehicle based on vision has become a research focus of ADAS. A method of multiple features fusion...
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Improved BING Method and Its Application in Object Detection

J.C. Cheng, Y.L. Li, S.J. Wang
In this paper, we proposed an improved saliency computing method based on BING method.We observedthat the undetected objects of BING method have something in common-that is, most of them are occluded or truncated. Therefore, we improved BING method by:Firstly, make a new training set with undetected...
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Reliability Analysis Based on Coupled Relationship

W.L. Pan, H. Wang
In the usual reliability analysis, researchers often acquire the reliability information about a product by reliability tests and usually regard the product as a whole object to study. Also, the relationships between the attributes of the product are usually ignored. Base on the non-IIDness learning,...
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Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Gegou Aqueduct During Operation Period

Y.W. Li, Y.F. Zhu, Q.Y. Chen, W. He
The aqueduct is an important hydraulic structures across the river and traffic line network, and is also an important Hydraulic structures of The south to North Water Diversion Project in China. In this paper Gegou aqueduct is taken as the research object. And a three-dimensional finite element model...
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Natural Frequencies of The Aqueduct Effected by Water Level

K.B. Ren, Y.F. Zhu, G. Zhao, Q.Y. Chen, W. He
In design of aqueduct structure, natural frequency calculation is the basis of earthquake response analysis. In this paper, the dynamic characteristic of Gegou U shape aqueduct is calculated by the finite element software ANSYS. And in this software, the interaction between water and aqueduct wall is...
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Research of Encryption Based on Chaotic Cellular Automata

S.L. Liang, S. Gong, X.B. Zhao, D.F. Wang, G.Y. Li
In this paper we proposed a block cryptosystem based on 1d-k5 Chain C CA, by alternatively iterating left- and right-toggle chain rules, this kind of encryption is achieved by backward iteration and decryption is realized via forward iteration. From theory proof, we can ensure the security of the cryptosystem,...
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Temperature Measurement of An Inclined Cylinder Using Optical Interferometry

J.R. Zhu, J.M. Dai, X.M. Cheng, Y.Y. Li
Temperature profile of an inclined elliptic cylinder is studied experimentally using optical interferometry. Interferograms of the elliptical cylinder with an isothermal surface were recorded by He-Ne laser. The cylinder were placed with its major axis inclined 30° with respect to the horizontal. Temperature...
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The Research of Observer for Uncertain Nonlinear Neutral Delay Systems

R.H. Zhang
In this paper, the observer design method is proposed for nonlinear delay neutral system, and makes the system convergence to theequilibrium point in the exponential speed. Base on the Lyapunov theorem, adaptive controller method and linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) method, an observer can be get with...
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Transmission Properties of The Composite Structure Constructed by Air and Single Negative Metamaterials

T.H. Feng
In order to explore the applications of single negative metamaterials (SNM) in wireless system, the electromagnetic properties of composite structure constructed by the SNM and air are investigated by means of transfer-matrix method. The results show that the tunneling phenomenon will happen in the sandwich...
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The Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of A Pedestrian Bridge

G. Zhao, Q.Y. Chen, K.B. Ren, Y.F. Zhu, W. He
In this paper, the finite element method was used to analysis the modal characters of a reinforced concrete pedestrian bridge structures. The relationship between parameters and structural vibration frequency was found by parametric analysis. Structural dynamic conditions corresponding state occurred...
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Two Questions of Research on the Fairing for C-Bézier Curves

Z.N. Li, H. Zhou, Y.L. Chen
This thesis talks about the preliminary study on the modification of the new C-Bézier curves, Asuccinct for mulafor calculating the derivative of the degree 3C-Bezier curve is given. It studies the four order C-Bézier curve fairing problem. Fairing C-Bézier curves are satisfied by adjusting the shape...
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Research on Distribution Disparity of Tourists In Chinese National Parks

Y.P. Bai, L.J. Gu, Y.H. Zhang
This paper takes Chinese National Parks as our sample, which were authorized by China's State Council. By means of GIS and Excel spatial analysis tools and some quantitative analysis methods such as the standard deviation, coefficient of variation, geographic concentration index, attractive model and...
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Design and Implementation of Embedded Driver Fatigue Monitor System

H.M. Shen, M.H. Xu
In order to improve the performance of embedded driver fatigue monitor system, this article designed and implemented a new system based on Soc. Thisdesignadopts the ARM as the core processor which isconnected to other peripheral by FPGA. The system also uses the embedded Linux to run the main algorithm...
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A Sleep Monitoring System Based on Cloud Architecture

Z.H. Li, Z.Q. Yu, W.L. Zhang
Current sleep monitoring systems are often limited to sleep clinics and the patient may feel uncomfortable due to the numerous wired sensors attached totheir body. Meanwhile most of existing worksrelated to sleep qualityrarely use questionnaireas a scoring tool.Even though several works have used questionnaires,...
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Design and Implementation of a Remote Monitoring System for The Elderly Based on Cloud Architecture

Y.Q. Zhao, Z.Q. Yu
A monitoring system of caring the elderly is designed to solve those problems that occur constantly under the serious aging situation. In the system, the ZigBee technology, sensor technology and cloud platform technology are comprehensively used. The system can monitor the elderly’s sleepactionsduring...
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Fuzzy Inference System for Modelling Failure Modes in a Ropeway for Massive Transportation

L.F. Villa, O.L. Quintero Montoyab, L. Castañedaa, G. Mejíac
This work uses Fuzzy Inference Systems to model the failure modes of the Metrocable (ropeway massive transportation system in Medellín-Colombia) and to this aim, handle the concept of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) for the automation of maintenance routine. Maintenance procedures in this massive transportation...
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Applying Image Recognition Technology to Intelligent Security Management Systems

Y.N. Chung, T.C. Lu, Y.X. Huang, C.T. Lin, C.C. Yu, C.K. Li
A building safety management system based on image processing technology, which includes the license plate recognition, face recognition, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are investigated in this paper. The system integrates three functional capabilities, which can effectively control...
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FOMs of Consciousness Measurement

W.S. Li, Y.T. Li
Through engineering eyeglass, the consciousness is on object-oriented knowing and controlling mostly embedded in human brain. If an outstanding expert can invent key tool in single index termed figure of merit (FOM) for representing different levels of consciousness tested, then her/his God’s image should...
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Stiffness Modulation of A1-DOF Robotic Manipulator with Antagonistic Actuators

J.H. Lee, S. Okamoto
Stiffness modulation scheme for a robotic driving system with redundant actuation was investigated in this paper. The dynamic and the stiffness models of a simple system having one link and two prismatic actuators were derived and employed for computational simulations of dynamic response to an initial...
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An Application System to Detect Network Intruder

L.S. Yu, K. Chanthala
Packet Monitoring is an essential part of network security. In this paper, an application system is implemented to detect intruders by monitoring the packets over the network. It will alert the end users once the application detects the intruder. This application system also gives the ability to see...
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Design and Implementation of the Multi-parameter Laser Test System

H.W. Yang, Y.H. Shan, X.M. Gao
In order to automatically measure the coordinates of the bullets impacting with high degree of accuracy and in non-contact way, we designed a multi-parameter laser test system, of which operating principle, structure and composition, and design points are elaborated in the paper. This system can accurately...
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The Research of Fault Diagnosis with Time-Delay Switched Systems

H.Y. Sun
The time delay switched system fault diagnosis control is proposed based on LMI skill. The observer is designed based on Lyapunov stability theorem with switched system, and the LMI form of uniformly bounded stability result for fault estimation error system is given. Finally, the simulation is carried...
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Design of the Visual Model Platform of Testing System Based on GMF

X.M. Liu, S.M. Liu, Y.P. Liu, J. Wu
Modelling the testing system brings the idea of model driven into testing field. Reusing testing resources is the core of the model, which effectively shortens the testing cycle. When the testing requirements or design specifications of the system under test (SUT) are changed, the testing system designers...
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The Application of Intelligent Prediction Nonlinear PID Control in Nc Position Control

Y. Zhang, Y.G. Gong, L.F. Chen
According to the moment of inertia and load torque changes in machine tool servo motor position control, proposed intelligent prediction nonlinear PID control algorithm. Nonlinear PID control is used to adjust the proportion, integral, differential coefficients of traditional PID controller in real time....
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A Heterogeneous Information Processing System Based on Smart City

Y. Li
Solution to solve heterogeneous information process sing and related technology integration in Internet of Thing is proposed. A platform based on the technology is designed, to achieve the integration of information, expression and push of integration information, achieve a decentralized unified expression...
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Analysis of OTT Service Influence on Mobile Communications Network

Y. Li, J. Li
The influence of Over the Top (OTT)service on network is studied, impact of mobile terminal on the network mainly include heartbeat, push mechanism, and fast dormancy mechanisms. Permanent online heartbeat has little effect on the network. Fast dormancy mechanisms of mobile terminals on the network is...
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Swot Analysis of Domestic Market of Wearable Sports Equipment Based on Internet of Things Technology

Y. Xu
Using SWOT analysis on wearable fitness equipment market based networking technology, it can be drawn that: from the external environment, wearable sports equipment are facing opportunities and challenges, but the opportunities are more than challenges. From inside their own situation, there are both...
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PEST Analysis of Digital Fitness Equipment Market Based on Internet of Things Technology

C.M. Yuan
By macro environment PEST analysis, digital fitness equipment market based networking technology is the inevitable result of mutual integration between Internet of Things market and fitness market. Digital fitness equipment highlights the interesting and scientific. And it is currently in good political,...
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The Mesoscale Numerical Simulation of the Effectiveness of an Artificial Precipitation Enhancement Operation

J. Wang, Y.W. Chen
According to the mechanism and functions of the AgI seeding, the AgI seeding course was coupled into the operational mesoscaleWeather Research and Forecasting(WRF) mode with reasonable boundary and initial conditions. Then the model is applied to analyse convective artificial precipitation enhancement...
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The Ensemble Forecasting Technique of the Thunderstorm

Y.W. Chen, J. Wang
The convective scale ensemble forecasting is performed by combining the mesoscale non-hydrostatic Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) 3-D convective cloud model based on the ensemble weather forecast theory and applied to the forecast of the characteristics...
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An Hl7 Rim-Driven, Ontology-Based Approach to Healthcare Knowledge Base Development

Y.F. Zhang, P.F. Li, Y. Wang, J.S. Li
The development of the core component of clinical decision support systems (CDSS), the knowledge base, has become a significant bottleneck in its successful application due to lack of effective knowledge representation models. To solve this problem, this paper presents a novel approach by developing...
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Research on Sensor Network Construction for Drop and Pull Transportation System

Y.L. Liu
Currently, the drop and pull transportation system is inefficient. In order to solve the problem of low efficiency, this article analysed the current situation of the drop and pull transportation system, and designed a sensor network which is used for drop and pull transportation. This article elaborated...
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An Implementation of Configurable and Small- Area AES IP Core Oriented Avalon Bus

X.C. Tao, D.L. Zhang, Y.K. Song
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in 2001 has become the new widely-used symmetric block cipher standard. A lot of efforts have been made on the various hardware implementations of the AES algorithm. Some focus on achieving low-cost constructions,...
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Construction and Empirical Study of Social Business Model on Niche Products

Q.W. Ye, Q. Zhang, S. Zhong, G.X. Song
With the rapid development of social networks like Facebook and WeChat and so on, the social characteristics of the emerging e-commerce has become increasingly prominent and the varied demand for products rises in the same way, and the commercial value of niche products has also been surging with a blowout...
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The Online Business Model of Individual Customization Accessories

Y. Yu, H.Y. Ru, Y.J. Tian
This article focuses on online business model of individual customization accessories. Though analyzing several online shopping website to find the advantages and disadvantages of the business model nowadays. Though analyzing the customers` need to find the blank parts of market and find the affection...
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Gesture Segmentation Using Spiking Neural Networks Inspired by the Visual System

L.P. Huang, Q.X. Wu, G.R. Zhang, X. Wang
The human visual system demonstrates powerful image processing functionalities. Inspired by the behaviour of the human visual system, a method of gesture segmentation with the complex background is investigated based on fusion of outputs from two kinds of spiking neural networks. The structures and the...
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Anomalous Propagation Echo Detection Using Neural Network and Discrete Wavelet Transform

H. Lee, E.K. Kim, S. Kim
Anomalous propagation echo belongs to representative non-precipitation echoes which have very similar characteristics of precipitation echoes. It occurs due to super-refraction or ducting phenomenon of radar beam by temperature or humidity. There are a lot of ongoing researches about detecting and removing...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Factors Influencing the Anchorage Force of Soil Anchor Rods Based on the Orthogonal Experiment – ANN

B.Q. Wang, J.B. Hao
Based on the BP algorithm of artificial neural network (ANN), an intelligent model which is used to predict the anchorage force of soil anchor rods is established in this article, under the comprehensive consideration of the anchor rod diameter, strength of the grouting body, length of anchoring segment,...
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Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of Geotechnical Engineering System Using Neural Network Ensemble

L.X. Pan, Y.R. Zhang, M.S. Cao, D. Novak
Neural networks-based sensitivity analysis of parameters of geotechnical engineering systems has become a research focus of increasing interest. This study presents a neural network ensemble–based parameter sensitivity analysis method to investigate the sensitivity of variables leading to lateral deformation...
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Neural Network Approach for Underwater Acoustic Communication in the Shallow Water

K.C. Park, J.R. Yoon
The transmitted acoustic signals are severely influenced by boundaries like as sea surface and bottom in the shallow water. Very large reflection signals from boundaries cause inter-symbol interference effect, the performance of the communication are degraded. Usually, to compensate the reflected signals...
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Application of Artificial Neural Network to Predict Water Levels in Virginia Key, Florida

W. Huang, S.D. Xu, Y.N. Chao
This paper presents the application of the artificial neural network to predict long-term water level in Virginia Key, south Florida. Model input is based on the NOAA observed data at a remote station, Cedar Key station located at about 584 km away. Results indicate that, even though the long distance...
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Neural Network Modelling of Flow In Yinluoxia Station Based on Flow in Zhamashike Station in Heihe River, China

W. Huang, Y.N. Chao, S.D. Xu, Y. Cai, F. Teng, B.B. Wang
Artificial neural network model was established between two river flow in two hydrological stations, Yinluoxia Station and Zhamashike Station in upper Heihe River basin. Results indicate very good correlations for the general trend of the flow data at two stations with correlation coefficients of 0.86...
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A Method of Data Synchronization Based on Message Oriented Middleware and Xml in Distributed Heterogeneous Environments

Z.Y. Lu, Z.B. Guo
With the rapid development of information technology, lots of enterprises are being faced with resource share and information exchange under global heterogeneous environment. However, the MOM and XML technology can provide a better solution for the realization of information exchange and resource share...
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Research on High-Speed Data Acquisition and Real-Time Signal Processing Method Based on Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy

X.F. Du, D.M. Dong, L.Z. Jiao, P.C. Han, Y. Lang
This work described a system of high-speed data acquisition and real-time signal processing based on Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS). We used wavelength modulation spectroscopy technique to improve the de-noising performance of the system and reduce the acquisition stress of the system. We specially...
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Restraint Method Research for Coupling Random Error Based on High Dimensional Data Set Multiscale Analysis

X.Y. Zhou, J.Q. Wang, Z.M. Wang, Y.Y. Jiao, X.G. Pan, C.E. Xiao
For coupling random error, a new method based on multiscale analysis on high dimensional data set is advanced in this paper. It is extends traditional wavelet to high dimensional data set and does multiscale analysis, so that the information in the multi-measure data can be used better. The step of the...
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An Indoor Electromagnetic Testing Antenna Design with Better Standing Wave Ratio and Gain

H. Lv, X.S. Xia, Y.L. Yu, Z.X. Hua
Electromagnetic radiation harm human health serious, indoor household appliances electromagnetic radiation spectrum, not only more, but also broad. In order to effectively detect the indoor electromagnetic wave, the paper puts forward an antenna electromagnetic detection, using slotted and add a high...
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A Behavior Approach to Instant Messaging Worm Detection

W. Guo, L. Wang, H.X. Zhou
In this paper, we present a behavior approach to detect Instant Messaging (IM) worm attacks. We extract characteristics of IM worm behaviors by analyzing the mechanism of IM worm propagation and define the corresponding characteristic functions the values of which can distinguish IM worm behaviors from...
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Key information extraction from Broadcast in traffic domain

J.B. Gu, Y.F. Xie, Y.Y. Wang, X. Xie
With the development of Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Speech Recognition has become an important field of cognitive computing in terms of intelligent vehicle. This paper introduces the application of Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing on intelligent vehicle that extracts key information...
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Cycles Embedding in Conditional Faulty Enhanced Hypercubes

R.L. Qin, H.M. Liu
Let fe (respectively, fv ) denote the number of faulty links (respectively, nodes) of an n-dimensional enhanced hypercube Qn,k . In this paper, we showed that Qn,k(n 5) contains a fault-free cycle of length at least 2n -2fv, under the constraints that (1)fe + fv 2n-3, fe k and (2) every node in Qn,k...
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Exploring the Interpurchase Time of Two Interdependence Brands with Bivariate Stochastic Model

H.H. Huang
In the competitive E-commerce marketing, a customer may purchase two or more different brands in one product categories. These brands become the competitive brands to win the customer’s share of the wallet. Thus it is an important issue to explore the interpurchase time of two interdependence and competitive...
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A New Approach Using Weibo Data to Predict the China Shanghai Stock Market

T. Xu, H. Zhang
In recent years, researches using big data of SNS to predict trends are studied extensively these days. Weibo, the most famous Chinese SNS, is playing an important role for people getting and sharing information. In this paper, a large amount of text data were scraped from Weibo by web crawler, and then...
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At 100mV Power Supply Accurate Ultra-Compact I-V Models for SMIC 0.18 µm Process MOS Transistors with Analyses of CMOS NOT Gate and Its Amplifier

W.S. Li, J.J. Song, Y.T. Li
Green design features with ultra-low power consumption and ultra-low voltage supply. Considering on about 26mV is the silicon power fed limit, below 100mV level, two accurate ultra-compact I-V models for SMIC 0.18 m process N- and PMOS transistors will be extracted with which CMOS NOT gate and its amplifier...
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Quantitative Efficacy Assessment of AAV2-EPO to DR

H.Y. Liu, Q.L. Li, Y.F. Qian, J.F. Zhang
AAV2-EPO (Adeno-associated virus type 2-mediated EPO) efficacy to early diabetic retinopathy (DR)of experimental rats was studied by molecular hyper spectralimaging system (MHIS). Molecular hyper spectral images of rat retinal tissues lice were collected in the normal control group N, the diabetic group...
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Conformal Array Pattern Synthesis Using a Hybrid GA/ABC Algorithm

C. Liu, L.H. Fan
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm is presented here to solve the problem of conformal array pattern synthesis. In order to overcome the disadvantage of standard genetic algorithm (GA) and artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC), a hybrid algorithm is introduced, which combines GA and ABC to take advantages...
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E-Health Cross Layer Design

Y.Z. Luan, G.L. Ren, P.R. Zhang
This paper presents a new E-health cross layer design scheme using GA algorithm, each layer protocol is adjusted according to the medical event QoS information flexibly, and ensure the shortest time delay. Using the medical events QoS requirements and existed wireless network facilities to design a new...
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An Improved DV-HOP Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Y.R. Wang, W. Quan, G.Q. Wang, Z.H. Qian
According to the classical DV-HOP localization algorithm in wireless sensor networks with low precision, we put forward an improved algorithm,which adopted a new way to calculate the distance between unknown nodes and anchor nodes, then by using the weighted least squares method to calculate nodes coordinates....
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An Improved Isomap Algorithm Based on LP-Centers

W.W. Chen, W.J. Mao
The isometric feature mapping (Isomap) is one of the widely used low-dimensional embedding methods. However, Isomap has three bottlenecks: sensitivity to outliers, high computational complexity and topological instability caused by short-circuit edges. To address above problems, by introducing the concepts...
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Optimization of Wet Multi-disk Clutch Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Z.L. Zhou, Q. Li, L.Y. Xu, Q.M. Cao
For the wet multi-disk clutch plate parameters optimization process of multi-objective, multi-parameter and multi-constraint features, an optimization method based on improved genetic algorithm was put forward. The combination coefficient was applied to the genetic algorithm to improve the evolution...
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A Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Image Similarity Calculation

J. Yang, J. Qian, T.L. Ma, H.X. Zhang
Normalized correlation algorithms have been used in digital watermarking evaluation system at home and abroad which still exists some shortcomings. In this paper, several common image similarity algorithms in image retrieval technology are selected and applied to watermarking technology. This paper chooses...
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An Optimization Algorithm for Pedestrian Detection ahead of Vehicle

A.Y. Guo, M.H. Xu, F. Ran, C.Q. Du
The pedestrian detection ahead of vehicle is a very important technology in automobile driving system. Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) plus Support Vector Machine (SVM) is the general algorithm in the pedestrian detection. But, most of algorithms are obtained only by the Matlab or Open CV, rarely...
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A Mapping Algorithm of Scientific Workflow from BPMN to BPEL

X. Tian, H.S. Li, Y.J. Huang, Q. Cai
To get a general mapping algorithm for any BPD(Business Process Diagram),depth-first traversal algorithm based component is designed to deal with any BPMN(Business Process Modelling Notation) model which is composed of the tasks, events, parallel join gateway, parallel fork gateway, data-based XOR decision...
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The New Java Generic Mechanism and Its Application

F. Tian, H.H. Shi, M.T. Yan
In the paper, the core ideas of Java language generic mechanism are described and analyzed in detail, including the generic class, generic method, generic interface, generic wildcard as well as erasure and restrictions on generics, and the Java generic functions are also summarized. An ingenious KLEEN...
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Research on a New Abstract Programming Language for Generic Constraints

Z.K. Zuo, C.J. Wang, H.H. Shi, Z. You, W.P. Xie, J.X. Lu
Generic programming has emerged as a paradigm for the development of highly reusable and safe software libraries. Generic constraint mechanism explicitly describes which concrete types can instantiate generic types. As it can detect and verify the validity of generic parameter instantiated, thereby guarantee...
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Comparative Study on Visualizing Vector Graphics in WebGIS Applications with SVG and Flash Technologies

M. Li, X.H. Yang, Q.W. Chen, G. Li, Y. Cao, J.Q. Zhang, H. Li
This paper compared the performance of SVG and Flash when applied in WebGIS from different aspects, including basic characteristics, data storage, page rendering speed, interactivity etc. Through experiments and analysis, the result shows that: SVG and Flash can be used for visualizing WebGIS vector...
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Improving Problem Solving and Programming Skills through Learning Games of an Inter-competition Type

Y.C. Lee, J.Y. Ko, S.B. Kim
This studyproposes a new learning model for improving problem solving and programming skills. To solve a real world problemusing IT, the problem solving and programming skills are important. In this study, we propose and develop a learning model that can help to improve problem solvingand programming...
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Knowledge Representation Structure for Cloud Platforms: SUMMUS Semantic Encoding Forest

S.S. Xie, Y. Tang, Z.X. Miao, L. Sun, Y. He
Big data era, modern knowledge representation structures do not have appropriate structural support for parallel computing, unable to meet the time requirements of large data processing. We proposed one knowledge representation structure for cloud platform called SUMMUS Semantic Encoding Forest. Through...
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Location Based Friend Recommendation for Online Social Network with Hypercube

J.Q. Zhu, M. Zheng
Nowadays, friend recommendation is one of the most popular applications for online social network, but it is often difficult to find truly useful information by using this function. The inaccurate friend recommendation results largely block the online social interaction among micro-blog users. Thus,...
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Simulation and Performance Analysis of Communication System Based on OFDM

J. Cai, L. Wang, Y.Z. Wang
In order to study the performance of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) communication system, this article establishes two communication system models of OFDM, which are simulated with MATLAB. Based on this, simulation curves of OFDM performance on different channel models and channel...
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An Investigation on Public Perceptions and Adoption Attitudes towards Electric Vehicles and the Roles of Government Policies in Beijing

L. Li, Y. Gu, J.J. Wang
Recent years, because of ever-fast expanding in the consumption of fossil fuel, the air quality gets increasingly bad in Beijing. In order to reduce air pollutants and improve the public living environment, the electric vehicles (EVs) were introduced and encouraged to be adopted by the public, coupled...
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The Importance of Innovation during the Design Process of Rain Rubber Boot

Y. Yu, Y.T. Wang, H.Y. Ru
In this study, the relationship of air permeability properties to rain rubber boot were investigated. There are all kinds of styles, colour and pattern rain rubber boots now in the market. But most of the costumers rather a wet shoe than wearing rain rubber boots. The mainly reason is the air permeability...
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Analysis and Strategies of the Common Tunnel Problems

S.P. Huang, M.L. Guo
The tunnel construction has made considerable progress in our country for years, resulting in tunnel problems. A survey revealed that the common tunnel problems in our country mainly include lining erosion, water damage, basement sink, and mud-pumping etc. These problems seriously affects the tunnel’s...
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The Metering Research of Words in 2011 Tibetan Newspapers

H. Cao, J.S. Wei, Z.X. Leng Ben, W. Yang
With the rapid development of social life, Tibetan language life is also constantly changes, a variety of contradictions in language are obvious. To grasp the dynamic language comprehensively and accurately could be better to research and use this kind of language resources, also could achieve the goal...
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Modelling Co-movement between Onshore and Offshore RMB Exchange Rate Based on Copula

J.Z. Du, K.K. Lai
This paper investigates the dependence of the exchange rate of Onshore RMB and Offshore RMB against U.S. dollar, i.e. CNY and CNH, based on copula models. We select ten different copulas to construct multivariate distribution for RMB exchange rate. The empirical results show that time-invariant Student-t...
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Novel Stable Walking for Humanoid Robot Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

T.T. Huan, H.P.H. Anh
This paper describes a novel walking gait generation algorithm based on inverse kinematics for a biped robot. The proposed algorithm uses the PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm in order to find optimized values for the five walking algorithm parameters. The proposed experiment approach is tested...
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Two-Step Image Hallucination and Its Application to 3D Medical Image Super-resolution

Y. Kondo, X.H. Han, X. Wei, Y.W. Chen
In medical diagnosis, high resolution (HR) images are indispensable for giving more correct decision. However, in order to obtain high resolution medical images, it is necessary to impose long-time, hence it leads to heavy burden to the patient. Therefore Super Resolution technique, which can generate...
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Elongation Prediction of Strip Steel in Annealing Furnace based on KPCA and Optimized LSSVM with ICPSO

C. Wang, J.H. Wang, S.S. Gu, X.K. Fang, Y.X. Zhang
The elongation prediction of strips in furnace is extremely important in annealing process, which determines the quality and yield of product [1, 2]. Furthermore, the safety of air-knife also depends on the prediction accuracy [3, 4]. Thus, the optimal soft-sensing method is proposed based on kernel...
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Construction of Probabilistic Atlas and Its Application to Detection of Lacunar Infarcts

H. Tanaka, A. Shiino, T. Tateyama, X.H. Han, X. Wei, Y.W. Chen
In this paper, we propose using probabilistic atlas of lacunar infarcts to improve accuracy of lacunar infarcts detection. The cerebral vascular disease is responsible for about 10% of all death in Japan. Therefore, Brain dock is popular method to take preventive measures in Japan. In this Brain dock,...
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Statistical Shape Analysis for 3D Facial Images

M. Nakatsu, X.H. Han, R. Kimura, Y.W. Chen
Recently, the genetic association of human facial morphological variation attracts substantial attention. This study proposes a general framework for analyzing facial morphology variation using scanned 3D landmarks, and explores the phenotype features of facial morphology for identifying population root...
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Generalized Super-Vector Coding for Image Classification

M. Nakajima, Y.W. Chen, X.H. Han
Semantic understanding of images remains an important research challenge in machine intelligence and statistical learning. It mainly includes two steps: feature extraction and classification. This study mainly aims to explore a generalized feature extraction framework motivated by the popularly used...
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Multi-DOF Robotic Manipulator Trajectory Controlling based on Minimum Energy Optimization

H. Du, J. M. Du, L.A. Chen, Z.W. Mai, X.H. Liu, H.Z. Cai
This paper presents a methodology for determining an optimal trajectory based on minimizing energy consumption. Firstly we analyze a work process of a robotic manipulator between two given configurations at a given time, and the effect of main factors on motor energy consumption is also analyzed. A mathematical...
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A Video Surveillance Oriented 3D Terrain Simplification Algorithm

X. Fu, J.L. Li, J.X. Zeng
In video surveillance fields, the effectiveness of 3D terrain description method is the base of improving monitoring effect, selecting positions of cameras to be deployed reasonably and scientifically. In this paper, a new local land surface roughness representation method is introduced, and then combined...
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An Improved PSO Algorithm and its Application on Fault Diagnosis

X.L. Liu, L.H. Cao, S.T. Wang, J.N. Li, Y. Huang, Y.P. Li
For the disadvantages of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm, such as premature convergence and easily getting into local extremum, an improved PSO algorithm was presented in this paper. On the one hand, the population with worse performance moved near the global optimization value of the other...
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Fuzzy Kernel Two-dimensional Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition

J.X. Zeng, P. Chen, J.Q. Tian, X. Fu
The traditional kernel two-dimensional principal component analysis (K2DPCA) method did not take full advantage of the class information for face images and there are both “outer class” problem and “hard classifier” problem on face recognition. Therefore, a new face recognition method based on fuzzy...
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Research Progress of Quartz Tuning Fork Micromachined Gyroscope

M.Y. Fan, L.F. Zhang
This paper presents a review of the working principle, the development and the research progress of the quartz tuning fork micromachined gyroscopes. Then, the fabrication process, the performance parameters and the application fields of the QRS are illustrated. Next, the development trends and the existing...