Proceedings of the 22nd International Scientific Conference on Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economics (AMSE 2019)

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Influence of population ageing on macroeconomic productivity

Martina Šimková, Jaroslav Sixta
Labour force of all European countries is ageing and this natural demographic process has its own consequences on economic output and productivity. This issue has been widely discussed in Western countries for several years, but a deep economic and social discussion is still absent in the Czech Republic....
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Effects of structural changes in intermediate use on employment using the input-output analysis and the index theory

Karel Šafr, Kristýna Vltavská, Jakub Fischer
The aim of this paper is to investigate the effect of structural changes in intermediate use on employment in the Czech economy. We combine the input-output analysis with the index theory. For the analysis, we use input-output and employment data for the period between the years 2005 and 2015. We focus...
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How to value equity in national accounts?

Jana Kramulová, Jakub Vincenc, Helena Houžvičková
The objective of national accounts is to present a model of the real economy in the most accurate way. It means that not only officially recorded data from business accounting are included, but also model computations are used (e.g. in estimating the size of the shadow economy or correcting a phenomenon...
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Development of regional price levels in the Czech Republic

Petr Musil, Jana Kramulová
Regional price levels attract attention of researchers as well as of general public due to the fact that regional price differences influence the interpretation of regional indicators. The current international approach reflects just price differences among countries, and regional disparities are excluded...
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Is one time-series in the business tendency survey able to predict another one? Granger causality between time series

Veronika Ptáčková, Lubomír Štěpánek, Vít Hanzal
A Business Tendency Survey (BTS) is one of popular instruments used for providing rough forecasts of future conditions of the national economy. Economists, journalists and analysts are not the only ones interested in the future development of the economy; ordinary citizens are also attentive to such...
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Maintaining the well-being of ageing population in the Czech Republic

Kateřina Gawthorpe, Karel Šafr
This study analyses the problem of ageing which is currently one of the biggest concerns for central authorities in the Czech Republic. The rapidly changing demographic structure has affected the fiscal policy framework. The focus here is on the economic impact of the ageing phenomenon with respect to...
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Multivariate methods for survey evaluation: A case study of Big Data and the New Digital Divide

Jana Cibulková, Richard Novák, Zdeněk Šulc
The paper evaluates the results of a survey regarding challenges connected to the Big Data phenomenon and the New Digital Divide. Following the authors’ previous research, these challenges consist of issues such as business advantage, privacy intrusion, or big brother effect. Perception of these challenges...
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Modelling student dropout using statistical and data mining methods

Petr Berka, Luboš Marek, Michal Vrabec
Not completing the study by a large portion of students is a serious problem at universities worldwide. Regardless of the country, numbers are very similar: about one-half of students who enrolled for the bachelor study leave university before obtaining the degree. To deal with this problem, we create...
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Effect of ordinal variable transformations on hierarchical clustering results: A case study on the Big Data phenomenon

Hana Řezanková, Richard Novák
The aim of the paper is to show some possible transformations of ordinal variables in cluster analysis and discuss their effect on hierarchical clustering results. Although several papers comparing different approaches to clustering objects characterized by ordinal variables have been published, the...
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Corporate website evaluation using partial least squares path modelling

Pavol Kráľ, Peter Laco
Almost all businesses and organizations use the World Wide Web in the form of corporate websites. In today’s highly innovative and competitive environment, the level of corporate internet presentations is one of the key success factors. Approaches to corporate website evaluation are very variable. To...
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On dynamics in a four-dimensional model of a small open economy

Mária Grausová, Miroslav Hužvár, Rudolf Zimka
In the paper, a four-dimensional nonlinear macroeconomic model of a small open economy describing the development of net real national income, real physical capital stock, nominal interest rate and nominal money stock is analysed. The functions of investment, savings, real income tax, liquidity preference...
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Differences in relative prospective age determined by cohort and period life tables

Tomáš Fiala, Jitka Langhamrová
Increasing the pension age above the usual threshold of 65 years is very often recommended to ensure financial sustainability of old-age pension systems, especially of those based on the PAYG principle. At the same time, a closer and clearer relation between the pension age threshold and the level of...
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Time series analysis of the poverty rate for low-educated people in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland over the period 2005 – 2017

Dagmar Blatná
The at-risk-of-poverty rate indicates the proportion of people with disposable income under the poverty threshold. The aim of the present study is to examine the development of the poverty rate indicator in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland over the period 2005 – 2017 in the group of people with...
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Assessment of socio-economic development of selected European countries with the use of a modified HDI

Marek Biernacki, Wojciech Guzek
The aim of the paper is to analyse the socio-economic development of selected European countries represented by various social policies, and to verify the hypothesis of different speeds of development within the groups into which these countries divide. The following groups are considered in the analysis:...
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Adding unpaid work value to income inequality measures in Slovakia

Anna Vallušová, Žaneta Lacová
Income inequality represents one of the central issues that are widely discussed by present-day economists. In Slovakia, significant income inequality linked to disparities between regions persists. The central aim of our paper is to offer an alternative insight into the issue of income inequality measurement...
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Unpaid work performed by younger members of household up to 26 years in Slovakia

Mariana Považanová, Ján Kollár, Marián Kika, Gabriela Nedelová
The paper deals with unpaid work in Slovak households whilst focusing upon unpaid work performed by younger members of the household. Studies of unpaid work of people up to 26 years are still not well documented in literature. The aim of this paper is twofold: First, it seeks to answer the question whether...
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Distribution of the wealth of the richest persons in the world

Adam Čabla, Filip Habarta
The aim of this paper is to examine the probability distribution of wealth of the richest persons in the world based on estimates from the CEOWORLD magazine’s rich list for March 2019. Since one can safely assume that there are a tiny number of people out of the whole world’s population in this list,...
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Efficiency of Slovak municipalities’ expenditure on services for senior citizens

Alena Kaščáková, Zuzana Rigová, Katarína Sýkorová
Efficiency in using resources to achieve desired results at the lowest possible cost is not important only for profit-making subjects, but also for non-profit subjects. Economic efficiency of public administration is a permanent topic in Slovakia. Local self-government, represented by municipalities,...
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Origin of the state statistical service in Czecho-Slovakia

Prokop Závodský, Ondřej Šimpach
This paper is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of establishing the State Statistical Office (an ancestor of today’s Czech and Slovak statistical offices) in 1919. The paper first describes troubles with organization of the statistical service in Austria-Hungary where the Austrian and Hungarian parts...