Proceedings of the 9th Asbam International Conference (Archeology, History, & Culture In The Nature of Malay) (ASBAM 2021)

The ASBAM (Archaeology, History, and Culture in the Malay World) is an international scientific conference held annually under the cooperation of two universities, namely the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia [ATMA-UKM] and Hasanuddin University [Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB UNHAS)]. ASBAM has become an international scientific communication forum whose role is to communicate and disseminate the studies by humanities-based scientists at the world level, especially in the Southeast Asian region. The implementation of the 9th ASBAM conference involved the collaboration of ATMA-UKM, the Association of Malaysian Archeologists (IAAM), FIB UNHAS, Makassar Religious Research and Development, and BPCB South Sulawesi Province.

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