Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities, and Management

Conflict of value orientation in higher education

Pirong Yao, Lin Meng
Corresponding author
Higher education values; professional education and liberal arts education; resistance of liberal arts education; professional periodical "cold and hot"
Chinese higher education goals that value orientation, it is constantly changing in a number of stages of development, before and after the 2010 Higher Education has entered a historic period of reflection; higher education is no longer the goal is to train "for the social production and service" talent so simple, rapid develop-ment of the information age requires col-leges trained personnel will need to have a wide range of adaptability. However, they are not the same those parents and students in higher education values, aspi-rations and social needs, thus leading to a college to provide educational services in the social needs and the needs of stu-dent’s dilemma. Because some universi-ties want to stabilize enrollment, allowing students to replace professional; in the non-rational "utility" value orientation induction, they flood the so-called popu-lar professional, and the results led to dif-ferent professions like China's pork prices the same, with when periodic "cold" is "hot."
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