Proceedings of the 2023 Annual Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Conference (ATASEC 2023)

Conference: Proceedings of the 2023 Annual Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Conference (ATASEC 2023)
Date: 14-15 September 2023
Location: Malang, Indonesia (Online)

Welcome to the 5th Annual Advanced Technology, Applied Science, and Engineering Conference (ATASEC) 2023. We are delighted to present this year’s conference proceedings, which embody a significant landmark in our continuous endeavor to facilitate collaboration between industry and academic institutions, particularly focusing on the development of small- and medium-sized businesses.

This year’s ATASEC, held on September 14th and 15th, 2023, is a testament to our dedication to promoting sustainable development through emerging technologies. The theme, “Emerging Technologies Collaboration Between Industry and Academic Institutions For The Sustainability of Small and Medium Businesses Development,” emphasizes our commitment to integrating theoretical research with practical industrial applications. The conference was organized by Politeknik Negeri Malang, with Institut Teknologi Dirgantara serving as a co-host, and was conducted online via Zoom, providing an international platform for participants from diverse backgrounds.

We are honored to feature a distinguished panel of keynote speakers:

Prof. Ming Shyan Wang, Distinguished Professor and Vice Dean of the College of Engineering, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, brings a wealth of knowledge in engineering and technology.

Dr. Ganett Isabel Jimenez Delgado from Inistitucion Universitaria ITSA, Barranquilla, Colombia, offers her unparalleled expertise in applied sciences.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bagus Wahyudi, M.T., Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Politeknik Negeri Malang, Indonesia, a luminary in mechanical engineering and technology.

Their contributions are crucial to the success of this conference and are sure to inspire and engage all attendees.

The proceedings cover a wide array of topics, showcasing the diverse and evolving nature of research in technology and applied sciences. Each paper has undergone a meticulous peer-review process to maintain the highest academic standards.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the contributors, reviewers, and members of the organizing committee from Politeknik Negeri Malang and Institut Teknologi Dirgantara. Their dedication and hard work have been vital in bringing this event to life.

We hope the proceedings will not only reflect the current state of research in our field but also inspire future collaborations and innovations. May this conference motivate all participants to pursue excellence in their fields.

With warm regards,

Rosa Andrie Asmara
Chair, ATASEC 2023