Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Big Data, Electronics and Communication Engineering (BDECE 2019)

The 2019 International Conference on Big Data, Electronics and Communication Engineering (BDECE 2019), held on November 24-25, 2019 in Beijing, China, is co-sponsored by Advanced Science and Industry Research Center, Hong Kong. BDECE 2019 offers a professional and authoritative platform for scholars and researchers in relevant fields to share leading technologies and research results in the industry and promote academic exchanges. We sincerely welcome the relevant professionals from across the world to contribute and participate in the academic conference.

Recently, the development of the global Internet is entering a new stage of deep integration, reform and innovation, and leading the transformation. It is exerting a fundamental and overall impact on the economic and social operation, production and lifestyle, and public service models of all countries. BEDEC 2019 will provide a better platform for all the participants to grasp "Internet +" important historical opportunity, enhance understanding, find direction, promote Big Data, Electronics and Communication Engineering, such as the Internet of things, and every field depth fusion, for us to implement the strategy of innovation driven development, implement maintain high-speed growth and toward a high level of "double goals", promote the development of achievements benefit the whole people is of great significance.

BDECE 2019 will adopt the double-blind peer review by the Technical Committee to make sure the high quality of the proceeding and the conference and send the anonymous submissions to at least two field-related experts to review the article and are evaluated based on originality, technical, research content, usefulness, structure, relevance to conference and more aspects. The review reports contained detailed suggestions on amendment and Originality report were send to the authors to help them to polish their paper.

BDECE2019 has received 151 excellent papers before the final submission deadline. After the detailed reviewing, we have finally accept 44 submissions. According to their main ideas and research fields of the paper, BDECE2019 proceeding is divide into these following parts:

Chapter 1: Big Data, Data Mining and Algorithm
Chapter 2: Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Chapter 3: Communication and Intelligent Information Technology

In the end, the BDECE 2019 Committee is willing to express our sincere thanks to Atlantis Press for publishing these outstanding and valuable papers, to the co-sponsor of Advanced Science and Industry Research Center, Hong Kong, to all the contributors and technical program committee. We sincerely hope for more academic cooperation with all scholars and scientists of the related fields in the future.

BDECE 2019 International Committee