Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Big Data, Electronics and Communication Engineering (BDECE 2019)

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Organizational Model of Big Data Innovation Alliance: Case Analysis of Virtual Cluster Perspective

Xiaomei Wang, Tianzhu Li*
In recent years, the Big Data Innovation Alliance has received widespread attention and rapid development, but its effective organizational model remains to be further revealed. From the perspective of industrial clusters, the Big Data Innovation Alliance can be seen as an industrial agglomeration phenomenon....
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Big Data Analysis Method of Random Stress Spectrum for Crane Equipment

Li Chen, Keqin Ding
Fatigue damage is one of the most important failure modes of crane equipment. It is an important means to judge the fatigue damage of crane equipment structure by analyzing the random stress spectrum big data collected by the structural health monitoring system of crane equipment. Rain flow counting...
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Research About Data Access Control Based on Data Sensitivity for Cloud-Fog Cooperative

Ruixia Li, Zhenwei Chen, Wei Peng
Cloud computing provides flexible services for users because of its sharing and openness, so traditional access control model cannot achieve flexible and dynamic access control in cloud computing environment. In this paper, a cloud-fog collaboration model is introduced. By adding a fog server, not only...
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Opportunities and Challenges for Social Security Work in a Big Data Environment

Yu Zhou, Bei Ye
With the rapid development of the era of big data, the information road of social security has been accelerating. In China, social security is a vast livelihood problem and a huge and complex system. The powerful analytical and data processing capabilities of large data are just conducive to solving...
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Research of Improved Microblogs Crawling Strategy Based on Time Feature

Hongyan Zhao, Jifeng Tian, Xin Ye, Peiyu Liu
For the problem of real-time about the existing Microblogs page crawling strategy on getting the latest news, this paper proposes an improved Microblogs crawler crawling strategy based on time behavior. For Microblogs page having fast update speed, this strategy adds the time feature tag to the fetching...
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Building Friendly Environmental Assessment Indicator System by Using Big Data and Grey-ANP

Chia-Nung Li, Yi-Kai Hsieh
This study constructs an assessment index applicable to the vulnerability of the traffic environment population in Taiwan. Apply BIG DATA to analyze the case area with a radius of 500 meters, such as Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (women, children), National Taiwan University Hospital (aged), Yongan Market...
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Research and Practice of Online Learning Behavior Analysis Model from the Perspective of Big Data

Yougui Zhao, Dongmei Xia
By using the analysis results of online learning behavior, teachers can understand and identify students’ learning dynamics, analyze the difficulties and blind spots of the course, reasonably adjust the course structure and video content. Meanwhile, teachers can get inspiration from students’ feedback...
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The Case Study of Inclusive Finance Based on the Big Data Service Platform of Enterprise Financing-Take “Digital Chongqing · Yukuairong” as an Example

Peng Wang, Chu Fu
Through the case analysis of the big data financing service platform “Digital Chongqing·Yukuairong”, this paper addresses the main bottlenecks of China’s current inclusive finance, namely the high information collection cost and the information asymmetry caused by the non-circulation of information....
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A Microservice–based Big Trajectory Data Processing Platform for Multimodal Trip Planning

Jun Na, Xiaowei Wang, Yuting Xu, Wenzhi Luo
Trip planning is an essential function provided by an intelligent transportation system. As many different transport modes have been emerging recently, it becomes a common requirement to mix available transport types to find the most comfort and fastest solutions for getting given destinations. A key...
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Research on Modes and Defiance of Big Data and Cloud Computing

Manish Bhardwaj, Arti Sharma
Huge data is presently one among the foremost basic rising advances. vast information area unit used as an inspiration that alludes to the failure of customary data structures to proficiently upset the new informational indexes. The 4V’s of huge statistics – volume, speed, assortment & truthfulness define...
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Monocular SLAM Feature Point Optimization Based on ORB

Run Tan, Minling Zhu, Yuefan Xu
Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) of mobile robots is a hotspot in the field of computer vision and intelligent robots. Through experiments on the monocular SLAM system indoors, the existence of problems was found that the map is sparse and feature point matches are mistaken in some environments....
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The Characteristics of Complex Chen CHAOTIC Systems with Time-delay and It’s Self-delay Synchronization Control

Sen Leng, Jiaxun Liu, Fangfang Zhang, Zhengfeng Li
As for chaotic systems with time-delay, different studies have been done on chaotic communication. However, complex Chen system with time-delay have not been investigated so far, although it has potential applications in many important fields. Therefore, we first explore the natures of complex Chen chaotic...
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Design and Implementation of Paper Number Measurement Based on Improved Least Square Method

Jingli Li, Shiyao Cui, Jianhang Sun, Xinyue Zhou
In view of the weak capacitance generated by placing paper between two copper clad plates and the interference of strong parasitic capacitance around the wires connecting the measured capacitance and the measuring circuit, this paper proposes a design of measuring the number of paper based on improved...
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Design and Simulation of Paper Roll Packaging Workstation Based on RobotStudio

Biqiong Li, Chaoan Liu
Taking ABB robot as the research object, the simulation workstation of paper roll packaging was established by SolidWorks three-dimensional modeling and Robot Studio simulation software. According to the technological process of paper roll packaging, the overall spatial layout of the robot paper roll...
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Unsupervised Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Information Gain

Zhong Li, Yang Jing, Lijing Yao, Binbin Gan
Feature selection aims to select a smaller feature subset from the rate data which maintains the characteristics of the original data and has similar or better performance in data mining. traditional information theory often divides the relevance and redundancy of the features into consideration in unsupervised...
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Second Order Necessary Condition in Major Constraints Multi-Objective Programming

Xuanwei Zhou
Second order necessary optimality condition in multi-objective programming with major constraints is studied. With the aid of the major constraints set and its structure representation, a second order necessary condition for major constrains local Pareto weakly efficient solution is given under a weakly...
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Quantile Factor-augmented Prediction Model and Its Applications to Alpha-arbitrage Strategy in China’s Stock Market

Siyu Wang, Xiaoxia Wang, Qingqing Zhao, Xiaorong Yang
Quantitative equity portfolio management has become a fundamental building block of the investment management. The development of general equilibrium asset pricing models enables statistical arbitrage strategies to capture the effect factors of the market returns. In empirical analysis, a crucial step...
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A Theoretical Study on the Rational Behavior of Users’ Credit Compliance Willingness

Dongmei Xia, Yougui Zhao
In the field of credit research, there are relatively few studies that build a model from the perspective of TTF model and TAM model integration. The research will combine TTF and TAM to build a structural model with credit user type as the regulating variable. The research is carried out with task-technology...
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A Study on the Correlation between Curriculum Achievement and Student Behavior on Network-aided Teaching Platform

Junying Yuan, Shaohui Lin, Sijie Liu, Haishan Chen
It’s well-known that a high-quality network-aided teaching platform can promote the teaching efficiency through resource and information sharing. In this light, the analysis of students’ online behaviors on the platform would help assessment curriculum achievements and learning rules, which in turn can...
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A Method for Selecting Auto-focusing Window of Photoelectric Theodolite

Hongbing Wu, Yunfei Mao, Chao Xue, Qiang Wei, Wenjian Wu
The selection of focusing window is an important part in the process of auto-focusing ing of photoelectric theodolite. The selection method of focusing window of traditional photoelectric theodolite has the disadvantages of large amount of calculation, poor resistance to cockroach and poor adaptability....
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Critical Events Detection Based on Alert Logs in Smart Grid

Wenmin Li, Ning Dong, Haoliang Zhao, Jianlin Jiao, Hao Xv, Bo Li, Minghui Gao
Alert logs in the smart grid come from a variety of security devices and hosts. There are a large number of false alerts and low-threat alerts in the massive logs, which not only make the real threat difficult to be discovered, but also increase the difficulty of analysis. Therefore, based on the fact...
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Design and Implementation of Voltage Peak Detection Based on Fourier Analysis

Hangyu Guo, Shiyao Cui, Xingxing Xu
In order to measure the peak value of the sinusoidal wave more conveniently, we did a full-wave rectification to the sinusoidal wave, then analyzed its frequency spectrum by using Fourier analysis. By researching the relationship between the DC component in the spectrum and the peak voltage, this paper...
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Experimental Verification of Digital Thermo-Optic Switches with Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguide Corner Mirror

Tiancheng Li, Yunjie Shi, Na Sun, Hongpeng Shang, D. G. Sun
In this work, an effective Goos-Hänchen (GH) spatial shift of reflective guided-mode is implemented with a waveguide corner mirror structure and further with an efficient combination of the GH spatial shift and the thermo-optic (TO) refractive index modulation (RIM), the function of a digital TO switch...
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Electrical Load Forecasting Based on LSTM Neural Networks

Lei Guo, Linyu Wang, Hao Chen
The accurate prediction of electrical load is vital to the safety of power grid and the efficiency of energy. The development history of electrical load forecasting is introduced briefly in this paper. Then the relationship between electricity, environment and economy is also analyzed. Ljubljana’s load...
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A Nd:YVO4/LBO Intracavity Frequency Doubling Laser Pumped by a Diode-laser

Lianju Shang, Zhenzhong Cao, Hui Xu, Mingsheng Niu
A Nd:YVO4/LBO intracavity frequency doubling laser end-pumped by a diode-laser was reported, and the parameters of this laser were theoretically analyzed. By using a type Ⅱ noncritically phase-matched LBO crystal, the operation of a red light laser is realized. The output power of 1.16W at 0.671μm and...
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A Deployment Scheme Based on Game Theory in 3D Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Xiaoshuang Liu, Jianfeng Li, Yali Wu, Hongjun Kang
As one principal element in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), energy efficiency is very important in three-dimensional (3D) heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (HWSNs). Thus, this paper considers energy balance problem in three-dimensional heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (3D HWSNs). Firstly,...
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A Multi-Scale Image Detection Method for Power Line Inspection

Nan Zhang, Fu Zhao, Jinglin Guo
A multi-scale image detection method for power line inspection is provided by combining deep learning with traditional image algorithm. The method of Gauss blur and differential pyramid is used to enhance the data set. Experiments show that the method can effectively improve the efficiency of line inspection....
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Coexisting Attractors in a New Smooth Inductorless Chua’s Circuit

Lei Zhu, Minghai Pan
The inductorless design method can facilitate experiment debugging and even engineering applications for various circuits. By introducing active diode pair as Chua’s diode, a new smooth inductorless Chua’s circuit is proposed based on a band pass filter with second order Sallen–Key topology. The dynamical...
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Research on ERP General Part Development Strategy in Intelligent Manufacturing Era

Caixia Li, Jimei Li
China has gradually entered the era of intelligent manufacturing, the application demand of enterprise resource planning (ERP) is increasing. The development of ERP has some difficulties because of its business modules and complex functions. In order to reduce the development complexity of ERP, this...
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Design and Simulation of Punching and Discharging Manipulator

Pengyuan Guo, Guoguo Wu, Shengxue Wang
In this paper, according to the requirement of the feeding and unloading manipulator of punching machine, a set of stamping scheme is designed. The cylindrical coordinate structure and three degrees of freedom of the robot are selected by using the manipulator and punching machine. Then the mechanism...
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Design and Implementation of Simulation Operating System for Screw Pump Removal Rod

Xiwen Tong, Haotian Cao, Mingxia Tao, Yuanyuan Jiang
This paper introduces the use of 3D computer graphics technology, so that the employees can simulate the operation of removing the rod of screw pump in the computer terminal. It avoids the limitation of the site or weather conditions and improves the learning efficiency effectively. By constructing...
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Ultra-Wideband Communication Transmission Mechanism Based on Power Line Carrier

Ran Li, Fanbo Meng, Lu Yi, Dongdong Wang, Fan Wu, Taiyi Fu, Huadong Yu
This paper introduces the development and advantages of power line communication, studies and analyzes the characteristics of low-voltage power line channel and its model, and studies the system composition and principle of surface wave. A power line model was designed to realize broadband power line...
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Mobile User Credit Prediction Based on LightGBM

Qiangqiang Guo, Zhenfang Zhu, Hongli Pei, Fuyong Xu, Qiang Lu, Dianyuan Zhang, Wenqing Wu
LightGBM algorithm is used to build an effective credit score prediction model for mobile users and improve the prediction system of personal credit score. Firstly, linear correlation is analyzed to build feature set, then k-means algorithm is used to analyze feature set clustering, and finally, credit...
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Design of Broadband Transition Based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide

Qinghua Han, Mingdeng Shi
A broadband transition device based on substrate integrated waveguide structureis proposed in this letter. With the novel guide wave structure, electromagnetic waves could be limited in the rectangular cavity formed by two rows of metal hole and the upper and lower metal border to achieve low losseffect....
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An Improved Neural Network Model Based on Visual Attention Mechanism for Object Detection

Zeren Jiang
The general object detection methods include one-stage and two-stage object detection algorithm. The two-stage approach, such as R-CNN family, is composed by the RPN network and object classification network with a better accuracy. The one-stage object detection algorithm represented by YOLO and CornerNet,...
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Research and Application of Machine Vision Technology in Workpiece Detection and Recognition

Xiangwei Chen, Tiantian Zhang
This paper adopt image recognition to realize the defect detection of small probability defect parts in cluster mode. In this mode, parts with small probability of defects were identified one by one to be recognized. Different lighting conditions were tried to determine what kind of lighting should be...
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Research on the Finger Knuckle Print Recognition Method Based on Improved Canny Operator

Xiufeng Zhang, Wei Wang, Qiang Ding, Tianyi Ma, Chunyang Hao
In order to improve the accuracy of the classification and classification of the finger knuckle print, a method based on the improved Canny operator for the edge detection of the Finger Knuckle Print image is proposed. Firstly, the region of interest (ROI) of the Finger Knuckle Print is positioned. Secondly,...
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Benign and Malignant Classification Model of Pulmonary Nodules Based on Residual Neural Network

Zhenzhe Lin, Guitang Wang, Qinshen Fu, Guozhen Wang
Computer-assisted diagnosis is of significance in the timely treatment of lung cancer with classifying benign and malignant pulmonary nodules. Aiming at improving the low accuracy rate of benign and malignant pulmonary nodules and reducing the misdiagnosis rate and wrong-diagnosis rate in computer-aided...
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The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Smart Hom

Phonesouda Souphamith, Lasheng Yu
In recent years, smart home is a versatile system that includes visual intercom, home security, remote monitoring of home appliances, remote video surveillance, telemedicine diagnostics and care systems, online education systems and home movie start systems. The basic goal of smart home is to connect...
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Decision Method of Layout of Time-sharing Leasing Automobile Network

Qiliang Ren, Lili Zhang*, Ziyu Zhao
In order to improve the rationality of network layout of time-sharing leasing car, this paper studies the method of network layout of time-sharing leasing car combined with two target shortest path optimization model. Firstly, selecting the address suitable for the construction of time-sharing leasing...
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Construction of Drug Intelligence Network Chain System

Liyan Wang, Xiuping Zhang
There are some problems in drug supply chain, such as insufficient drug research and development capacity, low modernization level of drug production management, long and inefficient drug circulation, backward informatization level of drug sales. Building drug intelligence network chain based on high-tech...
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A Method of Evaluating Car-Hailing Service Quality

Qiliang Ren, Cong Bai, Ziyu Zhao
In order to improve the scientific quality of car-hailing service quality evaluation, the service quality of car-hailing was divided into three main dimensions: service environment quality, service interaction quality and service result quality from the perspective of service process. The specific measures...
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The Influence of Excellent Traditional Culture on the Health of Teachers in Colleges and Universities — Taking Chinese Medicine Culture and Teachers of Chinese Medicine Colleges as an Example

Li Yang, Xie Zhang, Yurong Liu
Firstly, this paper calculates the weight and synthetic weight of all indexes through analytic hierarchy process. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of various factors affecting the health of TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) culture and TCM teachers. Secondly, through the questionnaire survey of...
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Leisure Sports Facilities Make Urban Residents Healthier? Exploring the Benefits of Leisure Sports Facilities in the View of Healthy City in Taiwan

Chien-Wen Lo, Tsu-Hsin Hsu
The World Health Organization in 1981 began promoting Healthy City and Healthy Community vision to promote the healthy behavior of protection and improvement of the quality of life and maximize the protection of the natural environment to reduce the impact of disasters, such as losing exercise, nutrient...