Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Biological Sciences and Technology (BST 2017)

The 2017 2nd International Conference on Biological Sciences and Technology (BST2017) is to provide a platform for distinguished researchers, engineers, scholars as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities about Biological Sciences and Technology.

Specialists from different areas and countries will be invited to give specific speech for every important section of the conference and to exchange their ideas face to face together in a diverse range of fields, including Biological Science, Ecology and some other related fields..

The Conference theme is: Cell and Molecular Physiology, Molecular Research of Epidermal Stem Cells, Bio-signal Processing and Analysis, Virus and Immunology, Biomedical Robotics, Surgical Planning and Biomechanics, and Biomaterial and Biomedical Optics..

BST2017 has attracted 119 outstanding word class submissions. Out of these, just over 49% were accepted for publication in the Conference proceedings. The Technical Program Committee worked very hard to have all papers reviewed before the review deadline..

There are five keynote speeches and seven invited sessions. All the keynote speakers are internationally recognized leading experts in their research fields, who have demonstrated outstanding proficiency and have achieved distinction in their profession..

All the papers accepted by BST2017 will be published by published by Atlantis Press, and submitted to EI and CPCI index by the publisher. We would like to mention that, due to the limitation of the conference venue capacity, we are not able to include many fine papers in the technical program. Our apology goes to those authors..

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the members of Technical Program Committee and organizers for their enthusiasm, time, and expertise. Our deep thanks also go to many volunteers and staffs for the long hours and hard work they have generously given to BST2017. Finally, we would like to thank all the authors, speakers, and participants of this conference for their contributions to BST2017.

The conference will be held in Zhuhai, China, during November 17th to 19th, 2017. The Conference venue Zhuhai is a major city located on the west bank of the estuary of the Pearl River to the South China Sea. It is a city developing at an unprecedented pace. Zhuhai is a gardenlike coastal city with 146 charming islands. With its amazing large green area, the city is a modern ecotypic resort. The beautiful Jingshan Road and Qinglu Road (Lovers' Road) add romantic atmosphere to this city. In 1990s, the city as a whole was selected as one of the top 40 tourist attractions in China.

Assoc. Prof. PhD. Eng. Ştefan Ţălu
The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, The Directorate of Research, Development and Innovation Management (DMCDI), 15 Constantin Daicoviciu Street, Cluj-Napoca, 400020, Cluj county, Romania.

Co-editor of BST2017