Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Biological Sciences and Technology (BST 2017)

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Serum Leptin Levels in Patients with Hepatitis B: A Meta-analysis

Qiong-Yuan Zhang, Xuan Xu, Mei Luo, Jian-Jiang Xue, Ying-Li Li
Background and Aims: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is a widespread disease affecting people worldwide. With more and more research on the deepening of the leptin, which suggested a close relationship between serum leptin levels and HBV. In this study, we explored the correlation between serum leptin...
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Analysis of Animal Model of Acute Pharyngitis Based on Clinical Characteristics of TCM and Western Medicine

Bing-Jie Chang, Ming Bai, Ming-San Miao
Objective: To analyze the animal models and applications of acute pharyngitis based on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of Chinese and western medicine. Method: Through consulting the literature of acute pharyngitis in recent years, the characteristics of acute pharyngitis, modern application and...
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Theoretical Studies on the Inhibitory Activity of Levofloxacin-thiadiazole HDACi Conjugates to Histone Deacetylases

Zi-Qiang Tang, Chang-Ning Liu, Yu-Sheng Liu, Hui Feng, Chang-Jun Feng
Electrotopological state indices (EK) of atom types is used to describe the structures of 19 conjugates (LHCc) of levofloxacin-thiadiazole HDAC inhibitor (HDACi) and related to the inhibitory activity (pWi, i=1, 6) of LHCc against histone deacetylases(HDACs, HDAC1 and HDAC6). The optimal two-parameter(E17,...
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Research Advances of AP2/ERF Transcription Factors

Lei Wang, Yao Sun, Yao Li
The AP2/ERF transcription factor family is one of the largest transcription factor groups in plants and it plays very important roles in growth, development, biotic and abiotic stress response. In this study, we summarized the research advances on AP2/ERF transcription factor involved in plant growth,...
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Mechanisms of Biotherapy Effect of Shenfoweikang Herbs on Gastric Carcinoma Cells

Xiao-Ping Wang, Huan-Ping Lin, Qiao-Xia Wang, Bing Xu, Xuan Qu, Bao-Ning Qi, Na Chang
To explore the biotherapy effect of Shenfoweikang herbs in treatment of gastric cancer, BALB/C mice were grafted with a mouse gastric adenocarcinoma cell line MFC as the experimental model. The mice were divided into four groups. Mice in the experimental groups received different doses of Shenfoweikang...
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Growth Inhibition of Shenfoweikang Herbs on Gastric Carcinoma Via Signal Transduction Pathways

Xiao-Ping Wang, Huan-Ping Lin, Qiao-Xia Wang, Bing Xu, Xuan Qu, Bao-Ning Qi, Na Chang
To verify the anti-tumor effect of the Shenfoweikang on gastric cancer, BALB/C mice grafted with a mouse gastric adenocarcinoma cell line MFC was used as the experimental model. The mice received Shenfoweikang herbs over a 60-day period starting at the first day. The tumor size was periodically measured....
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The Connotation and Extension of Formulated Essential Oil (FEO)

Meng-Fan Peng, Ming-San Miao
The FEO is made from a certain proportion of essential oil component of the curative effect, including terpenes, aliphatic, aromatic and nitrogen containing sulfur compounds. Traditional essential oil is processed and made into tablets, capsules and other dosage forms oral administration, effective ingredients...
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The Review on the Function of Intestinal Flora and the Regulatory Effects of Probiotics on the Intestinal Health of Rabbits

Hong-Ju Chen, Wan-Ying Yang, Chun-Yang Wang
Rabbits are both monogastric and herbivore animals, with special digestive and physiological characteristics. The establishment of healthy, stable and diverse digestive tract microflora is of great significance for rabbits to resist intestinal diseases.Probiotics have been defined as living bacteria...
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Screen of Chryseobacterium CHANGBAI-2 strain and Identification of the Antifungal Antibiotic from Its Fermentation Broth

Ning Yang, Yong Wang, Yu-Bo Wang, Li Zhang, Yong Lu, Quan-Jie Chen, Wen-Ge Zhang, Ming-Shan Ji
CHANGBAI-2 actinomycete strain was obtained by separating different kinds of soils from the nature. Moreover, the morphology, cultural characteristics, physiological-biochemical characteristics and 16S rDNA sequences of this strain were studied. A phylogenetic tree was constructed by comparing with the...
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Safety Evaluation of Diethyl Citrate and Its Impact on Vascular Calcification

Chao-Yang Duan, Ling-Hong Huang, Da Guo, Jian-Ming Ouyang, Jin Han, Bao-Song Gui
To investigate the inhibitory effects of diethyl citrate (Et2Cit) on calcification, Et2Cit was given to animals (SD rats) of the vascular calcification model. The results showed that Et2Cit is safety and non-toxic by intraperitoneal administration. Compared with control group, Et2Cit can reduce tail...
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Anticoagulant Properties of a New Anticoagulant Diethyl Citrate in Rabbit Model

Jin Han, Zeng-Ying Liu, Chen-Ying Rao, Jian-Ming Ouyang, Da Guo, Bao-Song Gui
A novel anticoagulant, diethyl citrate (Et2Cit) was synthesized and characterized by carbon nuclear magnetic resonance (13C NMR), mass spectrometry and UV-visible spectroscopy. There were two isomers with different chemical environments, that is, 1, 3-diethyl citrate and 1,5-diethyl citrate. Through...
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MRS and DTI Study in Cognitive Deficit in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Lan-Mei Chen, Yuan Xu, Hai-Du Zhang, Wen-Bin Zheng
To investigate the cognitive function in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) by 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). We studied forty-one patients with T2DM and the other group of thirty-five healthy control subjects by MRS and DTI. A region of interest...
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The Identification of Default Mode Network in Rhesus Macaque Using Resting-State fMRI

Xiao-Wei Fu, Cheng-Zhen Guo, Peng-Cheng Li, Dan-Zhou Yang, Ying Zhang
To investigate Default Mode Network (DMN) in healthy rhesus monkey brain using Resting-State functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (RS-fMRI). Under anesthesia, two healthy rhesus macaques underwent RS-fMRI at 7.0T using equal imaging parameters. The functional images were first spatially normalized to...
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A Network Communication Protocols for Robotic-assisted Vascular Intervention Systems

Quan Zeng, Shou-Jun Zhou, Hao Shen, Cheng Wang
In recent years, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has become a very suitable field for robotic systems. Minimally invasive surgery which can be used for diagnosis and surgical treatment is more and more popular in the medical field. We have developed a remote vascular intervention robot system for medical...
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The Influence of the Early Operation Intervention on the Prognosis of the Post-necrotizing Enterocolitis Intestinal Obstruction

Ji-Xue Zhao, Xin Fu
Objective: To investigate the treatment effect of the early operation on the post- necrotizing enterocolitis intestinal obstruction. Methods: A retrospective analysis of our Hospital in recent 8 years, neonatal and pediatric surgery in the diagnosis and treatment of the post- necrotizing enterocolitis...
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Genetic Relationship between Rubus Parvifolius and R. Coreanus (Rubus, Rosaceae) based on Simple Sequence Repeat Markers

Yan Wang, Wen He, Jing Zhang, Tao Chen, Qing Chen, Hao-Ru Tang, Lin Liu, Xiao-Rong Wang
Rubus parvifolius L. and R. coreanus Miq. are two morphologically distinct, endemic wild brambles and sympatric in China. Genetic diversity and genetic structure of the two species and their putative hybrids were investigated by using 10 SSR markers selected from 31 markers. A total of 98 alleles were...
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Transcriptome Reveals That Genic SNPs Contributes to Heterosis in Cattle

Jiang-Hong Wu, Husile Gong, Qing-Jiang Luan, Ling Xue, Hai-Lian Sun, Feng Wang
Heterosis is a powerful and valuable tool for commercial beef producers, especially cow calf operations. Despite the importance of heterosis, and its extensive genetic analysis, little understanding exists of its molecular basis. We applied RNA-Seq technology to assess transcriptome-wide allele-specific...
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Genome-wide Investigation of MADS-box Members and Validation of a New Member MADS8 in Fragaria Vesca

Min Zhou, Yan Wang, Hao-Ru Tang, Qing Chen
Based on the whole genome sequence of Fragria visca, the members of the MADS gene family in strawberry genome were identified and analyzed. The MADS-box containing proteins were searched using both hidden markov model fitting with Arabidopsis thaliana proteins, and de novo prediction. 85 MADS-box protein...
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Cloning and Expression Analysis of CER1 in Blackberry (Rubus Spp.)

Xun-Ju Liu, Yan Wang, Hao-Ru Tang, Qing Chen
To understand the molecular mechanisms of cuticle wax formation in blackberry, the waxy synthetic related gene CER1 was cloned from blackberry. The open reading frame of this gene was 1878 bp, encoding 625 amino acid residues with a molecular weight of 72.3 kD and a theoretical isoelectric point of 8.59....
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Analysis of Codon Bias on Clostridium Perfringens Del1 Genome

Lin Chen, Ting Bai, Wei Wang, Tian-Fei Liu, Li-Li Ji, Jia-Min Zhang
Clostridium perfringens is a conditional pathogen, which widely exists in the nature water, soil, intestinal tract, and serious threat to public health and safety. In this study, the codon usage of Clostridium perfringens was examined. CDS sequences of 2744 high confidence protein coding genes were selected...
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Genetic Separation of Chalkiness in the Hybrid Rice

Lu Gan, Xiao-Shu Deng, Yan Liu, Jiao Chen, Ru-Yu Tang, Li-Xia Lei, Jiang-Hong Tang, Jian-Ni Zhang, Zheng-Wu Zhao
Percentage of grains with chalkiness (PGWC) controlled by multi-genes is one of the main appearance quality of rice. The selection among the offspring using genetic separation directly influences quality improvements of hybrid rice. The present study focused on the segregation of PGWC, using Huanghuazhan...
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Comparison of Protein Phosphorylation Site Prediction Tools

Yao Sun, Guo-Qing Huang, Yao Li, Jia-Ying Xue, Qiong Wu, Lei Wang
To have a better understanding of phosphorylation site prediction methods, this article made a comparison of 4 online prediction tools and submitted protein sequences to these tools for analysis. The prediction results suggestted that they play a complementary role with verification experiments in protein...
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Functional Predictions of Long Noncoding RNAs by MiRNAs in Populus Euphratica Oliv.

Wei-Wei Yan, Hao Zou, Sheng-Jie Luo, Zhen-Zhong Zhou, Shao-Wei Qin, Li-Feng Zhao
Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are refer as noncoding transcript RNAs and longer than 200 nucleotides (nt) in length but shorter than 10,000 nt. LncRNAs are involved in a variety of biological processes, such as development, stress response. However, the functions of lncRNAs in plants are largely unclear....
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Evidences that Intake of L-valine May Affect the Lifespan-specific Local Gene Network Pattern in Caenorhabditis Elegans

Hong-Yuan Wang, Zhi-Zhou Zhang
The purpose of this study is to preliminarily investigate whether branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) prolong the lifespan of model organism Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) through modifying the ageing-related local gene network (LGN) pattern. After synchronization adult C. elegans were fed with living...
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Anti-inflammatory and Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory of Malvidin and its Glycosides from Vaccinium Ashei

Han Wu, Zheng Yan, Wu-Yang Huang
Protective effects of malvidin and the glycosides from Vaccinium ashei on endothelial cells were investigated. The results showed that malvidin, malvidin-3-glucoside, malvidin-3-galactoside, and their mixture could defend endothelial cells from damage caused by TNF- , and inhibit monocyte chemotactic...
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Supplementation of Isomalto-oligosaccharide Reduced Colon Cancer-related Bacteria Enzymes and Fecal Toxicity in Nursing-home Residents

Hsiao-Ling Chen
This study investigated effects of 2-month isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) supplementation on fecal colonic bacterial enzymes, bile acid metabolites, and fecal toxicity in the nursing-home residents. Twelve nursing-home residents (mean age 85.2 1.9 y. o.) participated in the placebo-controlled and diet-controlled...
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New Titanium Complex bearing O, N, N, O-tetradentate Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalysis on the Ring-opening Polymerization of D, L-lactide

Xiang Li, Bao-Jun Yang, Pei Wu, Guo-Ming Zeng
Poly (lactic acid) has become a hot topic in biomedical field due to good biocompatibility and biodegradability. As an important method for synthesis of poly lactic acid materials, ring-opening polymerization of lactide catalyzed by metal complexes can achieve the controllable polymerization of lactide...
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Study on Controlling the Distribution of Bioactivity Apatite Polycrystalline on Titanium Surface

Hong-Xin Wang, Zhen-Bang Cheng, Ying Cheng
In order to accelerate the speed of titanium implant osseointegration, titanium substrates were polished by silicon carbide abrasive papers and treated by sodium hydroxide solution. The treated titanium substrates were immersed in simulated body fluid at 37 C for several days, through bio-simulated mineralization,...
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Study on Molecular Structure of High Purity Natural Rubber

Bei-Long Zhang, Hong-Hai Huang, Li Ding, Yong-Zhou Wang, Ping-Yue Wang, Yue Liang
Pyrolysis production and structure of molecule of high purity natural rubber (NR) were studied. Results show that there is no stretching vibration absorption peak of N-H group on 3280cm-1 and vibration compound peak of C-N group and N-H group in amide group on 1540cm-1 in high purity NR comparing to...
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Study on the Relation between Thermal Oxidation Kinetics of Raw Constant Viscosity Natural Rubber and Ageing Characteristics of Its Vulcanizate

Bei-Long Zhang, Hong-Hai Huang, Wei-Yong Deng, Li Ding, Yong-Zhou Wang, Ping-Yue Wang
Thermal oxidation kinetics of raw constant viscosity natural rubber (CVNR) prepared with fresh natural rubber (NR) latex containing several difference viscosity stabilizers was studied. The comparison with the ageing characteristics of hot oxygen (hot air), ozone and light oxygen (ultraviolet light)...
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Characteristics and Application Analysis of Proprietary Chinese Medicine Containing Chrysanthemum

Zhen-Zhen Wei, Xiao-Yan Fang, Ming Bai, Ming-San Miao
Purposes: To sum up the characteristics of Chinese medicine with chrysanthemum and lay a foundation for the development of new dosage forms and the rational application of Chinese Medicine. Methods: According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia contains chrysanthemum in the pharmaceutical dosage form, drug...
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Degradation, Characterization, Ferrous Ion Chelating Ability and Repair Effect of Sulfated Polysaccharides of Six Kinds of Seaweed Polysaccharides

Xin-Yuan Sun, Da Guo, Jian-Min Wang, Jian-Ming Ouyang
Six kinds of seaweed polysaccharides (SPSs) extracted from Laminaria japonica, Porphyra yezoensis, Gracilaria lemaneiformis, Sargassum fusiforme, Eucheuma gelatinae and Undaria pinnatifida were degraded and characterized. The sulfate group (-OSO3H) content of these polysaccharides were 21.7, 17.9, 13.3,...
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Water Maze for Behavior Control of Aquatic Animal Robot

Yong Peng, Xiao-Xiao Han, Yang Liu, Ting-Ting Wang, Yan-Hong Yan, Pei-Hua Su, Li-Jiao Wang, Jia-Ning Liu, Yang Zhao, Ya-Wei Cheng, Ai-Di Wang, Luo-Nan Yang
To solve the problem of observing and testing the movement behavior control ability of aquatic animal robot, we have developed a double-layer multi-channel water maze device. The device is a rectangular parallelepiped structure composed of a square bottom, four rectangular side walls .The channel on...
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The Antioxidant Activity of Royal Jelly Water Soluble Proteins Hydrolysate from Xinjiang Black Bee

Jian-Hui Jiang, Jian-Bo Zhao, Hui-Ping Ding, Wen-Bo Xin, Long Chen
In this paper, pepsin, trypsin and chymotrypsin were used to hydrolyze royal jelly water soluble proteins from Xinjiang Black Bee, and peptides with the molecular weight of more than 10kD, 3-10kD as well as less than 3 kD were obtained by using ultrafiltration. Through the determination of total antioxidant...
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Wen-Sheng Zou, Hong Zhang, Shuang Jia, Wu-Fu Zhu, Shan Xu
3-(2-chloro-5-fluoropyrimidin-4-yl)-1-methyl-1H-indole is an important intermediate in many bioactive compounds, such as osimertinib. In this task, a new intermediate is synthesized (a fluorine attached to the pyrimidine ring). The compound is synthesized from commercially available 1H-indole through...
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Synthesis of 4-(4-aminophenoxy)-N-propylpicolinamide

He-Hua Xiong, Jia Zhi, Yin-Mei Zhuang, Meng-Zi Chen, Yin-Hua Xiong, Qi-Dong Tang
4-(4-aminophenoxy)-N-propylpicoliamide 4 is an important intermediate for the synthesis of many biologically active compounds. The compound 4-(4-aminophenoxy)-N-propylpicolinamide was obtained by three simple steps to synthesis from picolinic acid. In this paper, three novel 3-phenyl-1H-pyrazole derivatives...
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Synthesis of 4-(pyrrolidin-1-ylmethyl)benzaldehyde

Bin-Liang Zhang, Lu-Jie Cao, Shan Xu, Ping Wang
4-(pyrrolidin-1-ylmethyl)benzaldehyde (1) as a water-soluble aldehyde is an important intermediate for small molecule anticancer drugs. A rapid and high yield synthetic method for 4-(pyrrolidin-1-ylmethyl)benzaldehyde (1) was established in this work. The target compound was synthesized from the commercially...
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Wen-Sheng Zou, Li-Wen Jiang, Shuang Jia, Wu-Fu Zhu
(E) -3- (dimethylamino) -1- (1H-indol-3-yl) prop-2-en-1-one (4) is an important intermediate in many biologically active compounds such as osimertinib. In this work, compound (4) was synthesized through three steps, using 1H-indole as starting material. The synthetic method of 4 was optimized and can...
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Synthesis of Diethyl 2-(2-chloronicotinoyl)malonate

He-Hua Xiong, Yong-Li Duan, Shuang Jia, Ding-Ling Shi, Zhi-Min Li, Qi-Dong Tang
Diethyl 2-(2-chloronicotinoyl)malonate 3 is a nitrogen-containing water-soluble carboxylic acid as an important intermediates of small molecule anticancer drugs. In this study, this paper explored a faster and celerity method to synthesize compound 3. By using 2-chloronicotinic acid as a kind of easily...
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Synthesis of Nitrogen-containing 4-alkoxybenzaldehyde Analogues

Zhen Xiao, Sheng Tang, Xiao-Lei Wang, Peng-Wu Zheng, Shan Xu
Nitrogen-containing 4-alkoxybenzaldehyde analogues as a kind of water-soluble aldehyde are important intermediates for small molecule anticancer drugs. A rapid and high yield synthetic method for nitrogen-containing 4- alkoxybenzaldehyde analogues was established in this work. The target compound was...
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Synthesis of Tert-butyl 4-formyl-3, 6-dihydropyridine-1(2H) -carboxylate

Bin-Liang Zhang, Ke-Jun Ye, Shan Xu, Tong-Sheng Xu
Tert-butyl 4-formyl-3, 6-dihydropyridine-1(2H)-carboxylate(9) is an important intermediate for small molecule anticancer drugs. A rapid and high yield synthetic method for tert-butyl 4-formyl-3, 6-dihydropyridine-1(2H)-carboxylate was established in this work. The target compound was synthesized from...
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The Origin of Chinese Medicine External Treatment

Rui Zhang, Ming-San Miao
Purposes: To sum up the historical development process of Chinese herbal medicine external treatment. To analyze the characteristics of external treatment of Chinese medicine and its development model in the future. Methods:Through the literature review, analysis and summary. Conclusions: The external...
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Discussion on the Theory of External Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hui-Yuan Huang, Ming-San Miao
By studying the germination, development, glorious period, current situation, thinking about the existing problems of traditional Chinese medicine theory, put forward the solution, let people better understand the theory of external medicine.
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The Establishment and Thinking of Chinese Medicine Standard Decoction

Xu Zhang, Ming-San Miao
Through the research on the development history of Chinese medicine traditional decoction, the Chinese medicine decoction was compared with the scrambled and fried granules, and the effects of Chinese medicine decoction were discussed from the perspectives of quality and quality of decoction, boiling...
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Application Characteristics of Fresh Traditional Chinese Medicine

Rui Zhang, Ming-San Miao
In the early years of Zhang Zhongjing, the characteristics and application of fresh herbs were described in detail. Fresh herbs without complex processing, convenient use, wide application, and high curative effect, fresh preserved products than medicinal active ingredient of medicine more, the efficacy...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Drought Stress Tolerance of Twenty Species of Lettuce at the Seed Germination Stage during PEG 6000 Stress

Chao-Jie Liu, Yu-Lin Duan, Lin Wang, Ying-Yan Han, Jing-Hong Hao, Shuang-Xi Fan
[Objective] The goal is to understand the drought tolerance of lettuce and effectively distinguish between cultivars that are drought tolerant and those that are drought sensitive. [Method] This study was performed to evaluate twenty lettuce cultivars for their sensitivity to drought stress induced by...
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Characterization of LEAFY in Rubus Coreanus and Its Phylogenetic Application in Rubus Species

Dan Jiang, Hao-Ru Tang, Yan Wang, Qing Chen
Rubus coreanus is endemically distributed in Southwest China and has great potential for Rubus breeding due to its nutritional values and insects and pests' resistance. LEAFY, as a single copy nuclear gene in diploid plants, plays an important role in the taxonomy and phylogeny, containing three exons...
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Microscopic Characteristics of Leaf Epidermal Cells and Flowers in Two Types of Ficus Tikoua Bur.

Di-Ya Lei, Hao-Ru Tang, Yan Wang, Qing Chen
Ficus tikoua is one of a special species in genus Ficus, Moraceae, which characterized by its creeping vine structures. Generally, there are two different types of plants in the species: the commonly mistakenly known 'Male Ficus' which is edible, and the other hypothetical 'Female Ficus', which are not...
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Qualities of Watermelon Juice during Shelf-life

Yu-Bin Wang, Yue Ma, Xiao-Yan Zhao, Chao Zhang
The watermelon juice was treated by the ultra-high temperature and pasteurization, respectively. The quality and aroma of the pasteurized juice were evaluated during the storage at 37 øC for 6 d. The pasteurization was effective to maintain the total microbial counts of the watermelon juice within the...
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Effects of Morphological Characterization in Different Bolting Period of Lettuce

Xue-Ying Liu, Ran Liu, Qian Huang, Chao-Jie Liu, Shuang-Xi Fan, Ying-Yan HAN
Bolting is the beginning of flowering and plays an important role in plant growth and development. Detecting changes between and after bolting will provide the foundations for molecular studies of lettuce. Here, we observed morphological characterization and paraffin section in different parts of the...
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Medicinal Value Analysis of Peony Flower

Bao-Song Liu, Ming-San Miao, Meng-Fan Peng
Purposes: Explore the medicinal value of peony flower. Methods: Through sorting out the literature about peony flower in CNKI, mahing a reviewed on the chemical composition, pharmacological action, therapeutic application and research direction of peony flower. Results: The Peony flower contains protein,...
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A Forest Disease and Insect Pests Model which has a Forest Age Structure with Disease Rate Change Functions

Qiao-Qi Xu, Ding-Jiang Wang
This communication mainly covers investigations on the dynamic characteristics of forest diseases and insect pests' model which has a forest age structure with disease rate change functions. Firstly, the age structure model with partial differential equation with the function of the course is established....
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Research Progress of Anthocyanin Biosynthesis and Regulation from Purple Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.)

Bo-Ya Lu, Zhen-Hui Gong
Anthocyanin is a water-soluble pigment, is a class of secondary metabolites, and it belongs to the flavonoid polyphenols. The peel is purple, which caused by the anthocyanin accumulation, so the purple pepper is loved by more and more consumers by high nutritional value and health effects. With the deepening...
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Experimental Study on Waste Engine Oil Processing by Means of Flocculation-absorption

Ming-Yuan Liu, Lin Zhou, Yun-Ying Sha, Zhong-Hua Wang
Re-cleansing and purification of waste engine oil by flocculation-absorption can be used as a pretreatment for further refined processing due to its features of low pollution, low cost and easy operability. This paper has sifted through various absorbents to locate the most appropriate one based on previous...
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Observation of the Effect of Salmon Calcitonin on Curing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) with Osteoporosis

Ping Gui, Xiao-Tao Wang
Observe the application of salmon calcitonin to the curing of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with osteoporosis and evaluate its clinical effect. Method: take the 90 patients suffering COPD with osteoporosis who were admitted by this hospital from March, 2015 to June, 2017 as the research...
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Discussion on the Application Value of Doctor-nurse Integrated Mode to the Nursing in the Cardiothoracic Surgery

Ling Zhu, Ying-Ying Zhang
Observe the application of doctor-nurse integrated mode to the nursing in the cardiothoracic surgery. Method: take the 130 patients accepting operative treatment in this department from April, 2015 to June, 2017 as the research objects, and divide them into two groups, analysis group and control group...
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Three Effective Ways of Eliminating the Methanol in the Air

Jin-Long Li, Shi-Hao Zhou, Yu-Xi Li, Tan-Yao Li, Dajeet Kumar
Objective: The purpose of this lab is to investigate and compare three ways to eliminate the methanol in the air which is commonly produced by the refurbishment of furniture, they are respectively by pineapple slices, distilled water and formaldehyde cleaner. Methods: The main methods used in this lab...
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Health Issues for Psychosocial Counselling in Children

Hector Chiboola
This article was developed based on the literature review with the intention of isolating health issues which affect children aged between 0-5 years and how these issues can inform the psychosocial needs in child counselling. Counselling children is a growing area of interest in contemporary society,...
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Clinical Observation of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Conservative Treatment for Ankle Degenerative Osteoarthropathy

Bo Gou, Xiao-Tao Wang
Observe and analyze the clinical effect of minimally invasive surgery and conservative treatment for ankle degenerative osteoarthropathy. Method: research the 90 patients suffering ankle degenerative osteoarthropathy who were received and cured by this hospital from January, 2014 to January, 2015, and...
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Analysis of the Causes and Prevention of the Postoperative Infection of the Oral and Maxillofacial Region Tumor

Le Xiang, Wei Yu
Observe the factors related to the postoperative infection of the oral and maxillofacial region tumor and the countermeasures for prevention and cure. Method: choose 45 postoperative infected persons (11.84%) from 380 patients having been taken with the oral and maxillofacial region tumor surgery in...