Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Communications, Information Management and Network Security (CIMNS 2018)

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Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on Multi-objective Optimization in D2D Communication

Xueying Han, Yi Sun
At present, the algorithm for solving the problem of resource sharing in D2D communication and cellular communication in cellular networks is mostly optimized for a single target. This paper proposes a general resource allocation algorithm based on multi-objective optimization, which optimizes system...
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Design of Analog Circuit for Radar Video Echo

Chunyu Shao, Xuezhi Zhang, Cun Xie
Radar plays a more and more important role in modern war. Many countries have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in radar technology research and development. The radar echo is simulated with modern electronic technology and computer digital simulation technology in order to debug and...
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A Novel Sub-regional Key Management Scheme for Distributed Wireless Sensor Network

Yinghong Liu, Yuanming Wu
Encryption technique is one of the key technologies in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, a novel key management scheme of sub-regional based on bivariate symmetric polynomial key is proposed for distributed wireless sensor network (WSN). A certain amount of bivariate symmetric polynomials are...
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Traffic Model for Teleconsultation Based on the Service Characteristics

Xin Yang, Ningbo Zhang, Guixia Kang
The rapid development of numerous emerging network services poses a challenge to the network resources allocation with their bandwidth requirements and statistical characteristics. Network traffic modeling plays an important role in network resources allocation which can be used to guarantee Quality-of-Service...
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Research and Exploration on a New Method of Finding the Blocking Probability

Fan Bu, Yi Sun
This electronic document is the exploration of using the blocking probability without the wavelength conversion link to predict the blocking probability with the wavelength conversion
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Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in WDM-PON Based Mobile Fronthaul

Chunlei Zhang, Gangming Zhao, Chenxi Zhang, Xunfa Yang
Wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) is an important alternative technique for 5G mobile fronthaul due to the large bandwidth and low latency. Wavelength and bandwidth allocation algorithm is very important in WDM-PON. In this paper, a dynamic wavelength and bandwidth allocation...
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A Frame-Based Extended MIDI-Pitch Detection Algorithm Based on Variable Sampling Technology

Yin Feng, Mingtai Lin
This paper proposes a framed-based extended MIDI-pitch detection algorithm based on variable sampling technology. Symbols P--, P-, P+ and P++ are used to present four different logarithmic frequencies around the MIDI pitch P (integer) within 100 cents interval and called as extended MIDI-pitch to enhance...
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A Lightweight Traffic Anomaly Detection Model in SDN Based on Decision Tree

Dong Li, Zizhun Li
This paper establishes a SDN-based network traffic anomaly detection model based on decision tree. Firstly, five statistical indexes are presented to describe the behavior of network traffic, then normal and abnormal traffic data to train the machine learning model to detect traffic anomaly. Four machine...
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Active Learning in Cyberspace Security

Pengfei Zhang, Zhenyan Liu, Jia Cui, Jingfeng Xue, Xinfan Cai, Xiaolei Yang
At present, machine learning, especially active learning in machine learning, is introduced in cyberspace security field. In this paper, we first analyze the background of cyberspace security and profile active learning. And then we focus on a survey on the application research of active learning in...
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Exploration and Research on Prediction Methods of Web Service QoS

Chengcheng Lou, Yi Sun
The web service QoS (quality of service) plays an important role in the evaluation and selection of web services. [1,2,3,4] In previous research on QoS prediction, there is a lack of a model that can dynamically predict the state of web services, and there is no revision of the prediction results. In...
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Confusion and Relief of Criminal Jurisdiction of Cybercrimes

Jun Li, Jidong Jia
Nowadays cybercrime occurs more and more frequently. However, the traditional criminal jurisdiction system has certain difficulties in investigating it due to the particularity of cybercrime, especially in the criminal jurisdiction of transnational cybercrime. It has seriously restricted the effective...
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Design of the Core Module of a Key Management Server

Jianyu Ai, Hao Huang, Lei Shi
This paper researches the key management server system to solve the problems of distribution, storage and backup of massive key management under the content association key encryption mechanism, and provides technical support for the application of content association key technology. The core function...
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Methods of Testing of the Corporate Network’s Traffic Anomalies

Nikita Kulyаsov, Sergey Isaev
This article gives an overview of the existing methods and software products designed to analyze anomalies that may indicate the occurrence of cyber-threats. On their basis, we propose our own original software tool that allows automatic detection of anomalies and subsequent detailed analysis of network...
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A Priority-Based MAC Protocol for the Terahertz In-Vivo Nano-Networks in the Presence of Noise

Jiali Kan, Juan Xu, Yakun Zhao, Jiaolong Jiang, Yan Zhang
Advances in nanotechnology and sensor networks recent years provide the opportunity for developing Wireless NanoSensor Networks (WNSNs) in the terahertz (THz) band(0.1-10THz). It’s a new challenge for the THz nano-networks to satisfy biomedical applications with a medium access control (MAC) protocol...
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Research on the Application Status of Information Technology in Classroom Teaching

Zhiguo Sang, Liang Shen, Chunhui Li, Jie Shang
Information technology is applied to classroom teaching, which integrates computer, network, audio, video, multimedia, application software, virtual system and so on. The information technology is an effective auxiliary teaching tool to change the traditional teaching modes and improve teaching effect....
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Research on Co-Construction and Sharing Mode of Multi-Source Hospital Information Resources in Cloud Computing Environment --Taking county hospitals in Shandong of China as an example

Gaofang Cao, Yingying Si, Jihong Li
This paper investigated the status of construction of information resources in 34 county hospitals in Shandong. There are various problems in the integration of medical resources. This paper proposed a cloud service model of multi-source information resources in cloud computing environment. By scheduling...
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Color Difference Matrix Index for Tone-mapped Images Quality Assessment

Cheng Guo, Xiuhua Jiang
To visualize high dynamic range (HDR) images on common low dynamic range (LDR) displays, some tone-mapping operators (TMOs) are proposed in previous studies. TMOs convert specific HDR image to various LDR images, thus the quality assessment of these tone-mapped images or TMOs become a natural question....
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Parameter Calibration and Image Reconstruction of CT System

Mingxing Deng, Xiaodong Xie, Binke Xia, Tianhao Li
In this paper, a single target fitting optimization model for parameter calibration of CT system was built based on the least square principle in combination with the attenuation rule of X-ray in media and the related theory of Radon transform. Applying this model to problem A of CUMCM in 2017, based...
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Design of Text-image Separation Algorithm Based on FIR filter and Its Application in Photocopying Equipment

Chunyan Tang, Xijing Guo, Jie Gao
The traditional image processing method has the problem that the system running time is too long, or the hardware resource of the photocopy equipment is high. This paper analyzes the features of the page data of the dot area and text line area in the hard copy manuscript. Based on the difference of these...
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Malignancy Prediction of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors by Evaluating Tumor Vessel Density from Enhanced Spiral CT Scan

Jintao Li, Cihu Yu, Chang Li, Yanzhuo Su, Libo Sun
Purpose The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of tumor blood vessel density from enhanced spiral CT Scan in the malignancy prediction of small bowel gastrointestinal gist tumors (GISTs). Methods Altogether twenty five cases of small bowel GISTs were included. The malignancy grade was classified...
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Natural Scene Text Detection Based on MSER

Kun Wang, Guokuan Li, Xujun Liu, Jingkun Yan, Shuli Li, Hao Huang
Scene text detection has important applications in the fields of intelligent transportation, industrial automation, multimedia retrieval and so on. This paper employs the improved MSER algorithm combined with convolutional neural network for scene text detection. Gradient amplitude enhancement processing...
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Intuitionistic Anti-fuzzy Subincline of Incline

Fengxiao Wang
Fuzzy subalgebras is an important research field of fuzzy algebras. In order to understand the characteristics of incline algebras, the intuitionistic anti-fuzzy subalgebra of incline algebra is introduced. The related properties of intuitionistic anti-fuzzy subalgebra are discussed. Furthermore, it...
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Voxelwise Detection of Cerebral Microbleed in CADASIL Patients by Genetic Algorithm and Back Propagation Neural Network

Yuanyuan Tao, Rayan S Cloutie
In this study, we proposed an application of voxelwise detection of cerebral microbleed in CADASIL patients by genetic algorithm (GA) and back propagation neural network (BPNN).We collected in total 20 subjects, and obtained 69,356 CMB voxels, and 124,063,981 non-CMB voxels. We employed BPNN as the classification...
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Path Planning for Multiple AGV Systems Using Genetic Algorithm in Warehouse

Chao Li, Chuqing Cao, Yunfeng Gao
Path planning problem in multiple automated guided vehicle (AGV) system has been proven to be NP-Hard problem by many researchers. This complex task is being done using various mathematical techniques traditionally. This paper proposes an optimal path planning method for the multiple AGV system based...
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A New PM2.5 Air Pollution Forecasting Model Based on Data Mining and BP Neural Network Model

Anna Li, Xiao Xu
A new PM2.5 air pollution forecasting model based on data mining and BP neural network model was established in this paper. This model combined data mining and BP neural network algorithm with data of mass concentration of PM2.5 and meteorological data obtained from the Ministry of Original data Environmental...
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Fast License Plate Recognition Method Based on Competitive Neural Network

Jinxing Qian, Bo Qu
Vehicle license plate recognition is an important part of Intelligent Transportation Network. Generally speaking, the traditional LPR mainly consists of three parts: location, segmentation and recognition. Recognition is the most important part of LPR and the effect of recognition is closely related...
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Research on New Intelligent Optimization Algorithm Based on the Law of Universal Gravitation

Zhong Ren, Qisong Qi, Qing Dong, Gening Xu
In order to solve the problem of global optimization, a new optimization method based on the law of universal gravitation is proposed, which is a random search algorithm derived from the simulation of natural imagination, which belongs to the category of evolutionary computation and is a new intelligent...
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Adaptive Control of Multi-Rotor UAV Using Enhanced Learning Technology

Chin-Hsiung Lee
Due to the development and maturation of embedded processor, micro-sensor technology and control theory, multi-rotor UAV is booming. The continuously increasing efficiency and multifunctionality make multi-rotor UAV widely used in military, civil aerial shooting, search and rescue, monitoring and other...
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An Adjusted Inverse Distance Weighted Spatial Interpolation Method

Zhengquan Li, Kuo Wang, Hao Ma, Yaoxiang Wu
Considering the shortcomings of IDW interpolation, this study improved the IDW algorithm and proposed a new spatial interpolation method that is called Adjusted Inverse Distance Weighting (AIDW). The AIDW is capable of taking into account the comprehensive influence of relative distance and position...
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Correlation Analysis of Photovoltaic Power with the Field Data of Xinjiang Korla Photovoltaic Power Plants

Kewen Yang
Mastering the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation helps reduce the output limit of photovoltaic power generation and improve the absorption ability of photovoltaic power generation. Based on the measured data from photovoltaic power stations, the sunrise force-related characteristics of...
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Design and Implementation of Remote Automatic Detection of Tobacco Stack Data in Alcoholization Warehouse

Yanping Wang, Hanxi Li, Huan Le, Lei Song, Shihai Tao
By remote extracting cycle sampling, the parameters of phosphine concentration, oxygen content and other important parameters will be tested in the tobacco stack, which not only ensures that the pressure in the pipe is reasonable, but also takes the pipe adsorption into full consideration, so as to ensure...
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Prediction of Pumping Unit Well System Efficiency Based on Chaotic Time Series Method

Chaodong Tan, Zhenhua Peng, Gang Feng, Ruogu Yang, Lijie Gao
The system efficiency prediction of pumping unit well always plays an important part in dynamic analysis of oil field production. The system efficiency of pumping unit well is restricted by a variety of factors, which is extremely complex. Ideal effect cannot be realized when applying structural causal...
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An Exploration Of Calculating The Packet Loss Rate By Using The Block Rate

Fan Bu
This electronic document is about New estimation method for link packet loss rate .An intermediate quantity is deduced from the block rate, Through this intermediate quantity to further solve the packet loss rate.
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Isomorphisms of Maximal Subsemigroups of D-classes of Finite Full Transformation Semigroup

Xiang Li
In this paper, by using Green’s equivalences, we obtaine isomorphisms of the maximal subsemigroups of Green-classes(R-classes, L-classes and D-classes).
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Modeling and Simulation of High Voltage Circuit Breaker Based on PSCAD

Tie Chen, Haoyun Ke
The black box model can describe the process with only a few related parameters and avoid the complicated description like the physical mathematical model. Based on these advantages, a black box model of circuit breaker based on arc was established. Firstly, the two typical arc black box models were...
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Bifurcation Analysis of a Ratio-Dependent Holling-Tanner Model with Cross-Diffusion

Zhen Li, Yan Meng, Yongan Ye
In this paper, we investigate a discrete space-time predator-prey model with ratio-dependent function response. The model is given by a coupled map lattice framework, it takes a nonlinear relationship between predator-prey reaction stage and dispersal stage. Through stability analysis and bifurcation...
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Fluid identification Method of the Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir Based on Gassmann Equation

Chunlei Liu, Na Li, Chaowei Duan, Gang Li, Li Chen, Guoli Li, Chengen Zhang, Fengsheng Zhang, Zhengquan Guo
The tight sandstone gas reservoir in Altun region of the Qaidam Basin has the characteristics of low porosity and low permeability, low maturity, strong heterogeneity and complex pore structure. It causes the resistivity to react weakly to the fluid, it is not obvious that the conventional explanation...
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Study on Safety Investment Performance of Stakeholders in Wind Farms Based on Evaluation Game Model

Rui Liu, Taihua Yang
This paper starts from the main stakeholders of safety input performance, from the government regulatory departments and wind power enterprises, grid companies, the three relevant stakeholders to conduct safety investment performance game analysis, establish a game income function and strategy analysis...
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The Analysis on the Seismic Performance of a Frame-tube Structure with Cross-layer Columns

Yonggui Chen, Kewei Ding
Taking the frame-core tube structure of a super high-rise building in Hefei as an example, this thesis undergoes a calculation of elasticity under frequent earthquakes and a comprehensive elastic-plastic analysis under rare earthquakes on this structure, testing the rationality of this structure’s arrangement...
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The Resilience Model on Rescuers’ Coping with Emergencies

Kan Shi, Qin He, Yiran Zhao, Shehong Liang, Yu Shi, Huidan Guo
Recently, given that emergencies are uncertain, complex and unpredictable, and, especially, sudden public crisis events have extremely destructive effects on our society, it has been becoming an important research project in the field of crisis management that government should construct a set of scientific...
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A Study on Retired Athletes’ Security Policy Optimization Based on the Capability

Dexin Zou, Haochen Zou, Jian Liu
Based on the research data of Liaoning province and constructing logistic econometric model, it studies the influencing factors of retried athletes’ life satisfaction with Amartya.Sen’ capability theory. The result shows that five instrumental freedoms have great impact on retired athletes’ life satisfaction,...
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Emergency Logistics Theory, Model and Method: A Review and Further Research Directions

Hongqian Xu, Danhui Fang, Yining Jin
With the improvement of people’s understanding of disaster relief, emergency logistics has become an important guarantee to improve the efficiency of relief and safeguard the safety of people's lives and property in recent years. In this paper, the research theories, methods and models of emergency logistics...
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Research on the Effect of Rural Finance on Agricultural Economy Based on Spatial Econometric Model

Feng Li, Chenggang Li
Based on panel data of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China from 2010 to 2015, the paper constructs a spatial econometric model to analyze the relationship between rural finance and agricultural economy. According to the spatial correlation test, it is concluded that there is...
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Strategy Model Based on Geographic Profiling

Na Wang, Xinshe Qi, Guo Li, Jing Li
In order to generate a geographical profile, based on the spatial distribution theory and the probability distance theory, two strategy models are established. At the same time, we also analyze the complexity and the accuracy of these models.
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Business Creation, Innovation, and Regional Development: Evidence from China’s Thirty-Year Economic Transition

Shiyong Zhao, Anyang Chen, Chongxian Liu, Shifeng Zhao
Using a panel of China’s 31 provinces over 1978-2008, we examine the effects of entrepreneurship on economic growth in the context of China’s transformation from a centrally planned to a market-oriented economy. We divide entrepreneurship into two types: one is business creation and the other is innovation....
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Spatial-Temporal Characteristics Analysis of Urban Air Quality and Its Evolution Pattern in Henan Province

Kaiguang Zhang, Mingting Ba, Hongling Meng, Yanmin Sun
Urban air pollution is one of the most urgent problems to be solved in the process of China’s economic development and urbanization. Aiming at the spatial-temporal evolution problem of air quality in Henan province, this paper, based on the daily average data of urban air quality index of Henan province...
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Green Sensitive Consumer Demand and Government Subsidy as Drivers of Product Green Innovation

Hui Zhou
We study the drives of green sensitive consumer demand and government subsidy to product green innovation. In a monopolistic market with linear demand, a firm produces and sells its product to consumers. In the benchmark, demand depends only on price, and then consumer’s green sensitivity was introduced...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting China's OFDI

Xuezhong Chen, Jialin Lin
The OFDI in China increased from 2.6 billion U.S. dollars in 1997 to 196.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, showing that the OFDI in China has achieved a rapid development. With the implementation of the trade policy“Belt and Road”, and the increasing influence of uncertainties in foreign trade, it is of...
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Portfolio Research Based on Differential Evolution Method

Yulian Fan, Yang Xu, Mengying Chang
Portfolio optimization refers to the fact that investors allocate funds to certain kinds of assets, so that the investment amount of each type of assets accounts for a certain proportion of the total investment. The purpose is to make the overall income of the assets held by investors as high as possible,...
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Research on Sales Forecasting Method for Transmission Parts of Customized Production

Jun Cheng, Tao Hong, Xiaohong Li, Honglin Wang
With the advancement of manufacturing technology and the diversification of customer needs, product sales forecasting is critical to the company in a small-volume, multi-variety production model. Based on the traditional ARIMA model and the deep neural network LSTM model, this paper constructs the ARIMA-LSTM...