Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Applications

We are very pleased to announce that the 2015 International Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Applications (CISIA 2015) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 28-29, 2015. This international conference includes all the accepted papers presented on CISIA 2015.

Science and technology change the world, science and technology change life. Today's age is the age of the Internet, the invention and application, combined with computers in industry, have accelerated the development of the economy and the progress of human society greatly. Therefore, many scholars have participated in this major international conference and made a heated discussion and communication on computer information systems and industrial applications. Before the deadline, we have received 348 papers from all over the world.

In order to present systematically and comprehensively the information in this field, we hold the opinion that our efforts of offering people a high-qualified platform to present their latest studies should be continued. Thus, CISIA 2015 aims at providing a forum for accessing to the latest and the most authoritative knowledge in both Computer Information Systems and Industrial Applications fields.

For the sake of the good preparation for this conference, we have received submissions from all over the world. These papers have gone through a strict reviewing process performed by our international reviewers. All the submissions were double-blind reviewed, both the reviewers and the authors remain anonymous. First, all the submissions were divided into several chapters according to the topics, and removed the information of the authors, including name, affiliation, email and so on. Then the TPC chairs assigned the submissions to reviewers according to their research interests. Each submission was reviewed by two reviewers. The review results should be sent to chairs on time. If two reviewers had conflicting opinions, the paper would be transmitted to the third reviewer assigned by the chairs. Only papers which were approved by all reviewers were accepted for publication.

With the effort of the reviewers, 272 papers from over 600 submissions were eventually accepted for publication. These papers were divided in 10 chapters:

- Networking Algorithms and Performance Evaluation
- Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks
- Electrical Engineering and Power technology
- Intelligent and Information System and Application
- Data, Signal and Image Processing
- Automation and Control Engineering
- Computer Science and Software Engineering
- Artificial Intelligence and Control Automation
- Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation
- Modelling and Simulation: Techniques and Applications

During the organization of CISIA 2015, we have accepted help from many people and institutions. Firstly, I wish to pay special tribute to the Advanced Science and Industry Research Center as the organizer and the committee for their effort. Secondly, I would like to thank the contributors for their careful writing and contribution to CISIA 2015. The support from the Atlantis Press is deeply acknowledged. Finally, we wish that this conference will prove to be a success and our participants can benefit from it.

The Editors

K. Chan
J. Yeh