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An Adaptive Threshold Algorithm for Joint Sparse Recovery

N. F. Dong, J. X. Wang
This paper presents a new greedy algorithm for joint sparse recovery, called adaptive threshold simultaneous orthogonal matching pursuit (AT-SOMP). In this algorithm, an adaptive threshold is designed based on subspace decomposition to stop the iterative process, during which the support of target signal...
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A Mobile Frequency Allocation Algorithm Based on the Graph Theory

L. Yang, Y.H. Yu
By using the theory of point coloring in graph theory, the algorithm in this article converts the relationship among base stations to the relationship between the vertices and lines in a graph, performs the point coloring for the great connecting diagram on the basis of the thought of the wheel diagram,...
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A Hybrid TD-AD Algorithm Based Electromagnetic Spectrum Assignment Method

L. Guo, T. Liang, A.W. Sun, Y.J. Zhang
The object of spectrum assignment is to build its own ordered spectrum environment and maintain uninterruptedly spectrum resource control. In this article, we build a mathematical model and put forward the hybrid TD (table dispatching method) and the AD (auxiliary decision method) algorithm. The results...
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High Accuracy Tracking with an Active Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

W. Fu, L. Gao
Traditional PTZ tracking system focus on tracking algorithm, but PTZ camera control is not taken seriously and the control method has the large deviations. The algorithm for PTZ camera control is defined according to the target position which is achieved by the tracking algorithm in the image, calculates...
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Research on Time-Frequency Domain Acquisition Algorithm of Parallel Combinatory Spread Spectrum System Based on FFT

L.L. Guo, Z.G. Sun, S. Chen, B.C. Wang, X.Y. Ning
In this paper, an acquisition algorithm is discussed in parallel combinatory spread spectrum (PCSS) system. The algorithm model is first built. Then, an improved algorithm utilizing multiple correlation peak accumulation under low SNR is proposed. The simulation results show that Doppler offset and PN...
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OFDM Synchronization Improved Algorithm Based on Cyclic Prefix

T.Y. Zhang, G.F. Chen, X.C. Zhang
The current study synchronization algorithm based on cyclic prefix, requirements of cyclic prefix length cannot be greater than OFDM the 1/4 of the symbol timing synchronization, otherwise, the system timing synchronization error will be significant. Aiming at this problem, this paper again by changing...
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An Improved OFDM Synchronization Algorithm Based on Training Sequence

Y. Jiao, G.F. Chen, X.C. Zhang
The present study of the synchronization algorithm based on training sequence, has a small peak value easily confused with accurate timing synchronization peak value, resulting in error occurs and so on in timing synchronization. To solve this problem, this paper redesign the structure of training symbols...
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A Novel Reconfiguration Method in Smart Distribution Grid Considering Interval Data and Distributed Generation

W. Dai, W.X. Sheng, K.Y. Liu, Y. Sheng, Z.J. Ye
This paper investigates optimal network recon?guration problem considering data uncertainties, with the integration of distributed generation (DG) in distribution grid. The proposed network reconfiguration formulation is formed as a multi-objective optimization problem. Through normalization of each...
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Bandwidth-based Application-Aware Multipath Routing for NoCs

X.T Ding, C.X Yang, X.W Ren, P.J Ren
Most of routing algorithms for On-chip communication are neither application-aware nor routing packets using multiple paths. In addition, they hardly consider link bandwidth variation resulting from widely applied global asynchronous local synchronous (GALS) mechanism. In this paper, we propose a bandwidth-based...
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Synthesis Algorithm for Reversible Logic

J. Hu
In this paper, we propose a synthesis method based on basis. We have tested the proposed algorithm on a set of the reversible benchmark circuits. Compared with existing synthesis method, this heuristic reduces area 9% on average.
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A High-Frequency Intensity Difference Location Algorithm in Three Dimensions Based on Helmet-Mounted Microphone Array

Y. Zhang, B.B Shen
The common localization algorithms of microphone array is based on linear array or circle array which is unblocked (there is no block between sound source and microphone). This paper we research the sound localization algorithm based on helmet-mounted microphone array which is a kind of blocked array...
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An Iterated Local Search for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem

Z.Z Wen, X.Y Dong, S. Han
A multi-restart iterated local search (MRSILS) algorithm is introduced for the Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem (SDVRP). The initial solution is generated by the GENIUS and applied the local search procedure by removing one node from its current route and inserting it into the best locations, with...
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An Algorithm of Frequent Patterns Mining Based on Binary Information Granule

G. Fang, Y. Wu
To get rid of these traditional frameworks for discovering frequent association patterns, this paper proposes an algorithm of frequent association patterns mining based on binary information granule, which is mainly different from the Apriori framework and the FP-growth framework. The algorithm generate...
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A Novel Method for VHF Signal Modulation Classification Based on Algorithm of First-Order Cyclic Moment

F.Q Yang, Z.L Luo, Z. Li, B.J Hao
In view of the problem of modulation recognition algorithm existing about low recognition rate under environment condition of low SNR, the algorithm of first-order cyclic moment are first presented used in band signal of VHF modulation classification recognition in this paper and the recognition rate...
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A LH-DM Strategy Based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

W. Liu, J. Zhou
Aiming at the premature problem of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), an improved algorithm based on dynamic mutation strategy named Lowdiversity and Highdiversity Dual Mutation Factors Particle Swarm Optimization (LH-DMPSO) was proposed. The dynamic mutation strategy enhanced particle diversity,...
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A Novel High Performance Scheduling Algorithm for Crosspoint Buffered Crossbar Switches

X.T Wang, Y.W Wang, S.C Li, P. Li
Crosspoint buffered crossbar switches have gained much attention due to simple distributed scheduling algorithms. However, almost all the algorithms proposed for buffered crossbar switches either have unsatisfactory scheduling performance under non-uniform traffic or poor service fairness between input...
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Research of User-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Hadoop

Y.L. Zhang, M.M Ma, S.P Wang
Collaborative filtering algorithm is one of the key technologies of the current e-commerce recommendation system, in which the effect of similarity measure directly determines the accuracy of the recommendation system. An improved method of similarity measure and the corresponding collaborative filtering...
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Pairwise Test Generation Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm with Spark

R.Z Qi, Z.J Wang, S.Y Li
Pairwise testing is an effective combinatorial test generation technique that can generate tests covering all pairs of parameter values. Genetic algorithm has been used for pairwise test generation by researchers. It can often produce smaller test suite, but typically require a longer computation. To...
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A New Algorithm for the End-to-End Delay Bound Based on Statistical Network Calculus

Y.Z Zhao
In order to analyze the delay performance of aggregate traffic, this paper proposes a new algorithm for the End-To-End statistical delay bound of Converged Network with aggregate flows using the theorem of the moment generating function. The results show the algorithm has more Effectiveness and Superiority...
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Reactive Power Dispatch Based on Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization

C. Wang, Y.C Liu, H.H Guo, Y. Chen
Reactive power dispatch, which may have many local optima, is an important and challenging task in the operation and control of electric power system. This paper presents a Self-adaptive Differential Evolution hybrid Particle Swarm (SaDEPS) optimization algorithm for optimal reactive power dispatch problem....
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Improvement on OFG Decoding Method for LT Codes

J. Guo, S. X Wu, Z. Q Wang, X. L Li
The digital fountain is a network encoding technology of an essentially infinite of encoded symbols, and LT codes is a class of codes that are useful in implementing an ideal digital fountain. Based on analysis of existing LT decoding algorithm, an improved method is proposed. At each encoded symbol...
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No Reference Video Quality Metric for 4K-UHD Videos Based on H.264/AVC Bitstream Features

J.B Xu, X.H Jiang
With the wide-spread use of digital videos, quality considerations have become essential, and industry demand for video quality measurement standards is rising. In this paper, we proposed a no reference video quality metric for 4K-UHD videos in the compressed domain. As video coding parameters which...
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The Optimization of Improved Energy Detector in Cognitive Radio Network

X.J Dong, Y.B Chen, G.Y Yang, X.S Pang, J.X Yang
The improved energy detector in the Cognitive Radio Network is modified by replacing the squaring operation of the received signal amplitude in the conventional energy detector with an arbitrary positive power p. In this paper, the cognitive radio networks take a decision of the presence or absence of...
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Design of Non-Coherent CSS Communication Method for Highly Dynamic Scenes

Z.G Sun, Y.S Zheng, X.Y Ning, Z.M Chen
High-speed mobile wireless communication system always goes through the doubly selective wireless fading channels, which seriously affects the performance of communication systems. In this paper, a non-coherent chirp spread spectrum (CSS) communication method is proposed based on CORDIC algorithm and...
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A Secure Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transmission System Based on CDMA Architecture

F. Zhao, Y.T Wu, Y.Z Sun
In view of the security issue of the simultaneous wireless information and power transmission (SWIPT), this paper presents a secrecy SWIPT communication system based on code division multiple access (CDMA) architecture. The transmitter uses different spread spectrum polynomials to spread spectrum information...
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Analysis on Applying SDN in Wireless Networks from Operation View

W.Q Sun, H.W Li, J.P Wu
Software-defined network (SDN) has received great concern because of its prominent advantages in some aspects such as high flexibility, programmability and dynamic management, etc. Recently, some works begin to apply the concept of SDN in mobile networks to make the networks more open and agile. However,...
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A Peristaltic Pump Controller Design with Wireless Communication

X.S Che, B. Li, Y.D Ning, D.Y Gao
With the development of wireless communication and computer networks, wireless network has a very wide range of applications on instruments to improve information acquisition and processing capabilities. A peristaltic pump controller with MCU is designed. The controller is constructed with the working...
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Effect of Frequency Selective Shield of Semielliptical Shape on the Characteristics of Antenna Array

D.V Semenikhina, A.I Semenikhin, Y.V Yukhanov
Characteristics of a rectangular waveguide array with a frequency-selective shield of semielliptical shape with expansion of an operating band are investigated. It is shown that the region of transparency of the shield displaces down in a frequency in a comparison with the plane infinite frequency-selective...
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Impulse Radio UWB Signal Detection Based on Compressed Sensing

T. Zou, Y.M Li, T. Li, W.H Xu, Y.Z Yan
The extremely high sampling rate is a challenge for ultra-wideband (UWB) communication. In this paper, we study the compressed sensing (CS) based impulse radio UWB (IR-UWB) signal detection and propose an IR-UWB signal detection method based on compressive sampling matching pursuit (CoSaMP) algorithm....
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Wind-Induced Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Device for Wireless Sensor Node on the Drum of Mine Hoist

G.B Zhou, Z.X Li, S.X Xia, L.H Huang
In the surface stress detection system of the mine hoist machine drum, the wireless sensor nodes placed on the drum need to be powered by a battery. Since the sampling frequency is high and the wireless transmitting and receiving data is enormous, the battery needs to be replaced very frequently. To...
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The Discrete Time Non-Persistent CSMA Protocol with Functions of Monitoring and Multichannel Mechanism Based on Binary Tree Conflict Resolution in WSN

S.J Zhou, H.W Ding, Y.F Zhao, P. Li
In wireless sensor networks, the average cycle method is used to analyze the proposed protocol: the discrete time non-persistent CSMA protocol with functions of monitoring and multichannel mechanism based on binary tree conflict resolution; accurate mathematical expressions of related indicators are...
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Efficient Soft Decoding of Raptor Codes for Satellite Broadcasting System

M. Zhang, S. Kim
In this paper, we propose an efficient soft iterative decoding method for raptor codes, which are customized for satellite broadcasting systems. The raptor codes presented in this paper are composed of a systematic LDPC code concatenated with another systematic Luby transform (LT) code. The outer codes...
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An Improved Transmission Control Protocol Congestion Control for Satellite Networks

B.R Han, L. Zong
Transmission control protocol veno is a wireless transmission congestion control algorithm which can better distinguish different loss. It determines whether the packets random loss or congestion loss through calculate to the packets number of backlog in the network. However, transmission control protocol...
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Spectrum Combining Technique at Low SNR for the Frequency Selective Channels

C.Y Shen, Y.P Hu, X. Zhang, Y.Q Tang
To decrease the Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) for the frequency selective channel at low SNR, a spectrum combining technique based on average phase from the multiple sensors without synchronization is proposed. The combining signal’s phase will converge to the average phase instead of the value of...
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Study on Adaptive Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems Based on DSP/FPGA

L. Ye, Y.C Zhang
In order to solve channel estimation problem in OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) systems, a decision–directed method is proposed for channel estimation and equalization based on OFDM. The proposed method uses a received subcarrier-symbol to represent the competitive neural network, uses...
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An Integrity-Assured Concealed Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

L.J Yang, C. Ding, M. Wu
To address the contradiction between data aggregation and data security in wireless sensor networks, an integrity-assured concealed data aggregation scheme is proposed based on the privacy homomorphism and the aggregate message authentication code techniques. The proposed scheme provides both end-to-end...
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Design of Compact Wideband Circularly Polarized Conical Helix

J.N Mei, D.W Ding, G. Wang
A novel compact wideband circularly-polarized (CP) helix antenna is presented in this paper. Unlike conventional helical geometry, our design adopts a tapered metal strip which is rolled into a conical shape and is simply fed by attaching to a 50? coaxial cable. All the configuration parameters are optimized...
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Multi-ring PSK Constellation Design for Spatial Modulation Transmission

P. Zhang, C.D Wang, G.Y Xu
Spatial Modulation (SM) is a recently emerged Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technique, which has been proved to be low-complexity and more energy-efficient compared with classical MIMO techniques. As an entirely novel hybrid modulation scheme, the performance of SM is highly dependent on the...
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Software Design Flexibility Based on Dual Environment Architecture: Aerial Case Study

A. AbdElHamid, P. Zong
The software engineering is applying the engineering discipline to the design, development, maintenance of software. In this paper, a dual environment design is introduced to prove the power of the software engineering to integrate the advantages of two different environments (VB.NET and MATLAB). The...
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A Nodal Arranging and Covering Algorithm Based on the Energy of Multi Sensors

X.H Wei, B.H Yang, W.D Lu, H.W Wang, R.H Zhang, W.X Zeng
The main research in this article is wireless sensor network design problem about radar engineering vehicle. The core of the research in the text relates to a multi-sensor energy nodes arrangement based and covering algorithm. Firstly, Sensor nodes arrangements and coverage area was descript in this...
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Multimode Waveguide Van-Atta Array

Y.V Yukhanov, T.Y Privalova, I.V Merglodov, E.V Kriuk
In this paper, approximate formulas are obtained for the monostatic and bistatic diagrams of radar cross-section of waveguide Van-Atta array considering excitation and propagation of higher types of waves in tracts. Their contribution to the scattered field is studied. The required number of higher types...
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Design of an Omnidirectional High Gain Antenna Array

M. Liu
In order to obtain the performance of high gain and omnidirectional radiation pattern, an antenna array composed of four elements is proposed in this paper. The antenna achieves a bandwidth of 8.5% (190MHz) for a return loss (RL) <-10 dB at centre frequency. The antenna has omnidirectional radiation...
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Circle Polarization Phase Shift Keying Technology Research Based on Space Laser Communication System

H.Q Guo, G.F Chen, T.Y Zhang
In order to further improve the communication efficiency and communication rate of space laser communication, we used Circle Polarization Phase Shift Keying (CPolSK) and Circle Polarization Differential Orthogonal Phase Shift Keying (CPolDQPSK) modulations to adapt to the demands of the rapid development...
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Analysis of Rocky Desertification in Central Guizhou, China, Using Landsat Satellite Data

S.P Luo, J.R Hu, Y.Z Zhang
Rocky desertification is a typical type of land degradation in the Southwestern China. It has great economical and ecological implications for the local people. Landsat images for Qingzhen city of Guizhou Province collected in 2000, 2005 and 2010 were used for Karst rocky desertification monitoring....
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Research on Saturation Detection Circuit for Power MosFET

A. Wang, W.G Wang, Q. Zhang, R. Wu
With big projects implementation, such as space station and cargo spacecraft in orbit increasing the dosage of the secondary power supply, the requirement of increasing the for reliability, used in great quantities however on-orbit secondary power supply of power MosFET can only conservative derating...
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Development of a High Temperature Superconducting Controllable Reactor Based on Finite Element Method

M. Song, Z.T. Yu, B. Sun, B.C Chen, J.X Yuan
A new 40kVA, 400V high-temperature superconducting (HTS) controllable reactor of transformer type has been designed, built and tested. The reactor has totally 3 windings and utilize Bi2223 HTS materials to wound the inside two windings which are responsible for the adjust of the reactor’s reactance....
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Simulation Studies on the Design of a Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

J.W Ye, J.S Chen, J.F Ye
The location and fine adjustment of the center frequency as well as the fine adjustment of power in a resonance loop remain a challenge in the field of voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) design. Firstly, when the conditions of stable oscillation and the VOC with certain types of tuning bandwidth are...
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Analyzing Doubly Fed Induction Generator Impact in an Electrical Grid

T.O Ruben, H.T Agustina, A.M Omar, M.M David
This paper examines the reactive power control capability of doubly fed induction generator connecting to distribution grid with and without the inclusion of capacitor banks. The dynamic response characteristics of the wind power generator in the case of fault in the network to assure the secure and...
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A Study on the Advanced Twelve Step Sensor-Less Control of BLDCM Using FOC

S.A Kim, S.I Byun, Y.H Cho
The zero crossing detection is essential in twelve sensors-less control using back-EMF. To increase output power of Brushless DC motor (BLDCM), traditional twelve step control has extended active angular period. It has drawback which become unstable the performance of the drive system in rated load condition...
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Optimized 3-step Skew Spoke Type BLAC Motor Cogging Torque Reduction Technique for EPS Application

S. Saha, S.A Kim, Y.H Cho
In electric power steering (EPS), spoke type brushless ac (BLAC) motors offer distinct advantages over other electric motor types in terms torque smoothness, reliability and efficiency. This paper deals with the shape optimization of spoke type BLAC motor, in order to reduce cogging torque. This paper...