Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Computer Science, Electronics and Communication Engineering (CSECE 2018)

The 2018 International Conference on Computer Science, Electronics and Communication Engineering (CSECE 2018), co-sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong and Advanced Science and Industry Research Center, Hong Kong, China will be held in Wuhan from February 7-8, 2018, which is an international event that continues to attract attendees, academics, practitioners and junior researchers from all over the world, enjoying the friendly atmosphere conducive to free exchange of innovative ideas.

The theme of CSECE 2018 reflects the vital role of computer science, electronics and communication engineering in many evolving areas of basic and applied research. We sincerely hope it will be a helpful guide for scientists and researchers working or planning to work in the domains of computer science, electronics and communication engineering.

The Proceedings of CSECE 2018 is now ready, thanks to the sincere efforts of all the esteemed members of the Technical Program Committee, whose extensive preparations eventually culminated in the success of this conference. We also thank the Atlantis Press for publishing the Proceedings, the participants and authors. It is your active participation and encouragement that has instilled a sense of pride and achievement in us and has propelled us to strive in this edition.

CSECE 2018 has adopted a precise and strict reviewing process. All the submissions are divided into several chapters according to the topics, and removed the information of the authors, including name, affiliation, and email. Then the submissions are sent to reviewers according to their research interests. We use a double-blind system for peer review. Contributions will be reviewed by several invited reviewers at the same time, and the reviewers are asked to evaluate and give suggestions on revising based on its originality, research, relevance to conference, contributions and presentation etc. The review process may take about one month.

We received a large number of high-quality papers from all over the world and our TPC had a very tough time selecting the best papers. Eventually, we have selected 119 papers from 396 submissions with the assistance of members of TPC. We regret that we could not include more papers due to a variety of constraints and mandates of quality control. In this volume, the accepted submissions are included in 5 chapters.

Chapter 1: Communication Technology and Network Security
Chapter 2: Artificial Intelligence and Recognition Technology
Chapter 3: Power, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Chapter 4: Applied Mathematics and Data Analysis
Chapter 5: Applied Information Technologies and Computational Methods

It is a great honor to become colleagues with so many excellent people. We hope all of you have a very pleasant stay in Wuhan and we look forward to having you as an active member in our future endeavors.

CSECE 2018 Organization Committees