Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Computer Science, Electronics and Communication Engineering (CSECE 2018)

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A New Method for Sorting Radar Signal Based on Entropy Features

Jun Han, Xiaofei Lu, Minghao He, Xiaojie Tang
In order to figure out shortcomings of the existing method, such as the accuracy is not high and the method is sensitive to noise, we firstly Obtain the Wigner distribution space and bispectrum space for the received radar signal, then divide the space into subspace. Under the subspace distribution probability,...
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A Spectrum Analysis Algorithm Based on GPU

Kunyuan Xu, Yanhua Jin, Fangyuan Zhao, Haoran Ma
Considering the requirement of spectrum analysis, the parallel spectrum analysis algorithm is designed for a software radio platform built on the spectrum analyzer, where CPU is the controller and GPU is the baseband processor. The software platform is combined with the GPU processor, making it possible...
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Research on Access Control Model Based on User Trust Degree and Resource Life Cycle under Mobile Environment

Xiaoyan Zhang, Kai Kang
Traditional role-based access control models cannot meet the changing requirements of the roles and users under the mobile Internet environment due to their static attributes. To address such issue, this paper proposes an access control model, which is based on the user trust degree and the resource...
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A Probe into the Key Parameter Monitor of V2G System on Electric Vehicle Based on Wireless Power Transmission Technology

Wangcheng Zhu, Zhenchao Xie, Xinshu Wan
As it is both significant and practical to study how the bidirectional wireless power transmission system can be applied to the monitor control of electric vehicle under V2G environment, this paper analyzes how the bidirectional wireless power transmission system works, based on which, probes into the...
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An Air Bearing Facility for Antenna Pointing Mechanism

Guoyong Yang, Hongguang Wang, Lie Ling, Feng Gao
An air bearing facility is built to test the antenna pointing mechanism of track and data relay satellite. A hierarchical and simultaneous gravity unloading method is proposed to unload the gravity on the ground. The air bearing facility is a two layers structure. Planar air bearings and air spindle...
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Research on Multi-Hop Routing Protocol of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Gradients

Chenglong Hu, Yongzhen Li
The purposes of this paper are to lower the energy consumption in the wireless sensor network and to prolong network life cycle. Based on the maximum power a node can transmit, a multi-hop routing algorithm is proposed in this paper on the basis of gradients. We conducted a simulative experiment on the...
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Observation-based Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ayako Arao, Hiroaki Higaki
In wireless sensor networks, each wireless sensor node records events occurred in its observation area with their observation time. Each wireless sensor node possesses its own local clock whose drift and offset are generally different from the others. By using observation records of the commonly observed...
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Properties of a Self - gain Optical Fiber Differential Pressure Sensor Based on Damping Piston

Hao Hu, Liqiong Zhong
In this paper, the performance of a self-gain optical fiber differential pressure sensor based on damping piston is studied. Firstly, proposes the structure of mechanical packaging sensor probe based on the damping piston, and designs the sensor system; then, it carries out the theoretical research on...
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Identifying Route Preferences over Origin-Destination Using Cellular Network Data

Zhichao Guo, Tongyu Zhu
Current research on studying people's routing behavior focus on how to provide the minimum cost routes while ignore users' preference. Therefore, to analyze user's routing preference, identifying routes they actually choose is a crucial task. Cellular network data contains sufficient spatio-temporal...
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Two New Closed Form Approximate Maximum Likelihood Location Methods Based on Time Difference of Arrival Measurements

Wanchun Li, Qiu Tang, Yingxiang Li, Guobin Qian
In this paper, we propose two new closed form approximate maximum likelihood location methods via time difference of arrival (TDOA) measurements to determine the location of a target. For both two methods, an initial estimation is acquired by least square method in the first step. Then, supposing that...
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A Dynamic Symmetric Fully Homomorphic Encryption Mechanism for Privacy Protection of Cooperative Precision Positioning Cloud Service

Dibin Shan, Xuehui Du, Wenjuan Wang, Nan Wang
With the increasingly serious threat of privacy protect, the collaborative precision positioning cloud service urgently needs to be carried out homomorphic encryption protection for sensitive data. But the existing asymmetrical approaches are inefficient and are not practical for applications, while...
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Research on Temperature Control System Based on WeChat Remote Operation

Xuchen Guan, Yingqing Guo, Xinghuai Huang
In this paper, a temperature control system using WeChat remote operation is designed, including a design of the connection method, circuit and improved PID control algorithm. Besides, the STM32f103 control board with ENC28J60 Ethernet transceiver chip, WeChat server, connection and data exchange mode...
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Anti-sunlight Jamming Technology of Laser Fuze

Xiangjin Zhang, Ruoyu Wu, Chengfang Shen, Wei Dai
Environmental elements, especially sunny weather, can easily interfere with the operation of a pulsed laser fuze. The solar radiation entering the detection system causes the fuze to produce a "false alarm." Consequently, the bomb may not work accurately. On the basis of the traditional theory of spectral...
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Elevation Angle Estimation by Time Reversal Method in Homogeneous Shallow Sea Environment

Haixia Jing, Haiyan Wang, Zhengguo Liu, Xiaohong Shen, Tianyi Jia
This article discusses the problem of active detection and estimation for the elevation angle of a target in a homogeneous shallow sea environment, where a method using active detection on virtual time reversal (ADVTR) is proposed to solve the estimator performance decline problem caused by multipath...
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An Improved TLD Tracking Algorithm for Fast-moving Object

Shijie Zhou, Yuanxi Peng, Kecheng Gong, Leizhi Shu
Traditional object tracking is easily affected by deformation, scale changes, illumination changes, partial occlusions and so on. TLD(Tracking-Learning-Detection) is a classic effective algorithm in long-term tracking which can solve these problems well. Meanwhile, the real-time performance of the system...
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Multiple Centroid-Based Multi-Object Tracking by Decision Making

Hao Zhou, Jian He, Zhangqin Huang
Multiple object tracking(MOT) has many applications in different life scenes, such as autonomous driving and traffic management. A novel approach to object predictive tracking, which is based on the Multiple centroid, is proposed in this paper to overcome the problems of occlusion, scale changes and...
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Characterizing the Impact of DDoS Attack on Inter-domain Routing System: A Case Study of the Dyn Cyberattack

Yujing Liu, Zhilin Wang, Nan Li
The inter-domain routing protocol BGP is sensitive to severe network congestion. In order to study the reliability of BGP under stress, we take the Dyn cyberattack on October 21st, 2016 as a study case to characterize the impact of DDoS attack on inter-domain routing system. We propose several metrics...
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IoT Node Trust Authorization Model

Ruizhong Du, Chong Liu, Fanming Liu
Aiming at the characteristics of strong heterogeneity and limited computing ability of IoT nodes, this dissertation proposes a Trust Authorization Model based on detection feedback in IoT, combined with the current trust model of IoT and implement storage and other tasks by calculating and storing the...
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A Network System Security Assessment Method Based on Penetration Testing

Yue Li, Xiaolin Zhao, Chonghan Zeng, Yu Fu, Ning Wang
As the development of the information technology, people show strong interest to the emergence of all sorts of convenient and new technologies. However, there will be vulnerability in these technologies and bad attackers may be attack it to break it down. So, if we want to protect a system in detail,...
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A Novel Weak Deduction Password Strength Meter of Chinese Websites

Yu Wu
With the increasing situation of passwords datasets disclosure, the security of user's account faces rising risks under various kinds of password attack. To protect the security of user authentication system, password strength meter (PSM), which is used to measure user's password strength is widely accepted...
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A Novel Video Encryption Method Based on Faster R-CNN

Lijuan Duan, Dongkui Zhang, Fan Xu, Guoqin Cui
In order to improve the generalization perfor-mance of video encryption and reduce the amount of data in vid-eo en-cryption, this paper proposes a video encryption on regions of interest (ROI) method based on Faster R-CNN by combining machine learning with information security. The method trains a Faster...
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Common-Key Cryptosystem with Mixture of Fake Plaintexts

Masayoshi Hayashi, Hiroaki Higaki
One of the fundamental methods for eavesdroppers to achieve a plaintext from a cryptogram is the brute force attack where possible candidates of decryption keys are exhaustively applied to the decryption algorithm. Here the only reason why the eavesdroppers believe to find the common-key and to achieve...
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Modeling Confrontations in Complex Networks Based on Game Theory

Yapeng Li, Jun Wu
To fully understand the structure robustness of complex networks where confrontations of attackers and defenders happen, we build a game model which is a zero-sum game in simultaneous form. We assume that the attack and defense are only against the top-n vital nodes and evaluate the payoffs using the...
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Complex Project Schedule Risk Simulation Based on Multi-agent

Haolin Wen, Tao Hu, Gongda Yan
In order to solve the problems of complex projects schedule risk assessment, a project schedule risk assessment model based on the multi-agent was established by the Anylogic software in this paper. In this model, a "process" agent, a "process flow", a "risk factor" and a "control" agent were designed...
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Research on Risk of Online Supply Chain Finance

Daozhi Zhao, Di Wang, Baosen Wang
In recent years, with the deeply combine of "Internet + finance", traditional supply chain finance has also accelerated the pace of online operation, and its risks have gradually been exposed. Therefore, it is necessary to study the risk of the online supply chain finance in order to clarify its characteristics,...
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Supply Chain Financial Ecology Model Design and Risk Management Research

Baosen Wang, Wenjiao Lan, Chunming Fan
Supply chain finance is an emerging model, which treats the core enterprises in the supply chain and the upstream and downstream SMEs as a whole. The commercial banks provide financial services to the entire supply chain. According to the natural ecosystem structure model, this paper summarized the composition...
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The Effect of Behavior Conformity on Prisoner's Dilemma Game

Zidong Chai, Yanbo Zhang, Xinyu Zhang, Xiaobo Liu
Explaining the evolution of cooperative behavior is one of the most important and interesting problems in a myriad of disciplines. Game players on complex networks usually change their strategies by copying special rules. In this research, we combine the prisoner's dilemma game player's behavior conformity...
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The Application of Real-Time Object Detection on Aerial HD Videos Based on Deep CNN

Guanghui Xu, Shuai Xie, Jun Wang, Guodong Wu
Efficient real-time object detection in aerial HD videos is an urgent need, with the increasing use of UAV(unmanned aerial vehicles) in various fields. But it is still challenging to detect objects accurately and timely due to its large pixel size and relatively small objects. We use the popular SSD...
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Design of the UAV Digital Actuator Automatic Test System Based on Dual-core Microcontroller TMS320F28377D

Tao Yang, Liren Chai, Gang Wang
For purpose of UAV digital actuator test, one of UAV's key components, whose static and dynamic performance impacts on the UAV maneuvering performance, this paper studies an automatic digital actuator test system, introduces its hardware and software design scheme, and demonstrates its application. The...
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A Load Identification Technology for Wireless Smart Home Systems

Zhenchao Xie, Daohong Lin, Yufeng Chen, Xinshu Wan
Aiming at the applications in wireless smart homes, a wireless charging system based on LCL topology is designed. Moreover, the constant-current (CC) output of the system is realized according to the charging characteristics of lithium batteries. On this basis, a charging strategy is proposed, which...
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A Feasible Control Method for Incomplete Symmetrical Marine Robot

Lei Zhang, Zaopeng Dong, Yongsuo Yan, Yuyin Cao
For the incomplete symmetrical underactuated USV (unmanned surface vehicle), this paper proposed a global asymptotic stabilization control method. The global diffeomorphism transformation for the USV model was performed twice in order to obtain the form of nonlinear cascade systems, so the stabilization...
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Develop the AI Literacy of Infants by Deeply Integrated English Learning and Robot Education

Zhongyu Zhang
In this paper, a new learning model which integrate the English Learning and Robot Education for infants was proposed. According to this model, a textbook of using robot to teach English was designed. A corresponding course which matched with the textbook was developed. An experiment of using this course...
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A Hybrid Fusion Algorithm for Integrated INS/UWB Navigation and Its Application in Vehicle Platoon Formation Control

Yingmao Lu, Jianjun Yi, Liang He, Xiaomin Zhu, Pengfei Liu
The vehicle positioning technology is playing an important role in Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS). In those single positioning modes, the precision of wireless positioning is greatly affected by the environment. However, the accumulative errors of inertial navigation system (INS) and...
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The Research of Internet Identity Authentication System Based on Fingerprint Information

Feng Xiao, Yue Zhang, Fei Zhang, Yongzhen Li
With the Internet stepping into thousands of households, human beings really come into in the age of the Internet, When people are cheering for their achievements, however, information security has gradually become our incubus. And how to ensure the security of information is the most urgent problem...
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Multi-Network Fusion Based on CNN for Facial Expression Recognition

Chao Li, Ning Ma, Yalin Deng
We propose a method which is multi-network fusion (MNF) based on CNN to recognize facial expressions. Our experimental data adopts the ICML2013 facial expression recognition contest's dataset (FER-2013) and JAFFE dataset. Based on the classic Tang's network structure and Caffe-ImageNet structure, we...
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Human Face Age Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networks

Zijiang Zhu, Yi Hu, Dong Liu, Xiaoguang Deng, Junshan Li
In the field of image recognition, the issue of face age recognition has attracted the attention of many scholars, and a lot of outstanding algorithms have been proposed, but the correctness rate of age recognition is not high. To improve the AGE identification accuracy, this paper proposes a face AGE...
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Face Recognition Based on LBP(2D)2PCA+SVM

Yanmei Jiang, Wei Wei, Xue Liu, Ying Shi
In this work, we present a novel approach of face recognition which considers local binary pattern (LBP), principal component analysis (PCA) and support vector machine (SVM) algorithms, which is named as LBP(2D)2PCA+SVM. This method firstly extracts facial texture features, then uses (2D)2PCA algorithm...
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The Colony Count Based on Image Processing Using Matlab and Photoshop

Xiaoming Chen, Shufang Li, Zhijun Zhang, Jun Gao
Using two conventional software programs to do a counting method on the colony image from a normal photograph, and the comparison between the methods.
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CT Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Merging of Similar Adjacent Components

Xueguang Sun, Weigen Qiu
CT is one of the most widely used medical imaging techniques. Image segmentation is of great significance to medical image aided clinical diagnosis. Due to the complexity of structure and shape of CT image, and the inhomogeneity of organization, the commonly used image segmentation algorithm can not...
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BDS Common-View Method Based on CGGTTS V2E Standard

Xu Liu, Dangli Zhao, Junliang Liu
CCTF published CGGTTS for Common GNSS Generic Time Transfer Standard that is CGGTTS V2E. To support the standard in the BDS common-view, the paper refers to the standard and simulates corresponding algorithm in the standard realizing BDS common-view method based on CGGTTS V2E. The result show that the...
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An Adaptive Bitrate Algorithm Based on Estimation and Video Adaptation for Improving QoE in DASH

Saba Qasim Jabbar, Dheyaa Jasim Kadhim, Yu Li
Dynamic Adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) is widely used by content providers for video delivery and dominates traffic on cellular networks. The variation in both video bitrate and network bandwidth badly impacts on the user Quality of Experience (QoE), so recent works is going to submitting better...
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Vehicle Target Detection Based on Improved Mixed Gaussian Modeling

Caiyun Xie, Ruxia Hong, Jing Wang, Hong Yu
In the modern world, with the rapid development of science and technology, computer and related technologies have been used in many fields; of course, intelligent video surveillance system cannot do without computer technology. This system also cannot do without the core issue: the detection of the goal...
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A Precision Evaluating Method of DEM Using Map Spots Generated by Contour Superposition

Zechun Huang, Zhu Xu, Qianning Zhang, Min Xiao, Zipu Liu, Yongyou Qian, Tianting He
Aiming at the shortcomings of traditional contour superposition analysis in quantitative evaluation of DEM error, the purpose of this paper is to propose a new method to measure the DEM accuracy by using the map spots of contour superposition. To begin with, the concepts of the difference rate and the...
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Sight Spot Buffer Model Based on Tourists' Interests

Xiao Zhou, Shun He, Shixiang Zhang, Wei Chen, Yu Chen, Youwei Ma
Aim at the current problems that tourism GIS cannot provide individual service to meet the needs of tourists, this paper brings forward sight spot buffer model based on tourists' interests and needs. Firstly, sight spot classification model is set up and all the sight spots are coded. According to tourists'...
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Research on Creation and Technology to Make Large-scale Production of Vertical Greening Wall

Wanlu Luo, Jianwu Ma
This paper introduces a kind of vertical greening wall system on which climbing plants could grow. It emphasizes on illustrating that this system could be manufactured in large scale in factories in advance, and climbing plants can grow on a nursery-land-based structure to become a landscape. It has...
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Research on Assessment Method of Grid Frequency Fluctuation Characteristics and Optimization of Speed-governor Parameters

Daohong Lin, Qiang Wu, Xinshu Wan, Yunqian Li, Lei Shao, Hongjun Zhou
With the enlargement of power grid scale, connections between different power subsystems in interconnected network have been more-closely related and the analysis of power system dynamic behaviors becomes more complex. This paper selects 3 area indexes which comprehensively reflect frequency change through...
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Research on Control Strategies for Performance Optimization of Wireless Powering System for Smart Home Appliances

Zhenchao Xie, Daohong Lin, Wangcheng Zhu
With the development of smart technology and the improvement of living standard, the demand for a life with smart home appliance is increasing. The advancement of wireless power transfer technology has provided an opportunity to charge home appliance wirelessly. The combination of smart home appliance...
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Design of Intelligent Charging Access System for Home Appliances

Wangcheng Zhu, Xinshu Wan, Taobei Lin, Yun Liu
In order to realize intelligent charging of electric equipment in the circumstances of Smart Grid, such as sweeping robots, inspection robots and automatic guided vehicles, this paper designs a new intelligent charging access system using intelligent outlet technology and wireless charging technology....
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Coupling Characteristics and Optimization of the Resonators Applied to the Power Supply System of Tail-free Household Appliances

Daohong Lin, Wangcheng Zhu, Zhenchao Xie
As household appliances become more and more intelligent, increasingly strict demands are put forward for their power supply. Existing draw-out power supply mode of household appliances has many shortcomings including low waterproof grade, touch spark, and wire constraint. Considering this, a tail-free...
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Research on Networked Sliding Mode Predictive Controller Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Yang Yin, Hongke Li, Zhengying Ren
Aiming at the development of ship information and intellectualization, this paper researched the control law design problems of the network control system under total ship computing environment (TSCE). Firstly, we analyzed and constructed the computing environment network architecture for the development...
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Automated Detecting System for Elevator Guide Rails Based on Tilt Sensors and Acceleration Sensors

Yifeng Yang, Wei Guo, Yujun Wang, Wenxiu Lu
Straightness, verticality and step height deviation are the main parameters to evaluate the safe and stable operation of the elevator. One kind of automated detecting system is devised to detect these multiple parameters of elevator guide rails at the same time exactly and efficiently. The detecting...
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An EMC Study on Intentional Transmitter of Railway Train Base on Poynting Vector

Ping Sun
Base on Poynting Vector to determine the field strength sensitive boundary between the intentional transmitter antenna and the equipment or apparatus installed on railway train. A detail calculation is made to analyse radiation field strength. This paper focuses on how to determine the far field of the...
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Teeth Classification Based on Haar Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine

Fangyuan Liu, Zhi Li, Wagner Quinn
To improve the efficiency of stomatology practitioners, this paper proposed a novel teeth type classification method. Our method was based on three successful components: Haar wavelet transform, principal component analysis, and support vector machine. We create a 120-image dataset, with 30 images for...
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Online Algorithm for Velocity Estimation in Ultrasonic Doppler Measurement

Enyao Shang, Jinchun Hu, Shengwu Du
Ultrasonic Doppler technique is widely used for velocity estimation in medical electronic systems. This technique is signal-processing intensive with an increasing requirement on accuracy, real time and stability. The clutter caused by human tissues contains little information about blood flow velocity....
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Experimental Research and Analysis on a Vibration Model of Stator of L1B2 Linear Ultrasonic Motor

Xingyu Yi, Gang Zhao, Wenlei Xiao
The vibration of stator is an important part of the linear ultrasonic motor operating mechanism. Linear ultrasonic motor is driven by the interface force between stator and slider. Changes in vibration mode are not considered in the traditional motor vibration model which fails to reflect the vibration...
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Control Modeling of a New Type Electric Mechanical Continuously Variable Transmission and Realization of the Control Objectives

Xiumin Yang, Song Zhang, Zeqi Wang, Lei Zhang
A new electric mechanical metal belt (chain) continuously variable transmission (EMCVT) for vehicles was studied in this paper. With the use of direct-current (DC) motor controlling the rolling screw, the displacement of the taper disc pressed by the Belleville spring can be controlled, which achieves...
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Improved Rigid Cable Method for Prestress Optimization of Suspen-dome Structure

Wenfeng Du, Shuailiang Zhang, Longxuan Wang, Pengfei He
For considering the losses of prestress in suspen-dome structure after pre-stress optimization using rigid cable method, an improved rigid cable method was proposed. The temperature stress is applied to corresponding element to compensate the loss of prestress, and the relationship between temperature...
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Technology of Sound Velocity Correction for Multi-beam Bathymetry Sounding

Weiming Xu, Kai Ma
The multi-beam echo sounding system was the most effective instrument to detect the seabed topography. In order to reduce the seafloor terrain distortion caused by the representative error of sound velocity profile (SVP), the indirection adjustment inversion method was introduced after analyzing the...
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Power Efficiency Optimization of Hydro-pneumatic Transformer of Air-powered Automobile

Xiangheng Fu
Hydro-pneumatic transform (short for HP transformer) wastes a lot of compressed air when working, and its power efficiency is low. To improve its efficiency, we carry on the parameter optimization which influences the power efficiency of HP transformer system. Firstly, we build up a mathematical model...
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Research on the Mathematical Modeling of Damping Controlled Oil Gas Spring

Yijie Chen, Yafeng Zhang, Mengyan Xu, Fu Du, Peng Gui
In order to improve the vehicle performance, the mathematical model and experimental research of damping controlled oil gas spring were carried out in this paper, a proportional throttle valve was installed on the basis of the original damping valve system. The proportional valve adopted slide valve...
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Development of a Hydraulic Energy Harvester for Shock Absorber

Longhan Xie, Jiehong Li, Siqi Cai, Xiaodong Li
This project is to design and manufacture a novel shock absorber with energy harvesting to reclaim vibration energy from automotive suspension system during driving. In order to improve safety and comfort, shock absorbers are used in automotive to remove vibration energy during driving, who adopt hydraulic...
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Analysis on Transient Temperature Field of the Rod Fastening Rotor Based on Fractal Contact Theory

Yiping Li
When the disks of the rod fastening rotor were contacted with each other, the contact thermal resistance between the contact surfaces would play a critical role in heat transfer and the distribution of temperature field. On the basis of the surface fractal characteristics, combining Mandelbrot - Tian...
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Study on Rules for Spiral Groove of Swirl Nozzle to Performance of Inside Flow

Yong Guo, Lili Guo, Longyan Zhang
With the advantages of convenient processing, easy control for geometry size and adjustable parameters, single head spiral groove nozzle is widely applied in the field of environmental protection equipment. According to the lackage of rules on structure parameters of spiral groove to spray performance...
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Research on Random Flow Simulation Model of Bridges

Li Cao, Limin Sun
With the rapid development of automobile industry and economy, the randomness of traffic flow characteristics such as vehicle speed and vehicle weight acting on the bridge is more and more obvious. However, the previous studies are based on determination of traffic flow, so fatigue, deflection and other...
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A Test Process Model and Optimization Framework Based on Network Schedule

Litian Xiao, Mengyuan Li, Nan Xiao
In order to shorten the test period of spaceflight articles at the launch site and improve facility utilization and launch rate, the paper proposes our research about test process model and optimization framework. The approach overlays test activity on activity-on-arrow for network schedule. The test...
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Coefficient Distribution Method for Minimum Weight Design of Large-Span Statically Determinate Trusses under the Constraint of Allowable Displacement

Wenfeng Du, Qi Liu, Kang Yuan, Jiyuan Ma
To achieve the minimum weight design of large-span statically determinate trusses under displacement constraint, a method called the coefficient distribution method was proposed. The calculation formula of the displacement for statically determinate trusses was provided at first. Then the critical condition...
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Sieve Method: Sieve the Forward and Reverse In One Time

Sai Chuen Hui
This article carries on " Sieve Method: Sieve the Forward and Reverse In One Time" through establishing the dual element set and forms a new foundamental mathematical theory to sieve odd prime number pairs. The conclusion verifies the formula that calculating the total number of pairs that any even number...
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The Application of Vector Lyapunov Functions in Iterative Learning Control

Qunli Zhang
This paper presents iterative learning control of multiple state vector system, whose initial states are equal. By introducing the vector Lyapunov function, it involves interesting criteria to guarantee the robust convergence of the tracking error in the sense of the ?- norm. Finally, the validity of...
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Dynamic Data Modeling of SCR Denitration System Based on Mutual Information

Wenjie Zhao, Luyao Zhang
The establishment of accurate models is vital in parametric optimization of control systems, and the choice of input variables can directly affect the accuracy and complexity of the model. Therefore, this paper proposed a modeling method based on mutual information (MI) and least squares support vector...
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Research on Hierarchical Interactive Teaching Model Based on Naive Bayesian Classification

Dongyan Fan
The purpose of this research is improving the current inject classroom teaching mode that ignores individual differences and inefficiency of students. By studying classification algorithm in data mining and applying the classification method based on Naive Bayes algorithm, we designed and implemented...
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A Probability Model of Calculating L2 Cache Misses

Kecheng Ji, Ming Ling, Li Liu
Stack or reuse distances have been widely adopted in studying memory localities and cache behaviors. However, the memory references, normally profiled by a binary instru-mentation tool, only reflect the accessing sequence of instruction fetching and load or store executions. That is why the stack or...
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Deflection Analysis and Iterative Solution Method of Slender Telescopic Booms

Xuyang Cao, Zhenhua Gu, Haojie Yu
In order to analyze accurately the deformation of the telescopic boom in the case of large deformation, an initial deflection curve can be get according to the nonlinear bending differential equation and calculation method. The retraction amount in initial axial direction of the boom and the second-order...
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The Reciprocal Sums of the Pell Numbers

Fuling Zhang
In this paper, we consider the reciprocal sums of the Pell numbers by elementary methods. First, we investigate the reciprocals sums of two products of Pell numbers. Then, we study the alternating reciprocals sums of two products of Pell numbers .Last, we consider the reciprocal sums of even and odd...
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Tests for Spatial Correlation of Dependent Variables in Spatial Dynamic Panel Data Models

Rong Sun
This paper considers a spatial dynamic panel data regression model with fixed effects, spatial correlation of dependent variables and error serial among cross sectional units. When the number of individuals n , the number of time periods T are large, and T is asymptotically large relative to n, the paper...
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MOOC Course Evaluation Based on Big Data Analysis

Yong Luo, Jianping Li, Zheng Xie, Guochang Zhou, Xiao Xiao
The rapid development of MOOC, more and more same courses appear on the MOOC platform. For learners without the guidance of course selection, a lot of time wasted in the course to browse and try to learn. At the same time, lack of evaluation led to a decline in the quality of the course. In this paper,...
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The Application of Data Mining Techniques in College Students Information System

Yang Liu, Jingwei Chen, Jun Liu, Wei He, Tingting Li
Nowadays, with the expanding of database application, every fields have accumulated huge amounts of data including the College students' activities records. These records are very meticulously reflecting the status of the students' learning and life by analysis their relationships using data mining techniques....
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Design and Implementation of Database Centralized Access Control and Audit System

Ying Zheng, Qinghai Bai
This paper explores the Oracle database security access control's implementation strategies, including: realize the centralized access control to the distributed Oracle database and audit through centralized policy configuration; realize the security access control to the Oracle database through encapsulating...
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A Simple Fusion Method for Trajectory Data of Aerocraft

Dingxin Yang, Peng Du, Jinwei Sun
Propose a fusion arithmetic for trajectory data of aerocraft in flight. The method uses a variety of trajectory data which we can get for fusion calculation, then we can reduce a compositive trajectory data for digital-guided, and as the basis of judging the aerocraft flight state. Through the past,...
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Empirical Test of Arbitrage Pricing Model for the SSE 50 Index Stocks

Mingyue Ding, Yumei Pan, Yanqiang Ding
The objective of this paper is to test the applicability of arbitrage pricing theory specifically for the performance of the SSE 50 Index composite stocks listed on China's Shanghai Stock Market. Two groups of the SSE 50 Index stocks have been selected and tested. Principal component analysis is used...
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The Results of the General Traffic Measurements Analysis on the Example of Łódź Voivodeship (in Poland)

Elżbieta Macioszek, Grzegorz Sierpiński, Marcin Staniek, Damian Lach
The article presents the results of a detailed analysis of data from the General Traffic Measurements carried out in the years 2000 - 2015 on voivodeship roads. The analysis was carried out on the results from the Łódź Voivodeship in Poland.
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Estimation of the Average Treatment Effect with Missing Outcome Data

Feng Han
Missing outcome data occurs often in the causal inference of observational studies. For example, in observational study on the safety of a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) injection in market, some patients are missing safety outcome variables. In this paper we proposed a consistent estimator for the...
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Parametric Design on Stubble-cutting Disc with Oblique Ripples Based on Reverse Engineering Methods

Ping Zhao, Xuewei Bai, Yongkui Li, Yue Tian, Changyi Lv
Aiming at the design and manufacture difficulty of stubble-cutting disc with oblique ripples, taking one made by America as research object, a kind of computer aided design method was proposed, which was fulfilled in the basis of the structural parameters that were obtained through reverse engineering...
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The Mathematical Model of the Natural Evolution Law of Cosmic Material Organisms

Sai Chuen Hui
The "Goldbach conjecture" is proved by "simultaneous screening of positive and negative sides". And the computational values of "modeling" in various scientific fields coincide with reality, theory, experiment and astronomical observation. The universe is superimposed by the energy of equal positive...
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Research on Filter Rod Loose Quality of Double Channel Forming Machine Based on Apriori Algorithm of Interestingness

Min Zhang, Liming Zhu, Yumin Wang
Double channel forming machine opening quality data by sampling and conversion into the mining of association rules based on Apriori algorithm, correctness verification and quality deviation setting parameters, makes the equipment in adjusting the parameters set to drive the delivery index get reliable...
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Research on Process -Resources Dynamic Configuration Model of Digital Inspection Management System

Jian Yao, Guijiang Duan
Dynamic matching between inspect resources and business processes in digital inspect and MBD (Model Based Definition) environments is a challenging problem. This paper present an approach of building a digital inspection management model based on process-resource dynamic configuration system. Furthermore,...
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Two-step Gaussian Process Regression Improving Performance of Training and Prediction

Wei Wang, Santong Zhang, Wei Yang, Xiangbin Liu
Since Gaussian process regression (GPR) cannot feasibly be applied to big and growing data sets, this paper introduces an integration algorithm called Two-step Gaussian Process Regression (TGPR) which speeds up both training and prediction to solve the problem. First, analyze the basics behind regular...
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Research on Configuration Optimization of Multi-echelon Inventory Based on Component Commonality

Lijun Qiu, Linyu Fu, Qi Dong, Chongyi Liu, Kun Xian, Xinhua Weng
In view of the repairable spare parts, considering the actual situation that component commonality exists in warship equipment, the requirements of spare parts and sites in all levels are modified. A multi-echelon configuration model of common parts based on METRIC theory is established. The marginal...
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Theoretical Research on Concentric Circular Selection of Sample Points for Flatness Error Measurement of Revolving Body End-face

Lei Zhang, Wenying Wang, Peng Guan, Jun Cheng
According to flatness error measurement of revolving body end-face, selection of sample points for flatness error measurement and flatness error evaluation method are mainly researched, the influencing factors are analyzed. Former concentric circular selection of sample points gets many restrictions,...
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An Improved Differential Evolution for Constrained Optimization Problems

Liechao Zhang, Lin Shang
A fast and robust differential evolution based on orthogonal design (ODE) is proposed, and then it is used to solve constrained optimization problems. The ODE combines the conventional DE (CDE), which is simple and efficient, with the orthogonal design, which can exploit the optimum offspring. The ODE...
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Effect of Workload Characteristics on Similarity Analysis

Jiang Sha, Wenjuan Xu
Workload characterization is the basis for similarity analysis, which is the core idea behind benchmark subsetting to pick up the most representative programs or program slices. The set of characteristics is crucial to the result of similarity analysis. Current studies typically use microarchitecture-independent...
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Markov-Based Forecasting Model for Enterprise Human Resources Internal Supply

Pu Li, Fengming Liu, Chengcheng Li
With the enhanced competition of enterprises on the talent, the rational manpower planning in enterprises to protect the human resources needs of enterprises becomes an important driving force to promote the development of enterprises. Human resources forecast is the premise and basis of manpower planning,...
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The Coordinated Replenishment Policy in a decentralized Assembly System

Jianhong Yu
The synchronization and coordination of material flows in the assembly system is much more important and complex. To analyze how to coordinate the material flows for the assembly supply chain, we consider an assembly system with two component-suppliers and one manufacturer, under stochastic finished...
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Hardware Design of SUAV Flight Control System Based on STM32F427

Tao Yang, Liren Chai, Gang Wang
As an emerging high-tech device, the SUAV plays a more and more significant role in military and civilian fields because of its advantages such as low cost, high safety, flexible usability and easy maintenance. The flight control system is the core of the SUAV, which exerts a big influence on SUAV performance...
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The Current Status of Informatization and Information Literacy in Advanced Medical Institutions

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
This paper analyzes the main problems and causes in the practice of information quality education in higher medical institutions. The paper puts forward the effective way to cultivate and improve the information quality of medical students by the education curriculum and teaching. Mainly Though the build...
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Research and Realization for Information System of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Integration Based on XML

Xiaoyan Zhang, Huan Li, Shiheng Liu
Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group as a modern large-scale coal enterprises, attaches great importance to infor-mation management, and promote the development of the coal industry. There are many information management systems within the group, playing an important role, but the various sys-tems are independent,...
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Designing of IoT Platform Based on Functional Reactive Pattern

Haidong Lv, Xiaolong Ge, Hongzhi Zhu, Zhiwei Yuan, Zhen Wang, Yongkang Zhu
To meet the real-time requirement and data fast processing has become a significant challenge in the Internet of Things platform. In an attempt to design and implement new reactive paradigm , this paper presents an innovative functional reactive programming model to design and implement IoT platform...
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Networking Mechanism of Fire Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Fangwen Xu, Jianjun Yi, Liang He, Xiaomin Zhu, Zhuoran Wang
Nowadays, there are some problems exist in remote monitoring of IoT fire control system, such as bad real-time performance, difficulty access of massive nodes, the security problems arisen due to the lack of standardized authentication and registration mechanism. In view of the problems above, this paper...
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Developing a Smart Energy Monitoring Terminal Based on Internet of Things

Shaoru Zhang, Jianjun Yi, Liang He, Fangwen Xu
With the widespread application of power electronics technology, power pollution is becoming more and more serious. Based on the research of existing energy monitoring terminal, an energy monitoring terminal for monitoring and analyzing the power quality based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology is...
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A Cloud Platform for Smart Firefighting Facilities Maintenance Based Internet of Things

Wenchao Guan, Jianjun Yi, Liang He, Yajun Zhang, Pengfei Liu
The traditional form of maintenance and management of fire facilities has shortcomings such as low efficiency, inadequate supervision, inaccurate updating and inconvenient query of information, causing huge security risks. Therefore, this paper proposes and designs an intelligent maintenance cloud platform...
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K-out-of-n Model to Calculate the Availability of a Business System

Huan Xu, Ruihong Yan, Xiaoling Wang
This paper shows a model to calculate the availability of a business system. K - out - of - n model is a system consists of n parts. When there are at least k parts during normal work, the system can work normally. Also, the paper gives a MTBF usability testing method to test the availability.