Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Competitive, Sustainable and Secure Development of the Regional Economy: Response to Global Challenges" (CSSDRE 2018)

The International scientific conference “Competitive, sustainable and secure development of the regional economy: response to global challenges” (CSSDRE 2018) took place on April 18-20th 2018 in the Volgograd State University.

The international scientific conference CSSDRE is expected to be an annual meeting uniting the scientists and specialists in the regional economy from all countries of the world for the discussion and suggestion of measures for the solution of the problems connected with the increase of competitiveness, sustainability and security of the economic development of regions especially under the conditions of new global challenges and threats.

The international conference CSSDRE 2018 is focused on the encouragement of the interaction of the researchers and the executives for the achievement of a common vision of tendencies of the regional economic development. The scientists from 4 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Thailand) and from 23 regions of Russia took part in the conference.

More than 300 (more exactly 305) scientific papers were sent to the organizing committee. All of them went through a rigorous double blind peer review and only 156 of them were approved for the publication.

During three days of the conference the discussions of the presented papers were held in the following sessions:

1. Regional Economics.
2. Human resources of a region.
3. Economy ecologization.
4. Economics of enterprises and industries.
5. Finance and investments.

The proceedings of the conference will give the researches of the regional economics an additional source of factual material which will be useful for future developments in this sphere of science and practice.

The organizing committee expresses gratitude to all authors and participants for their responsible and active contribution to the conference which was held at a high level.

Thanks are also given to Atlantis Press for producing this volume.