Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Competitive, Sustainable and Secure Development of the Regional Economy: Response to Global Challenges" (CSSDRE 2018)

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Development of the regional innovative process in the space by Minkowski

Vitaly Borovik, Irina Bogomolova
The production process in a region is studied within the theory of the space suggested by H. Minkowski. In this type of the space the factors of production used in time are the object of an interrelated and interdependent process. It was determined that to every change of work ∆Yi and to an infinite...
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Regional Sustainable Management Problems on Networks

Movlatkhan Agieva, Guennady Ougolnitsky
This paper is dedicated to the models of regional sustainable management on networks. The main objective of the paper is to propose a synthesis of the network models of influence and control with the models of sustainable management for the solution of the problems of regional sustainable management...
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Innovative development of regions of Russia: opportunities and barriers

Vladimir Tikhiy, Olga Koreva
This article proves that one of the main conditions of overcoming technological inferiority and modernization of the Russian economy is vigorous innovative activity since many branches of production have considerably exhausted both intensive and extensive possibilities of development. To reinforce innovative...
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Analysis of indicators of food security of the Volgograd region

Tatiana Shlevkova, Elena Antamoshkina, Emma Kuzmina
The article assesses the food security of the Volgograd Region in 2015. For this, the author's methodology for calculating food security at the regional level is applied. It analyzes the following parameters: the level of food self-sufficiency, the degree of satisfaction of the physiological needs of...
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Compulsory Health Insurance Local Funds Reserve System Problems

Margarita Irizepova
CHI Local funds should create several types of reserves to ensure the financial sustainability of Local CHI system. However, the analysis shows that in practice, the reserves are not created at all.
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Formation of the estimation system of the innovative activity in the regions of South Russia

Vladimir Kurchenkov, Hans-Christian Brauweiler, Larisa Ponomareva
The article considers the features of the formation of a system for assessing the innovative activity of the South Russia regions, based on integral indicators and taking into account the criteria for absolute and relative innovation activity, the reasons for low innovation activity of Russian enterprises...
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Problem solving payment innovations in the digital economy

Olga Korobeynikova, Dmitry Korobeynikov, Larisa Popova
In order to ensure the national sovereignty of Russia and equalize the development of the regions, it is necessary to form a digital economy model and o organize its diffusion into all spheres of Russian society life. Assessment of the national payment system and its regional entities current state has...
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Modernization of agrarian and cooperative education systems as a basis of sustainable development of regional rural economics

Larisa Obedkova, Tatiana Opeikina, Natalia Korobkina
In the article the relevance of personnel training for modern economy in general and for agrarian and cooperative sectors in particular is proved. The importance of a system approach use to educational processes organization is emphasized. Statistical data are analysed, in which the results of personnel...
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Compliance risks of industrial enterprises as a result of inefficiency of the institutional environment of the macro-region

Maria Golovko, Valentina Kuznetsova
This article examines the impact of institutional quality of the macro-region on the possibility of the formation of compliance risk industrial enterprises. The basic the regional ratings of the effectiveness of economic, political and social environment, published by the leading international organizations...
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Tax incentives for small business as a factor of sustainable development of the region in Russia

Karen Tumanyants, Evgenia Gulyaeva
The article considers possibility of ensuring positive dynamics of territorial development through arrangement of favorable tax conditions for business activities. The authors give a quantitative estimate of reaction of the Russian small enterprises to reduction of a tax rate. By the aid of the ordinary...
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Strategic priorities of the development of regional national wealth of the Volgograd region

Marina Ledeneva, Lydia Shamray-Kurbatova, Tatiana Plaksunova
The authors study the essence, main elements and peculiarities of the regional national wealth. The tendencies of the development of regional national wealth of Volgograd region are analyzed. The conclusion about the growth of human and produced capital is made. The conclusion about the quality of environment...
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Comparative analysis of the innovative activity of peripheral regions of Russia and Germany

Hans-Christian Brauweiler, Larisa Ponomareva, Andrey Shevandrin
The article analyses the innovative activity in peripheral regions of Russia and Germany. The comparison of the dynamics of the innovative activity in the regions under analysis is made on the basis of the development and grouping of relevant indices. The criteria of absolute and relative innovative...
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Place Branding in Web 2.0: the Conceptual Contours of New Generation of Media Policy

Anastasia Strekalova
This work proposes a new conceptual framework of media strategies of the place brand that integrates mediology and place branding. This work grounds the importance and timeliness of initiatives in the field of new media policy in Web 2.0 that involve users of social networks as curators, ambassadors,...
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Trends and features of socio-economic development of the Kaliningrad region

Albert Mnatsakanyan, Vladimir Kuzin
For more than 25 years the Kaliningrad region has a special legal regime for economic activity. The purpose of its implementation was to stabilize and accelerate the socio-economic development of this exclave Russian region being in difficult geo-economic conditions. The article analyzes tendencies and...
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Features and perspectives of transition of Russian economy to technological paradigm: regional aspect

Marina Izmailova, Mikhail Veselovskii, Vera Aleksahina
The article deals with the analysis of Russian economy`s condition in the period of digital transformation. The results of the analysis of the dynamics of Russian economy were presented at the national and world level. The assessment of Russian economy was given at the stage of digital economy formation....
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Sustainable Management in Regional Fisheries: Mechanisms of Motivation of Myopic Agents

Guennady Ougolnitsky, Anatoly Usov
This paper is dedicated to the game theoretic investigation of a dynamical model of optimal fishing with consideration of the interests of regional control agents on two levels of hierarchy and building of an original incentive mechanism. The main distinctive property of the paper consists in the consideration...
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Updating the approaches to the classification of types and tools of the government regional policy

Inna Mitrofanova, Ekaterina Rodionova, Victoria Batmanova
Terminological and conceptual ambiguity at the comprehension of the methods and tools of the government regional policy is one of the substantial reasons of the approval at different government levels of incorrect and unrealizable decisions concerning the creation of a mechanism of the support of regional...
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Post-institutional methodology of economic systems analysis: focusing on a regional scale

Daniil Frolov
The conceptual frame of the post-institutional approach to studying of economic systems connected with overcoming the numerous dogmas and dichotomies which have developed within new institutionalism is presented. The perspective directions of application of this methodology to the analysis of economic...
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Economic analysis of the sustainability of Volgograd region in various scenarios of pension age in the Russian Federation

Oleg Likhomanov, Marina Lapina, Polina Tovpeko
The global trend that has engulfed the world is the ageing of the population. This is the reason for the urgency of the discussion on reforming traditional social security systems. The purpose of this study is to analyze the optimality of the population structure by the example of the Volgograd region,...
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Institutional provision of the management of innovative activity and of regional scientific and technological cooperation in the European Union

Aleksei Ivanov, Tatiana Babich, Daria Koneva
The article is devoted to the research of the tendencies typical of the institutional provision of the innovation activity management and the regional scientific and technical cooperation in the European Union. The most typical characteristics of the institutional provision of the innovative activity...
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Modelling the Assessment System of An Enterprise’s Result to Ensure A Region’s Economic Security

Iraida Isayeva, Alexandra Glushсhenko, Yekaterina Kucherova
The elimination of factors which create either direct or indirect possibility of damaging or threatening a region’s economic security is one of the most important directions in providing and maintaining a region’s economic security and sovereignty. Thus, one of the regional policy’s goals is to ensure...
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Infrastructural effects of economic growth: systematic and dynamic approach to assessment as exemplified by Krasnodar Territory

Olga Patrakeeva
The article with due account of pertinent domestic and international experience of similar research presents an adaptive simulation model of Krasnodar Territory, which on the probabilistic basis allows for assessing the contribution of infrastructural update in the change of the gross regional product...
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Influence of information asymmetry on sustainability and changeability of region’s economy

Elena Gushchina, Elena Vitalyeva, Sergey Volkov
A region is an open socio-economic system specified by its interaction with external environment. Regulating such complicated systems is associated with choosing the best management decision from a set of possible variants. Although there are new progressive approaches to revealing and solving the problems...
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Competitive recovery of the small business sector through understanding its role and essence: regional aspects

Vitaliy Burov, Georgiy Bagiev, Zhargal Tumunbayarova
The article considers some problems concerned with efficiency of state regulation and small business (SB) support in Russia taking into account the change of its essence and role, including the issues at the regional level. Currently in Russia and abroad, theoretical insights devoted to SB essence have...
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Sustainable development of regional enterprises based on the neural network profit forecasting model

Nikolai Lomakin, Ekaterina Kharlamova, Alena Polyanskaya
The article focuses on solving the problem of sustainable development of regions based on the application of artificial intelligence (AI). In the condition of transition to digital economy, the use of the innovation vector is of special significance, e.g. the sustainable development of regions based...
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Formation of new approaches to the evaluation of territorial systems’ competitiveness

Sergey Korobov, Viktor Moseiko, Elena Marusinina
This paper proposes a new algorithm of effective (statistically valid) strategic management decisions making towards competitive recovery of the territorial system that can be used by the government agencies and municipalities. Current solution differs from the already existing decision procedures in...
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Resource-and-Factor Approach to Clusters Competitiveness Development in Russia’s Regions

Viktor Moseiko, Sergey Korobov, Ekaterina Novoselceva
The authors of this article provide the main directions of the theory of clusters competitiveness development from the perspective of resource-and-factor analysis methodology. Special attention is paid to the processes of interaction of cluster members both with each other and with the external environment....
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Principles of the system organization of the provision of the sustainability of the economic frame of a region

Olga Chernova, Azamat Tlisov, Inna Mitrofanova
In the article on the basis of the methodology of the system organization of the economy the basic principles of the provision of the sustainability of the economic carcass of the regional economic complex. Their practical realization is based on the interrelated development of the objective, environmental,...
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Benchmarking Study on the Level of Food Security of Southern Russia Regions on the Basis of Innovative Approaches

Galina Timofeeva, Raisa Akmaeva, Aigul Aitpaeva
None of the existing methods of determining food security of a region takes into account the congruence of food chemical structure with enzyme systems of the human organism. At the same time, providing the Russians with high-quality food is one of the main conditions for overcoming the depopulation at...
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Formation and analysis of regional innovation landscape indicators

Yuri Salikov, Natalia Kuzmenko
The problem of proving high growth rate and level of national and regional socioeconomic development determines the necessity for improvement of existing approaches to designing strategic regional planning system. Unfortunately, nowadays there is no clear and targeted system for integrating and coordinating...
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The topology of the federal subjects of Russia by life expectancy of the population using the Kohonen neural network

Petr Bondarenko, Anna Trukhlayeva, Elena Fokina
The authors proposed a method of analysis of the life expectancy of the population of regions of Russia, which is carried out using a Kohonen neural network. By the method of adjusting the input weights of the neural network, the self-organizing maps of Kohonen were chosen. As the determining socio-economic...
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Developing insurance coverage of population in order to improve the financial stability of the regions

Mano Mgeryan, Irina Anikina
This article considers the events to cover not the individual citizens, but the households in order to improve financial stability and increase human wellbeing which meets the development goals of the regions. It is proposed to develop the insurance protection of the population on the basis of the family...
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Socio-economic stabilizing mechanisms for socio- environmental-economic system with low stability level

Elena Petrova, Alla Kalinina, Alexander Voronin
This paper presents the results of developing the mechanism of environmental-economic stabilization of environmental-economic systems (EES) with low stability. In today's post-crisis conditions of the ongoing recession and the effects of economic sanctions Russian regions are faced with serious social,...
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Regional Life Quality Management: Methodological Approaches to its Forecasting using Neural Networks

Elena Petrova
This paper proposes theoretical and methodical approaches to forecasting of quality of life in regions using neural networks. Assessment of quality of life main indices is a subject of study of both federal statistical agencies and several expert organizations. However, an adequate measurement of these...
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Some trends of the Russian sub-federal bond market development in the presence of the global challenges

Yuliya Semernina, Alla Yakunina, Sergey Yakunin
The article demonstrates new trends in the development of the national market of sub-federal bonds as an impact of global factors. In the study, the methods of structural-dynamic analysis and the index of the depth of the sub-federal bond market depreciation proposed by the authors are used. It is shown...
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Development of private subsidiary farming among the population of the Republic of Kalmykia (based on the results of the field research in 2017)

Lyudmila Namrueva
The Republic of Kalmykia is a large agrarian region, specializing in meat cattle breeding. The region actively participates in the implementation of the country's food security programs. The population in personal part-time farms, peasant (farmer) farms increases the livestock population, thereby solving...
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Elements of the "new economy" and innovative development as strategic priorities for strengthening the competitive position of the regions

Olga Michurina, Natalia Dubinina, Elena Barmina
The widespread development of information and communication technologies, the introduction of innovations led to the transition to a new stage of economic development, which was called "new economy". At the highest level, the authorities declared the priority role of the development of the innovation...
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Assessment of the debt burden and the crediting risks of the population of Russia and the Volgograd region

Alla Litvinova, Evgeniy Litvinov, Elena Chernaya, Dmitriy Ovcharov
In the article the role of the assessment of the debt burden of the population as a tool of the risk reduction in the retail crediting is specified. This evaluation will help limit the access to credit resources to the borrowers with a high probability of the non repayment of borrowed money. The situation...
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Foreign Experience of Ensuring the Financial Autonomy of Local Self-Governments

Dmytriy Nekhaichuk, Viktoria Trofimova, Yulia Nekhaychuk
The article considers the issues of financial autonomy of local self-governments in foreign countries. It studies the main patterns of the state budget system organization. The work investigates the principles and the structure of the local budgets formation and the role of tax revenues in this process....
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Measures Development to Improve Expenditure Efficiency of Social Services Public Iinstitutions in Volgograd Oblast

Svetlana Solodova, Natalya Dolidze, Natalya Kulikova
The paper examines the issue of the budget allocation system efficiency. The article presents the project of budget expenditure optimization by establishing the relationship between the size of the allocated target funds and the impact of the results of achieving public services quality. The authors...
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Reducing the Drop of Budget Revenues as a Factor of Sustainable Development of the Region

Natalia Valeryevna Gorshkova, Alexander Dorzdeev, Victoria Ksenda
The formation of all level budgets is provided to a greater extent by tax revenues of which the justified distribution is the effective functioning basis of the budget system. The Russian model of tax revenue distribution has the following features: First is delineation of powers to the taxes collection...
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Cognitive approach to the analysis of innovative and investment potential of the region

Alexey Zaytsev, Maria Vlasova, Petr Mashegov
The article considers different approaches to the analysis and modeling of innovative and investment attractiveness of regions. The authors compared the traditional methods in the form of ranking and positioning of the region based on the aggregation of groups of indicators and the method of constructing...
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Methodological approaches to the assessment of the cluster potential of the economy of a region

Mikhail Guzev, Elena Dubovikova, Natalia Mishura
The paper is devoted to the development of methodological approaches to the identification of regional clusters and to the determination of the cluster potential of a territory. It was proved that the specification of the cluster potential of the economy of a region can be carried out on the basis of...
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An empirical research of regional internal migration in Buryatia Republic based on environmental factors, as well as the information society readiness index factors

Oyuna Bazarova, Galina Burtonova, Irina Belomestnova
In this paper we analyze the specific features of regional migration. For such analysis we chose Buryat Republic. Our empirical research is based on gravity model. To perform econometric estimation we employ panel data estimation techniques. We provide random effect estimation techniques. This procedure...
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Innovative vouchers and strategy of their introduction in the Volgograd region

Marina Ledeneva, Maria Parfenova, Mikhail Guzev
The authors study the essence and the advantages of innovative vouchers and also they analyze the foreign experience of their application. The condition of the innovative entrepreneurship in the Volgograd region and the qualitative assessment of the efficiency of its encouragement are studied. The authors...
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Development of the Intellectual Goods and Services Market as a Basis for Sustainable Development of the Region

Ryasimya Tugusheva
The article presents segmentation of the market of intellectual goods and services. On the basis of statistical data the key segments of this market ??' the market of educational services and the market of innovations are characterized at the regional level. The work analyzes these markets’ problems...
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Use of life quality indicators in assessing the effectiveness of agriculture state regulation instruments

Irina Maksimova, Tamara Polikarpova, Ekaterina Rodionova
The article examines the problem of agriculture economic regulation instruments effectiveness assessment improving. With the help of empirical material, the authors study the shortcomings of existing approaches in assessing the federal and regional target programs effectiveness. In order to improve programs...
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Financial risk-processing in a regional bank

Svetlana Zenchenko, Inessa Penkova, Alexey Zaytsev
The article observes the basic theoretical background of forming the "financial risk-processing" concept. Authors give its definition and identify the key areas of the financial risk-processing practical application to the regional banking system. It is settled the correlation between the risk- processing...
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Impact of gaming algorithms on the behavior of an individual and regional migration flows

Elena Iakovleva, Natalya Seliverstova, Olga Grigoryeva
The paper examines game algorithms of behavior in the context of new form of identity ??" electronic nomadism, through which the modern individual becomes mobile and fluid, thereby enhancing the migration flows. It is shown that migration flows influence the economic development of the regions. From...
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Prospects of forecasting innovative environment of the region on the basis of strategic management and controlling interaction

Irina Guseva, Olga Glebova, Pavel Dalekin
The article deals with the main issues of forecasting in innovative environment of the region. It defines ways of management and controlling interaction when forecasting in the hi-tech environment of the particular region, as well as tasks of these systems at each process step of forecasting. Ways of...
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The level of research and development sector involvement in the implementation of regions' innovative growth

Natalia Fadeykina, Timur Bieiadovskii, Svetlana Malina
The activities of scientific organizations performing research, development and technological work for civil purposes, and interacting with business and other key representatives of the national innovation system, occurring at the regional level, are considered. On the basis of the proposed methodological...
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Reindustrialization as a strategic priority of the competitiveness of macro regions in a globalized business environment

Elena Karlina, Anna Solonenko, Elvira Arslanova
In a globalized business environment the development of national economic systems is characterized by a decrease in the rates of economic growth, due to the reduction in the share of industrial production in GDP, the number of employed and workplaces in industrial production, which is negatively reflected...
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Human resources as a factor in ensuring the security of the Russian Federation economic development

Maria Mizintseva Mizintseva, Anna Sardarian
The article examines human resources in the Russian Federation and identifies main aspects of personnel security. It also reveals the nature and structure of personnel security, describes the role of the human resources evaluation system in the process of ensuring this type of security, presents briefly...
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Development of tourist potential in the regions of the south of Russia

Vladimir Kurchenkov, Olga Fetisova, Yuliya Mikhaylovna Azmina
In the article the authors reveal the features of the regional tourist complex development in modern conditions. They also determine the directions for implementing the potential of the regional tourist services market. The article describes the multiplicative dependence for analyzing the interaction...
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Improvement of the institutional model: Encouragement of innovative activity as a condition of growth of competitive ability in the regional economy

Irina Averina, Marina Buyanova, Elena Khoruzhaya
In the article the competitive positions of the Russian Federation determined by a relatively low level of the innovative activity of the economic actors in comparison with their foreign counterparts were analyzed. The theoretical model of the motivation of the entrepreneurs for the realization of the...
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Indicative planning in the Russian economy: a crisis-prevention instrument

Igor Smagin, Victoria Smagina, Nikolay Strekalov
In the current development of the Russian economy, crisis-prevention instruments are needed. Indicative planning could be a solution to this problem.
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Cluster as a key factor for sustainable development of the region

Elza Mantaeva, Victoria Goldenova, Inna Slobodchikova, Aisa Mantsaeva
This study investigates the opportunities for creating a science and education cluster using the imitation modeling in the period of transition to a sustainable development of the region. As a result, this cluster may benefit the economy of the region and play a key role in fostering the increase of...
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The culture industry of the Russian Federation ??" integrated service centres: regional aspect

Natalya Malshina
Within the framework of the culture industry development of the Russian Federation, it is proposed to create an economic and mathematical model consisting of several elements: classification of cultural services; classification of the market of the culture industry; formation of a set of services for...
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Analytical tools for assessing the information and telecommunications sector of the Russian regions

Elena Fokina, Anna Trukhlyaeva, Viacheslav Shchekochikhin
The analysis of the main vectors of the development of the information and telecommunications sector is objectively conditioned by the results of market transformations, the increasing role of technological and information support of various segments of the economy at the national level. The article...
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System of informational support for the targeted development of the educational space of the region as a tool of the competitiveness growth

Valeriy Poluboyarov, Alla Kalinina
The relevance of use of management system by objects in a higher educational institution is proved. The approaches to the assessment of scientific, research and educational activity in an educational institution are studied. The indices for the assessment of scientific, research and educational activity...
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Forecasting development risks of regional economy

Tatyana Anopchenko, Elena Lazareva, Anton Murzin
The role of planning of target indicators and forecasting of risks of economic stability significantly increases in the conditions of economic independence of regional development. At the present stage, a strategic approach to the formation of the region's economic potential is required. The purpose...
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Formation of benchmark indicators and the integrated evaluation of territories

Elena Aksenova, Aleksei Aksenov, Olga Shevchenko
The development of the economy and the state of the natural environment in the cities are closely interrelated, which necessitates the development of an organizational mechanism for the use of landscapes, based on methods for planning and forecasting the development of territories. In order to rationally,...
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Modern methods of the regional development's sustainability assessment and their approbation ??" the Republic of Tatarstan, for example

Sergey Kirillov, Sergey Nikonorov, Alla Pakina
Elaboration of integrated development indicators, that take into account economic, environmental and social criteria, is one of the topical issues in the theory and practice of the development sustainability’s assessment. The decoupling coefficient, which is widely used in complex sustainability’s studies,...
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Application of dynamic capabilities of the economic system for the purposes of sustainable innovation development

Sergey Knyazev
The author investigates the logical relationships between core competences and dynamic capabilities within the resource approach. In the article the concept of an estimation of dynamic capabilities and their evolution is formulated.
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Mechanism of public control of food products quality in Russia and in the Volgograd region

Elena Loginova, Alla Litvinova, Tatiana Plaksunova
In the article the problems of the control of the food products quality in Russia and in the Volgograd region are studied. The necessity of the development of the mechanism of the public control what will allow increasing the food products quality by means of the completion of the state control mechanism...
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Improvement of procedures for the selection of optimal taxation scheme of agricultural organizations of Krasnodar Territory

Yuri Sigidov, Vadim Bashkatov
This article is devoted to improving the procedure for choosing the optimal taxation scheme. The analysis of the current condition of agricultural organizations in the field of taxation was carried out in the years 2012-2016 for the totality of agricultural organizations of Krasnodar Territory. The structure...
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Economic Space United Accounting System ??" The Conceptual Direction of Regional Economy’s Development

Yuri Sigidov, Sergei Pershin
Contemporary economic relations system needs applying modern tools for regulating and managing economic relations. Numerous researches in the accounting sphere have determined such a conceptual direction as unification of economic entities’ accounting environment in the framework of a region’s united...
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Electronic Money in the National Payment System: regional aspect

Natalia Kunitsyna, Ekaterina Dyudikova
Electronic money is a high-tech segment of money circulation and one of the evolutionary stages of the payment system. The studies of the technological profile of electronic money genesis, which includes eight stages of its evolution, reveal the final formation of the technical-and-technological concept...
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Social Protection of Population as a Condition for Sustainable Competitive Region Development

Leyla Mytareva, Lyubov Grigoryeva
Sustainable competitive region development is impossible without creation of effective mechanisms for social protection of population, since the territory human capital is the goal, instrument, and result of region’s social and economic policy. Taking into account federal policy of Russia, most of powers...
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Models for assessing the impact of interregional interaction effects on the level of the EU countries' financial security

Lidiya Guryanova, Elena Piskun, Stanislav Milevskiy
In the conditions of increasing financial turbulence, permanently recurring crises, the problem of ensuring the macro-regions financial security is of particular importance. One of the directions of improving financial security systems is the development of a model basis for assessing, analyzing and...
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The imperatives of financial policy in the sphere of the digital economy: impacts on increasing investment activity and tax potential of Russian regions

Agnessa Inshakova, Alexander Goncharov, Olesya Kazachenok
The article studies the influence of certain imperative decisions of the Russian financial authorities on the increase of investment activity and tax potential of Russian regions. In particular, the law published in early 2018 by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is being considered....
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Conceptualizing Educational Tourism and the Educational Tourism Potential (evidence from ASEAN countries)

Anastasia Maga, Peter Nicolau
The paper is an attempt to conceptualize the notion of educational tourism, which quite recently has piqued interest of economists as a potentially new, as it happens, old and forgotten, kind of tourism activities. We define educational tourism, delineate its boundaries with other types of tourism and...
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Methodological aspects of the construction of the innovative model of a sustainable development of cities in the imperatives of contemporary policy of the Organization of the United Nations: essence and modernization

Irina Bogomolova, Vitaly Borovik, Lyudmila Mashentsova
The problems of the provision of a sustainable development of cities and inhabited localities at the September Summit of 2015 held by the Organization of the United Nations are categorized as ones of the most important for the nearest years. In the article on the basis of the methodological research...
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Integrated reporting of agricultural business entities as a factor of sustainable development in the Volgograd Region

Victor Melikhov, Yulia Kusmartseva, Tatiana Chekrygina
The article represents the current methodological base and the author's concept for the preparation of integrated reporting of agro-holdings, an analysis of the conformity of public reporting of agribusiness entities was made, a "point of growth" in the development of methodology for implementing block-technology...
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Regulation indicators of sustainable development of the Volga region

Sergey Nikonorov, Sergey Kirillov, Sofya Solovyova
The paper examines the ecological and economic aspects of managing the sustainable development of the Volga regions. A group of developed regions of the Volga region with a diversified economy is singled out, which rely on the manufacturing industry and on the extractive industry, which is reflected...
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Model of the assessment of the implementation of public administration in the regions of Russia

Elena Loginova, Natalia Loseva, Aleksandr Polkovnikov
In the article the characteristics of the assessment of the implementation of the public administration in the Russian region are constructed on the basis of the use of contemporary mathematical methods of the classification and prognostics which based on the method of “cross verification” are studied....
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Comparative characteristics of program methods and spheres of social and economic development of small and medium sized entreprises in the regions of the Ural Federal District

Tatyana Khudyakova, Victor Blaginin, Aleksandra Polyakova
The paper presents a comparative analysis of representation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the state programs of each region of the Ural Federal District based on the state programs being implemented in the regions of the Ural Federal District (UFD), subject to federal orientations of...
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Regional approach to labour costs management as factor of increasing competitive ability and effectiveness of crop growing production

Raisa Shepitko, Tatiana Dugina, Aleksander Nemchenko
It is impossible to increase competitive ability and effectiveness of agricultural industry without scientific grounds to develop indicators of resource intensity as one of the tools to achieve the target goals. The article explains the approaches of developing of enlarged normative of labor costs in...
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Clustering as a way to ensure the competitiveness of Russian regions: comprehension of current state and development prospects

Oleg Inshakov, Elena Inshakova, Svetlana Beloglazova
This article substantiates the necessity of systemic formation of clusters in the regions of the Russian Federation, which promote realization of the innovative potential of regional economic systems and strengthen their competitiveness by achieving the economic and social synergetic effect of developing...
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Evaluating Product Competitiveness of the Regional Dairy Product Subcomplex (using Kirov region as an example)

Tatiana Baibakova, Veronica Epinina, Svetlana Korobova
The article considers the main methods used for evaluating the products competitiveness. Among the considered approaches the authors have chosen the methodology that assumes a comprehensive evaluation of the products competitiveness of the regional dairy product subcomplex using an integral index. The...
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Assessment of the financial efficiency of the educational program implementation, considering the fulfillment of target indicators imposed on average salary and the student/teacher ratio

Sergey Vikharev, Sergey Korolkov, Irina Samokhina
The purpose of the study is to develop methods and algorithms of financial analysis and management of educational process in a university. The paper presents a financial and mathematical model for assessing the profitability of any educational program implemented in the university. The model is based...
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Challenges and perspectives of Volgograd Region place marketing in light of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018?"?

Anna Lavrentyeva, Sergey Kuzmin, Pavel Timachev
The article presents importance of elaborating a host-city long-term development plan is required to reach synergies from the efforts of all concerned and raise solid investments as a result of complex approach to studying impact of large-scale sports events on social and economic development of the...
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System Estimation of Russian Regions' innovational development

Aleksey Simonov, Irina Tarasova, Irina Simonova
The article is devoted to the issues of optimizing and the innovational development managing in Russia’s regions based on the statistical methods and the theory of decision-making. The existing innovation indices were studied and their benefits and drawbacks are given. We offer the methodology of the...
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Innovational clusterization as a principle of sustainable development of a regional economic system

Galina Merzlikina, Ilya Pshenichnikov
The strategic backgrounds of development of innovational clusters as a principle of sustainable development of regional economic systems are created. The interrelation between an increase in efficiency of innovative cluster development and transformation of the regional market environment is revealed....
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Innovative Aspects of a Sustainable Regional Development

Galina Merzlikina, Ekaterina Kuzmina
The article substantiates the need to create a methodology for the formation of a program of sustainable innovative development of the region, including the consistent implementation of the stages of assessing the innovative potential of the region, technology transfer, activation of innovation for regional...
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Analysis of efficiency of regional innovation systems taking into account the financing structure

Anna Firsova, Galina Chernyshova
The problems of current financing of innovations determine the relevance of the research allowing for quantifying and evaluating the performance of regional innovation systems in terms of the structure of innovation financing. The paper presents an approach to analyzing and evaluating the efficiency...
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The regional determinants of developing the net of specially protected natural areas

Galina Starokozheva, Inna Mitrofanova, Yuliya Azmina
The article examines the possibilities of using the networks approach in organizing the regional structure of specially protected natural areas (hereinafter referred to as SPNAs). The authors propose ways for improving traditional ways of identifying and evaluating the most important and valuable areas...
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Tools for Monitoring Energy Efficiency of Municipalities' Housing and Utilities Sector and Budget Sector (the Case of the Volgograd Region)

Lyudmila Bogachkova, Yuliya Zaytseva, Nadezhda Usacheva
The efficiency of using energy resources is a prerequisite for ensuring competitive, sustainable and safe economic development at the federal, regional and subregional levels. Increasing the energy efficiency of the national economy is a priority area of the state economic policy of Russia. However,...
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Analysis on energy and economic sustainability from the perspective of dynamic definition of economic security

Vladimir Vorozhikhin, Vladimir Starovojtov, Igor Tyutyunnik
The article is about the use of the modern definition of economic security, formulated as a result and a process of sustainable development to achieve a better future of the country. The article describes the approach search results for improvement of economic security based on process dynamics. The...
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Innovation potential of regional economy as a basis to build Russia’s national innovation system

Igor Antonenko, Tatiana Sidorovich, Inna Kudryashova
The paper focuses on innovation development of the Russian economy and formation of the national innovation system that ensures effective use of innovation potential and incentives for its growth. To build single innovation environment of the South Federal District aimed at effective innovation potential...
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Public-private partnership as a necessity for sustainable investment development of the region

Vladislav Sutyagin, Yana Radyukova, Elena Kolesnichenko
The sanctions policy of the US and EU countries has escalated the traditional problems of the Russian economy. The main problem of ensuring economic growth is low investment activity, which in recent decades has been solved through the inflow of foreign investment. However, the volume of foreign investment...
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Structural changes of the consumer market of Russia: from post crisis development to the sanctions period

Yuri Treshchevskiy, Sergey Papin, Ekaterina Penina
In the article the tendencies of the development of the consumer market of the Russian regions are studied. The study covers the periods of the economic growth since 2010 till 2013 and the introduction of the economic sanctions and the imposition of the counter-sanctions in 2014-2015. For the research...
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Cluster formation processes in innovative development of Russian regions

Svetlana Soboleva, Alexander Sobolev
The paper is devoted to the study of regional processes of clustering and their attitude to innovative development of Russian regions. The factors that contribute to the effectiveness of these processes are examined. The study was conducted using the example of clusters of the pharmaceutical industry....
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Geometry of transport networks in the region

Vladimir Klyachin, Ekaterina Yakovleva
The article deals with the problem of constructing transport networks, the geometric structure of which contributes to the reduction of freight transportation costs for any pair of "point of departure" / "destination". To this end, the loss (T) loss factor of the transport network T is introduced. This...
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Analysis of the factors of forming customer loyalty: regional aspects

Oksana Golub, Tatiana Timofeeva, Olga Serova
Customer loyalty is one of the criteria which determine the efficiency of a modern company. To develop loyalty programmes, it is necessary not only to investigate the style of consumer preferences, but also to reveal the power of influence of the factors shaping it. The style of consumer preferences...
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Public-Private Partnership in Regional Health Care Modernization: Analysis and Strategic Priorities of its Development

Natalia Kosinova, Sergey Sazonov, Natalia Glazkova
For the further development of the Russian economy in the context of global transformation, various forms of a joint venture between state structures and commercial organizations are of great importance. One of the instruments for such interaction is a public-private partnership (PPP), whose main objective...
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Structural and Rank Analysis as a Method of Regional Economic Sustainability Assessment

Natalia Buletova, Igor Zlochevsky
In accordance with Structural change theory by Fischer-Clark and with the tendency to expand intangible services sector and manufacturing industries in the inter-sectoral structure of the regional economy, this paper presents authors' proposals to improve the method of structural and rank analysis in...
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Toolkit for Monitoring the Region's Tax Security

Liubov Perekhrestova, Elena Starostina, Nickolay Bragin
The article is devoted to the development of a methodological toolkit for monitoring tax security at the level of the Russian Federation constituent entities. The definition of tax security is formulated with reference to the regional level of the economy, besides, structural blocks of tax security monitoring...
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Special Economic Zone IPT "Lotus" as the Tool of Activization for the Region's Innovative Activity

Elena Karlina, Anastasia Kovalenkova, Irina Potapova
Special economic zones of the industrial-production type are created in accordance with the legislation in order to develop the processing and high-tech industries, so it is possible to consider these structures to be the tools for improving innovative activity, as an integral component of modernization...
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Research of influence of electrical power infrastructure on regional development: conceptual model, diagnostics of a state and vectors of transformation

Anton Dyachkov, Nadezhda Surnina, Elena Shishkina
The paper presents a study of the influence the electric power infrastructure exerts on the regional development. The authors suggest a model for assessing the impact of electric power infrastructure on the regional development from a standpoint of insuring the connectivity of the regional economic space....