Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects” (DETP 2020)

Digital Technologies in Mastering Musical Styles of European Culture by Chinese Students

N.G. Kuprina, Yue Guan, Shu Han Wang
Corresponding Author
N.G. Kuprina
Available Online 13 May 2020.
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digital technologies in music education, methods of mastering the semantics of musical style by Chinese students, European musical culture
The article proves that Chinese students’ mastering musical styles of European culture associated with a different musical tradition from the Chinese one is productive when using digital technologies. The semantics of the musical style, which is inextricably linked to the value system of a certain historical period, contains a cognitive, epistemological meaning. The use of digital technologies in the process of teaching Chinese students contributes to revealing this meaning, understanding the content of the structures of European music and the logic of European musical thinking. The purpose of this article is to reveal the most effective methods of mastering musical styles of European culture by Chinese students. The results of the initial diagnostics conducted in a group of second-year students of Tonghua Pedagogical University studying European musical culture through the course included in the curriculum became a guide in the choice of these methods. The following methods were selected and developed in accordance with the capabilities and characteristics of the age of the students. The method of modeling the style context using virtual trips to museums and cities in Europe is aimed at understanding the content of musical intonations by correlating them with similar content in the materials of different arts within a certain era or individual style of the composer. The method of identifying semantic dominants of artistic style, implemented in the independent work of the students with computer audio and video libraries, when creating multimedia presentations, is aimed at building a variety of artistic and stylistic manifestations in the minds of students into a single picture of the world, a style concept. The method of genre-style analysis in practical tasks on the arrangement of musical works using computer programs is aimed at the development of genre marks as meaningful complexes. The method of analyzing the intonation form of a musical work in the process of selecting a video sequence for the sounding music is aimed at understanding the semantic foundations of a musical composition. Methods that combine the perception of music with a variety of practical actions, which are synthesized in multimedia compositions, are aimed at getting the emotional and imaginative content of European music by the Chinese students based on motor, spatial, vocal, visual and tactile sensations. As a result of using these methods in working with the Chinese students, the level of their mastery of musical styles of European culture has significantly increased, which is reflected in the enhancement of their intonation and image bank, the expansion of their ideas about the means of expression in the music of the European tradition, the development of interest and value attitude to European musical culture.
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