Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects” (DETP 2020)

International Scientific Conference «Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects DETP 2020» (April 23-24, 2020, Yekaterinburg, Russia).

This conference was organized by Ural State Pedagogical University (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Institute of Digital Economics (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Institute of International Relations (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Institute of Correctional Pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education (Moscow, Russia) and was held in the Presidential Center B.N. Yeltsin, "Boiling Point", 5th floor. Over 150 participants have joined the discussion. About 65 participants have submitted and presented their paper. It was attended by civil servants, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, researchers, entrepreneurs, government agencies and politicians, scientists and graduate students.

The conference «Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects DETP 2020 is that space within which the exchange of experience of the thematic blocks "Educational Environment" and "Humanities" is carried out.

DETP 2020 received 412 manuscripts. And 159 applications were accepted by our reviewers. By submitting a paper to DETP 2020, the authors agreed to the review process and understand that papers undergo a peer-review process.

Manuscripts would be reviewed by appropriately qualified experts in the field selected by the Conference Committee, who would give detailed comments and-if the submission gets accepted-the authors submitted a revised version that considers this feedback. All papers were reviewed using a double-blind review process: authors declare their names and affiliations in the manuscript for the reviewers to see, but reviewers did not know each other's identities, nor did the authors receive information about who has reviewed their manuscript. The Committees invested great efforts in reviewing the papers submitted to the conference and organizing the sessions to enable the participants to gain maximum benefit.

We would like to express our high appreciation to the organizers, members of the program committees and reviewers of DETP 2020 for their hard work. Without their participation, it would be impossible to hold DETP 2020 successfully and ensure high quality of papers of the conference proceedings. We also would like to express our gratitude to the unbelievable number of authors for contributing their research results to the Conference.

Special thanks go to Atlantis Press. We also hope to meet again in the upcoming conferences.

The Organizing Committees of DETP 2020