2nd Annual International Conference on Energy, Environmental & Sustainable Ecosystem Development (EESED 2016)

This is the proceeding of the 2nd Annual International Conference on Energy, Environmental & Sustainable Ecosystem Development (EESED 2016) that took place in Kunming, Yunnan, China from August 26-28, 2016. EESED 2016 is a multidisciplinary international conference that provided a platform for scientists, engineers and other researchers from all over the world to share their ideas and present solutions to Energy, Environmental & Sustainable Ecosystem Development issues. The proceeding consists of 103 papers in various disciplines related to energy, environment and ecosystem.

Papers 87, 88, 93, 96, and 102 are dedicated to ecological and sustainability issues covering different aspects such as; Sustainable Tourism in China, Wetland Water Quality based on the Ecological Design, Status of Anaerobic Digestion Pretreatment of High Solid Waste.

Papers 2, 4, 12 and 21 have energy in their titles. These include; Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction Policy, Energy Policy and other Policies, High Energy-Consuming Industrial Coordinating Symbiosis Pattern, and Market Competitive Situation of Energy Service Industry, energy consumption of blended cloth unit and wave energy generation system.

Papers 27, 36, 38, 43, 45 and 67 are focused on the environment and environmental issues. These cover aspects such as; Secondary Effluent of Printing and Dyeing Wastewater, Adaptive Filter and Noise Cancellation, Reduce Data Center’s Impact on Environment, Environmental Financial Performance, Analysis and Study on the Petroleum Pollution, Research on Energy Storage Technologies.

The rest of the papers are devoted to the general theme of the conference covering various and mixed aspects of energy, environmental and sustainable ecosystem development.

It is hoped that this conference will be a good reference material to researchers, engineers, academics and practitioners in various disciplines including construction, environment, ecology and sustainability.

The Editor
Jamal Khatib, Professor of Civil Engineering
University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom