Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Economic Management and Social Science

Discussion on Ankang Shadow Play Art

Xu Hongming
Corresponding Author
Xu Hongming
Available Online November 2014.
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Shadow play, Ankang shadow play, Shaannan Daoqing
Shadow play is an artistic expression with a long history in China and its origin and development have experienced a long time. Ankang Shadow Play is also called “Taiping play”, “galanty show” and “shadow puppet” and its performance and size reduce with the decrease of performance needs. In addition to the above-mentioned basic structure and form, the composition and performance method of Ankang shadow play groups have different features and representatives in different counties. With Hanchu opera as the singing form, the unique performance technique of Hanyin Shadow Play is an independent school in China’s shadow play troupes, which is typical and representative. There are many shadow play clubs in North District of Xunyang County, with frequent activities, represented by Fengshu Club and Xigouhe Club, who are famous in the local place and attach great importance to the plot expression and characterization as well as the combination of drama content and performance form. It is hoped that the emphasis on culture and art can completely preserve and save the shadow play and its related artistic form and language in the future development even if its original position cannot be regained.
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