Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration Conference (EROPA 2018)

Welcome to the 2018 Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration Conference (EROPA 2018). The conference is an annual agenda of EROPA, an association of state institutions, scholars, and practitioners of public administration in Asia and the Pacific region. The 2018 EROPA Conference was held in Bali, Indonesia. The conference raises the main theme of “Public Administration in Managing Global Megatrends: People, Public Services, Institutions, and Ethics”. The conference was organized by the National Institute of Public Administration (Lembaga Administrasi Negara) of the Republic of Indonesia.

In discussing the way global megatrends influence and/or are influenced by public administration, the conference was split into four sub-themes as following:

1. People: New Approaches in Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
2. Public Services: Challenges and Strategies for Delivering Better Public Services
3. Institutions: Refining Governance Institutions for the Future
4.Ethics: Redefining Public Service Ethics.

While there were 55 papers presented in the conference, some are already published in journals including EROPA’s Asian Review of Public Administration (ARPA). Thus, the conference not only has become a means of gathering scholars, professionals, and policy makers in public administration to collaborate to improve public administration in the region, but also has facilitated knowledge creation and sharing in the public administration discourse.

The Organizing Committee of EROPA 2018