Proceedings of the 3rd Global Conference On Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship (GCBME 2018)

The GCBME proceedings aims to promote the quality and methodical reach of GCBME, which is intended as a high-quality scientific contribution to the science of business management and entrepreneurship.

The Contributions are expected to be the main reference articles on the topic of each book. It will be strictly peered reviewed by experts in the fields. This book provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and implementation experiences, to establish business or research connection book and to find Global Partners for future collaboration. This book is expected to be held annually and years of 2019, we take the theme of: “Creating Innovative and Sustainable Value-added Businesses in the Disruption Era" GCBME ultimately goals to provide a medium forum for educators, researchers, scholars, managers, graduate students and professional business person from the diverse cultural backgrounds to present and discuss their researches, knowledge and innovation within the fields of business, management and entrepreneurship. I hope the readers can find the sustainability of the usefulness of this book, in developing business analysis and implementation.

The GCBME, covers up major thematic groups yet opens to other relevant topics: Organizational Behavior, Innovation, Marketing Management, Financial Management and Accounting, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Green Business.

I hope the readers will find the usefulness of this book in understanding the development of the analysis and application of business management and entrepreneurship for decision support.

With warmest regards,
Prof. Dr. Ratih Hurriyati, MP