Proceedings of the 3rd Global Conference On Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship (GCBME 2018)

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Factors Influencing Online Purchase Intention: The Mediating Role of Customer Trust (a Study Among University Students in Jakarta)

Agus Rahayu, M. Saparudin, R. Hurriyati
The growth of e-commerce market in Indonesia rises rapidly. With the number of internet users reaching 143.26 million people or about 54.68 % of the total population in Indonesia in 2017, it becomes potential mar-ket for the future. Because of these significant numbers of users, it is important to understand...
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Customer’s Emotional Bond Effects of Customer Loyalty on Cross Industry

Agus, Rahayu, A.K.H Jaelani, M. Arief
Nowadays, the rapid development of business world makes the competitions more increasing and challenging for each competitive company in running the business activities. Emotional bonds strategy which is done by PT. Bank Negara Indonesia, Tbk is development strategy by combining two or more goods or...
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How Ethno Marketing Can Determine Consumer Decision to Use Branchless Banking Services

Agus Rahayu, A.S. Apriliyani, Disman Disman, L.A. Wibowo, S. Sasongko
Branchless Banking in Indonesia is examined as “an office-less financial services in the context of inclusive finance”. This program aims to provide simple, easy-to-understand financial products and in line with the needs of people who have not yet reached financial services. The target is the citizens...
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When the Ecofeminists Decide Product to Use: A Simple Analysis on Cloth Diapers Users

M.A. Sultan, R. Hurriyati, V. Aprianti
Ecofeminist generation is closely related to ecology crisis which is caused by modernization and industrial civ-ilization. Women who concern towards environment are striving in their daily life to keep earth save and a comfort place to be lived. It will be very interesting to analyze how their behavior...
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Food Blogger Review on Instagram as an Alternative for Helping Consumer Purchase Decision

G.T Puspita, H. Hendrayati
For those who love cuisine, they certainly will be familiar to the existence of food bloggers. Food Blogger as social media marketing especially in Instagram, used to provide reviews about culinary products. The existence of food bloggers is believed to help consumers to choose which place that suits...
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Marketing Communication and Its Impact on Purchase Willingness and Unwillingness: A Case of a Boycotted Bread Brand

U. Suhud
The Muslim consumers in Indonesia who involved in several political street protests, boycotted a bread brand as the producer of this bread refused to be associated with their activities. This study aims to examine the impact of animosity on boycott participation, boycott motivation, attitude towards...
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The Influence of Promotion Mix on Consumer Buying Decision: A Case Study of Bestari Brands-Dodol Garut Producer

I.T.P Sari, T. Hermina, W. Susilawati
In coping a tight competition, many companies apply promotion mix as the chosen marketing strategy in order to be able to control the market share and to compete with other companies with similar products. The aim of the study was to evaluate the influence of promotion mix on consumer buying decision....
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Electronic Word of Mouth and Purchase Intention on Traveloka

S.A Zahratu, R. Hurriyati
Traveling recently became a trend in several countries including Indonesia. The Present of e-commerce in travel industry such as online travel agency (OTA) both local and global have been affecting in communities behavioral and purchasing patterns. Most of Indonesian now tends to use booking online to...
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The Role of Attitude Toward Marketing and Marketing Practice on Marketing Performance: A Theoretical Framework Development for SMEs

A.S. Indrapriyatna, V. Darlis, V. Verinita, Y.H. Yeni
Entrepreneurial marketing is known as implementation marketing in Small Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). Many scholars investigated the entrepreneurial marketing issue in various contexts and environments. Previous studies found an inadequate marketing practice in SMEs. Then the research results concluded...
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Viral Marketing and E-Word of Mouth Communication in Social Media Marketing

H. Hendrayati, P. Pamungkas
Social media users in Indonesia are increasing by the speed of internet in Indonesia. Business stakeholders use this as one of the things covered. Opportunities to get potential target become one of the reasons of appear social media advertising concepts. As a new alternative to media promotion, social...
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The Influence of Wonderful Indonesia’s Brand Toward the Foreign Tourist Decision to Indonesia

B. Maulana, F. Rahmafitria, R. Rosita
Wonderful Indonesia Brand was made to influence the decision of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. This study aims to determine the effect of Wonderful Indonesia Brand on the decision of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. To identify the perception of foreign tourists about Wonderful Indonesia Brand,...
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How the Internet Affects the Current Tourism Marketing Theory and Practice

A.D.L. Goeltom, L.A. Wibowo, Ratih Hurriyati, V. Gaffar
Concerning with 21st century, there are a lot of changes in the world, the change in many aspect of life like economic, politic, technology and culture. [1] stated that “Technology will increase”. In this new era of 22st century, it is the momentum of the global change called Megatrend. [1] define the...
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Strengthening Brand Equity of Local Food to Be a National Brand Class

J. Joko, R. Hurriyati
Strategic Plan of Tourism Ministry period 2015–2019 sets the traditional culinary development as one element of tourists attraction. The policy encourages all regions in Indonesia in competing to explore the attractiveness, advantages, and selling value of their region unique traditional culinary either...
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Influence of Value, Knowledge, and Consumer Attitude of Consumer Willingness to Pay More

L.P.V.I. Perdanawati, A.M. Adiandri, N.N. Sudiyani
The purpose of this study was to determine the ef-fect of value, knowledge, and attitude of consumers towards consumers’ willingness to pay more for the product for green consumerism. The participants involved in the study were 50 consumers who buy products in The Body Shop Bali. The study found that...
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Ciletuh Geopark: Toward the Tourism Industry

M.B. Santoso, N.C. Apsari, S.T. Raharjo
A Geopark consist of geological, biological and cultural varieties thus it is unavoidable becoming tourist attraction which opens the possibility for the local community to offer various kinds of ser-vices and goods needed to support the tourist in-dustry. This will improve the welfare of the local community....
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Application of Customer Behavior in Using Fintech as Business Media Based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology Model

Agus Mulyana, Disman Disman, Lili Wibowo, Ratih Hurriyati
This study aims to examine how customer behavior is adopted as a business media by using the UTAUT model developed by Venkatesh. This model illustrates the factors that influence one’s acceptance of information technology. There are four constructs / variables, which are significant direct determinants...
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Integrated Marketing Communication on Voter Behavior in Political Campaign: A Study of Regional Head Election in Indonesia

M. Gunarto, R. Hurriyati
The political changes in Indonesia that the community has many options and can provide voice or their right to vote in a political party or candidate, so that the voters have high bargaining power in the Regional Head Election. In an attempt to win the election takes no small cost, although the cost...
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New Public Management Model as Rule Application of Performance-Based budget (ABK) (Empirical Study at SKPD of Sigi Regency)

R. Syafitri, S. Sudirman, S. Sugianto
This study aims to develop a model of New Public Management (NPM) Against Performance-Based Budget-ing Performance (ABK). Specific target of this research, is formed a model of New Public Management which can improve performance of local government apparatus especially in Sigi Regency. In the long run,...
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The Impact of Capital Structure on Profitability in the Telecommunication Industry Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange

I Wayan Sima Wiyasa, Abdul Basyith
The purpose of this study is to find the effect of capital structure on profitability in the telecommunication industry company at Indonesian Stock Exchange. Variables that are used to measure the capital structure are Debt to Asset Ratio (DAR), Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) and Long-term Debt Equity Ratio...
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CEO Gender and Firm Debt Policy: An Empirical Study in Indonesia

R. Setiawan, D.R. Navianti
This research was aimed to investigate the influence of female director and female commissioner in the firm structure capital of nonfinancial companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) from 2010-2014 with 372 observations. A structure capital of the firms was measured by the leverage ratio that...
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Corporate Social Responsibility, Size and Tax Aggressiveness: An Empirical Analysis

R. A. H. Rahmat, M. Kustiawan
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and taxes have the same roles and functions for social welfare, but large companies in Indonesia often use CSR to reduce taxes. This study examines the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR), firm size and corporate tax aggressiveness. Researchers...
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The Effect of Macroeconomic Indicators and the Addition of Tax Payers Against Tax Receipts in Indonesia

I.G.S. Putra, M. Kustiawan, D. Sari
The national economy during a period of ups and downs as a result of changes in the economic environment that is changing dynamically. Rise and fall of economic growth in the aggregate at least describe how much output can be achieved within a certain period of development. The role of taxes as well...
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Determinants of Bank Business Risk According to Risk Based Approach

K. Haryakusuma
Banks have important role on the economy of Indonesia. With a fully regulated principle, Banking Sectors in Indonesia concern to keep in a good performance according to Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 13 / 1 / PBI / 2011 which emphasize on risk-based approach. Therefore, this paper aims to examine the...
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Microfinance Institutions and MSMEs Performance in the Framework of Poverty Alleviation

L. Layyinaturrobaniyah, M. Anwar, S.R. Nidar, Y.R. Nababan
Microcredit is one of the microfinance services of Microfinance Institutions, which is believed to be an effective tool to alleviate poverty through the use of loans by establishing micro, small and medium enterprises. With the existing effort, people are expected to earn income so that they can meet...
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Testing Theory of Dividend Policy: Evidence in the Real Estate Sector in Indonesia

I. Purnamasari, N. Nugraha
The aim of this research is to test the irrelevant theory and relevant theories of the dividend policy. This research is conducted on real estate sector from period 2012–2015 to get 168 observation data. Variable of research include independent variable that is financial performance of company which...
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The Effect of Net Return on Investment Income in Jamkrida Jabar’s Company

S. Sugiyanto, M. Kustiawan
This research aimed to determine how much of the influence ROI (return on investment) to net income at PT Jamkrida Jabar. The research method used is descriptive method with quantitative approach. The technique used are the data collection observations, interviews, and literature study. The analysis...
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Z-Score or S-Score Model is Better to Predict Financial Distress?: Test in State-Owned Enterprise Listed in IDX

B.I. Tristanti, R. Hendrawan
this research investigated four stated-owned entreprise that have negative profit in 2016 and we investigated from 2012 to 2016 using Altman Z-Score and Springate S- Score. The probability of bankcruptcy for all company, several step are conducted in this research, the first stage of the calculation...
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Collaboration System and Digital Business Efficiency in the Accounting Information System Perspective (Case Study

A.A.G.S. Utam, Y. Setyowati
This study aims to design a new digital commerce system by involving UMKM through e-commerce platform in perspective of accounting information system. The point of view of accounting information systems through e-commerce is growing rapidly and provides many new chal­lenges. One of...
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The Effect of Independent Commissioner, Leverage, Return on Equity to Voluntary Disclosures with Mandatory Disclosures as Moderating Variable

Fitriasuri, Didik Susetyo, Inten Mutia, Luluk Fuadah
This study was conducted to determine the effect of independent commissioner, leverage and return on equity on voluntary disclosure with mandatory disclosure variable as the moderating variable. The population is a manufacturing company incorporated in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. By using quantitative...
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Test of FCFE Model and Dividend Discount Model in Book 4 Banking Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

R. Hendrawan, T.Z. Rahayu
The banking industry is one of the industries that shares in great demand by the people who will invest in the capital market. Not only interested by local investors but also even banking industry stocks are in great demand from foreign investors. The purpose of this research is to know the fair price...
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Influence of Microcredit and Business Management Training to Micro and Small Business Performance in West Java, Indonesia

F.D. Trisnasih, L. Layyinaturrobaniyah, A. M. Siregar
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of national economy. However, there are still many problems faced by SMEs among other are the availability of capital, the difficulties to access finan-cial institution as a lender, low understanding in business management, limited market...
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The Effect of Psychological Factors on Entrepreneurial Intention

K. Kurjono, H. Mulyani, Y. Murtadlo
The low intention of student entrepreneurship has an impact on unemployment. Assessing the intention of entrepreneurship is important because students when graduated are required to create jobs. Lecturers must be able to analyze and review psychological aspects because it will increase entrepreneurial...
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Small Industry Resolution Growth Through the Readiness for Using Android Technology in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

A. Eliyana, M. Mashud, A.R. Sridadi, R.J. Sunarsono, E.S. Pradikta
Industrial Revolution 4.0 as the stage of technology influences many sectors include financial sectors like small medium enterprises. This study aims to discuss some significant SMEs’ variables and explore the readiness of small industry sellers to the new way of marketing such as the use of android...
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Knowledge Creation and Innovative Behavior in Industry 4.0

Y. Setiawan, T. Yuniarsih
The lack of innovative employee behavior that is described by the phenomenon of decreasing and increasing performance of PT Perkebunan Nusantara VIII is a problem in company organization. If this problem is not addressed immediately, it will have an impact on the achievement of corporate management objectives,...
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High Impact Entrepreneurs: Do not Measure the Size but the Influence

I.S. Darmo, H. Mulyadi
Industrial revolution 4.0 gives an extraordinary impact on the rise of widespread digitalization of influence in modern entrepreneurship. This study held to find out the magnitude of business impact analyze (BIA) of the innovation and the new business model and initiated by business startup; especially...
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Feasibility Analysis of Small and Medium Enterprises of Shoes and Slippers in Bogor

O.V.B. Nainggolan
A feasibility analysis of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) of Shoes and Slippers in Bogor was held to get the depicture of the magnitude of investment and the costs spend for building the effort that gained by SME of Shoes and Slippers Entrepreneurs. The feasibility analysis including financial feasibility...
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The Intervening Effect of Market Orientation on Entrepreneurial Orientation, Operations Strategy, and Business Performance

F. Wurjaningrum, B. Hartami
The objective of this study was to examine the influence of entrepreneurial orientation and operations strategy towards business performance through intermediaries which market orientation as an intervening variable or not. This study used a quantitative approach which focused on proving the hypothesis...
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Intention to Halal Certification: Challenges in Increasing the Value Added of the Culinary SMEs

Dina Mellita, Trisninawati, Romi Apriyadi
Halal certificate is a tool for SMEs to increase the added value of products produced. By carrying out halal certificates, the product owned can be guaranteed halal status so as to provide peace for consumers, especially Muslim consumers. In addition, with halal certificates, SMEs are challenged to implement...
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Analysis of Link and Match Policies in Improving Work Readiness of Vocational Student in West Java

Agus Rahayu, L.A. Wibowo, S. Sulastri
This study aims to analyze the link and match policy issued by the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia number 03 / M-IND / PER / 1/2017 concerning Guidelines for Development and Competency-based Vocational High Schools that do link and match in the industry in order to improve vocational...
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Conserving Environment Through Local Wisdom of Organic Vegetable Crops in West Java Indonesia

O.I.B. Hariyanto
Until today, vegetable farmers still use inorganic fertilizer to fertilize the soil and chemical pesticide to eradicate pests. It is assumed to be quite practical and effective use inorganic fertilizer and chemical pesticide, are the most powerful to increase vegetables quantity. Without calculating...
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The Design of Work Facilities at the Work Station of Pressing T-shirt in CV Royaltrack Bandung

R.F. Ansharullah, F.A. Saputra, E. Achiraeniwati, N. As’ad, C. Furqon
In a manufacturing industry, the quality of product is a main priority to get the best quality products, therefore properly the right selection of materials and a highly skilled workforce must be done. In the process, a highly skilled workforce must be accompanied by an ergonomic work facilities, so...
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The Role of Supply Chain Management in the System of Kintamani Coffee Production in District Bangli, Bali

I.M. Kartika, I.M.A. Suwandana, L.P.V Indah
The aims of this research to determine the best supply chain model of Kintamani Coffee were analyzed qualitatively. The sources of data taken from; observation field documentation and interview with farmers, relevant agencies from the Office of Plantation and Agriculture, Trade Office, as well as private...
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The Influence of Knowledge Sharing on Academic Performance

T. Yuniarsih, K. Kusnendi, L.A. Wibowo
This research aims to understand the effect of knowledge sharing on academic performance. Two processes of knowledge sharing are distinguished: donating and collecting. This research is intended to contribute to academic institutions in improving academic performance. The sample in this study amounted...
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Linking Distributive Justice and Procedural Justice to Employee Engagement Through Psychological Contract Fulfillment (a Field Study in Karmand Mitra Company Andalan, Surabaya)

R.R. Mentari, D. Ratmawati
As an important role in human resources, employee engagement becomes a competitive advantage factor in the company. The challenge that companies are struggling to survive in today’s industry is how to increase engagement behavior through social exchange relation, one of which is the practice of justice....
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The Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance: A Case Study of Property, Real Estate and Building Construction’s Listed Firm in the Indonesian Stock Exchange

Agus Pradita, Fitriya Fauzi
This study aims to analyze the effect of corporate governance on firm performance in the Property, Real Estate, and Building Construction sectors in the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the 2015-2018 period. The research variables used were commissioners, independent commissioners, directors, women directors,...
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Stakeholders Perception on Mandated CSR Laws in Indonesia

Rabin Ibnu Zainal
Indonesia has been known as one of the first country having CSR mandatory regulatory approach. This paper tries to examine the perception of the companies and the local community members on the implementation of this CSR law. The paper firstly identifies what has been mandated by CSR law in Indonesia,...
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Determinants of Environmental Disclosure in Indonesia

Verawaty, Citra Indah Merina, Ade Kemala Jaya, Yuni Widianingsih
Environmental disclosure is the disclosure of information relating to the environment in the company’s annual report. This disclosure aim is as a medium among companies, communities and investors that can be used as economic, social and political decision making. Industry type, company size, profitability,...
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The Effect of Job Characteristics to Employee’s Performance: A Case Study on Employees at Interior Industry

S.H. Senen, M. Masharyono, N. Edisa
Every organization is trying to achieve their goals. Factors to improve the development and progress of the company cannot be separated from the role of human resources that move the organization within the company. Employee performance is still an important problem in manufacturing companies, especially...
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Effect of Talent Management and Organizational Culture on the Performance of Employees (Study on Employee Brantas Abipraya Company, Jakarta)

U. Srihandayani, K. Kusnendi
Talent management is a complex procedure for the organization but organization needs talented employees to maximize reviews their organizational performances. Talent management involves positioning the right people in the right jobs. This ensures that the employees maximize Reviews their talent for optimal...
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The Effect of Employee Retention Company to Turnover Intention Employee—Case Study on Head Office Lampung Bank

P. Wulansari, B. Meilita, Y. Ganesan
Achieving company performance will never be separated from the participation of employees. The performance would be good, if employees could survive and there is no significant turnover. Because turnover will cause the losing knowledge and culture that has been made along with the departure of the employee...
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Entrepreneur Transformational Leadership for SME’s Business Sustainability

A. Sulaeman, E.T. Sule, H. Hilmiana, M.F. Cahyandito
The soybean-based industry in West Java had proven as business that can survive in the long term with highly increasing demand. But, at present the number of business unit is declining and entrepreneurs are constrained by internal and external factors that will ultimately threaten their business sustainability....
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The Effect of Social Capital and Human Capital on Performance Effectiveness of National Zakat Institutions in Indonesia, Surabaya, Headquarters Experiences

I. Qurratu’ain, E.F. Cahyono, L.N. Rani, S.A. Rusmita
The present article aims to find out the influence of social capital and human capital on performance effectiveness of Amil Zakat National Institutions in Surabaya. The method used in this research is quantitative multiple linear regression, and the data was taken from the questionnaires. This research...
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The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Employees Performance with Communication Satisfaction Mediation (Case Study of Frontliner Employees of PT Bank Muamalat, TBK Surabaya)

N.K. Wardani, A. Eliyana
This research purpose is to find out the influence of transformational leadership to employee’s performance with mediation communication satisfaction on front liner employees of PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk at Surabaya.The respondent for this research is determined as 27 front liner employees at office...
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The Moderating Effects of Organizational Support on the Relationship Between Mentoring Behavior and Innovative Work Behavior

N. Kartika
Innovative behavior as complex behavior consist of activities pertaining to both the introduction of new ideas (either by oneself or adopted from others) and the realization or implementation of new ideas. This study is aimed to get more understanding issue associated with adjustment’s perspective. This...
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Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Teacher, Case Study of School X

O. Sandjaja, K.J Wardhani
This research objective is understanding forms of organizational citizenship behavior found on teachers in religion based private schools. Organizational citizenship behavior or OCB, is an individual behav­ior that is discretionary not directly or explicitly recognized by the formal reward system, and...
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The Mediation Effect of Organizational Commitment in the Relation of Organization Culture and Employee Performance

A. Adam, T. Yuniarsih, E. Ahman, K. Kusnendi
The present study investigate the relation of organization culture and employee performance and the mediation role of organizational commitment. The research conducted in a local public company who served clean water to the society. Non-probability sampling method with accidental sampling technique was...
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Effect of Training and Empowerment in Improving Job Satisfaction

B.L. Nuryanti, W. D. Putri, Masharyono
Job satisfaction is still an important concern that is examined at all times, because job satisfaction is important for organizational effectiveness. Job satisfaction greatly affects the service to customers, because the service industry, especially banks that have a high level of intensity to compete...
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The Improvement Effort for Safety Awareness Through Integrated Safety Management

A. Rosita, L.A. Wibowo, A. Rahayu
The aim of this study is to find company suitable business process modeling by combining between the company’s business processes need with SMS needs evaluate sub-system entities of the safety management system that enable to be integrated including safety support devices, Measure the ratio of individual...
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The Impact of Environmental Turbulence and Dynamic Capabilities Toward Business Unit Performance (Case Study at Communication Organization Industries)

S.K. Ermaya, L.A. Wibowo
Superior business performance is determined by the ability of business units to create competitive advantage. However, the rapid development of technology and market make uncertain condition on business environment. This condition is known as environmental turbulence. This research aims to investigate...
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The Effects of Leadership, Motivation, and Organizational Culture Toward Employees and Lecturers’ Performance in the University of Bina Darma Palembang

Sunda Ariana, Dina Mellita, Ade Kemala Jaya
This study aims to investigate the effects of leadership, motivation, and organizational culture toward employees and lecturers’ performance in the University of Bina Darma Palembang. The population of the study is all the employees and lecturers of the University of Bina Darma Palembang with the total...