Proceedings of the International Conference On Law, Economic & Good Governance (IC-LAW 2023)

Welcome to the International Conference On Law, Economic & Good Governance (IC-LAW 2023). During the last decades of 20th century, the needs for a good governance has given some impacts and became a recurring theme in literature related to human development. The intervention of government or the quality of government become crucially important in relation to the high achievement of human development. Whereas an effort in improving society’s welfare is through economic development. One of dominant aspects in economic development is through legal development. Good law or policy in such country will have some impacts to the existence of good economic growth because supremacy of law is one aspect of a good governance. Law supremacy is an important institution which is related to economic growth because rule of law ensures personal safety, property rights, unbiased contract enforcement, stability of politics, freedom of speech and control of corruption. According to those various issues and debates on economic, legal development and good governance, then the Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Law Sebelas Maret University needs to hold an international conference as a place in exchanging some academic ideas in order to contributes to those legal issues with a theme, “INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LAW, ECONOMICS, AND GOOD GOVERNANCE”.

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