Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Arts and Arts Education (ICAAE 2020)

In the writing of Mary Ann Stankiewicz (2000) entitled Discipline and the Future of Art Education, it is explained that there are 3 components of the process of education, namely: Students, Subjects and Society. However, we often forget the context of society, art education learning often focuses on the interaction of material delivery between student teachers in the classroom. While society has changed to a hyper-reality - postmodern society, there is no contextual between the world of education and the postmodern, post-truth society. The world of art education is confined to formats that are still strong on instrumental rational thinking. Meanwhile Yamamoto, Kubo and Kitagawa (2003) have developed the concept of freedom in Art education independently without strict western rules. So the concept of "Free Learning" which was proclaimed by the Minister of Education Nadiem Makarim is very appropriate for the current era and the era of postmodern society with all its philosophies.

Education is actually not a dichotomy of separation from society, education must be related to each other and work hand in hand to create an increasingly advanced human culture, however, the education system which prioritizes methods of how to transfer knowledge in the classroom neglects the social conditions of society outside the classroom. The era of society that has changed in the system of cultural knowledge, technology, the ease of various information has escaped the attention of the world of education contextually with the conditions of the community.