Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

RA-GSMC Design for a SISO Servo-system with Nonlinear Uncertainty

Xiu Juan Sun, Chuan Jiang Wang
Corresponding author
Xiu Juan Sun
Nonlinearity, Sliding mode control, Servo-system
Considering the parameter uncertainties, model inaccuracies and external disturbances in the servo-system, it is difficult to achieve an ideal performance of the conventional sliding mode controller (SMC), so we designed a robust adaptive global sliding mode controller (RA-GSMC) by constructing a global sliding mode function and an adaptive law, which can enable the system to reach the sliding mode surface at the very beginning and move along the surface until the end. Moreover, the adaptive law estimates the system lump uncertainty so as to amend the control law output, which enables the perfect control of the system. Simulation demonstrates the validity of the control scheme.
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