Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Research on Design Method of Structure Parameters of Parallel Robot Driven by Double Sliders Linear Motor

Qingge Kang, Ziqiang Zhang, Rundian Li, Yongjie Zhao
Corresponding author
Qingge Kang
Parallel robots, Workspace, Structure parameters, Design method
The research actuality and development of parallel manipulators are talked over in this paper. A parallel robot driven by double sliders linear motor has been presented. The kinematics and singularities of the 2 degrees of freedom (DoFs) parallel mechanism of the robot are analyzed. On the basis of that, a new kind of parameters design method based on singularity, workspace and extreme position angle of the mechanism is presented. And the relationships between the structure parameters and the size of reachable workspace, as well as the area of effective workspace based on the method are discussed. The results will provide theoretical basis for application and structure parameters design of the robot.
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