Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Effect of coal moisture on denitration efficiency and boiler economy

Y.J. Liao, Q.S. Xu, S. Ji, H. Zhao
Corresponding author
Y.J. Liao
Moisture content of coal; Gas inlet temperature at SCR system; Thermal calculation; Denitrification efficiency; Cost
Taking a coal-fired unit as the research object, the denitrification efficiency and cost of SCR system are analyzed under burning-coal with different moisture. Though thermal calculation, the gas inlet temperature at SCR system was calculated, then the denitrification efficiency was gotten from the graph of denitrification efficiency and SCR system inlet temperature. Then the costs of the coal and SCR system operation were estimated . The results showed that as the coal with 35% moisture dropped to 15% moisture, the gas inlet temperature of SCR system deceased about 10 C,denitrification efficiency increased to 67.4% from 54.3% and the cost of coal and SCR system operation dropped more than 24 million a year.
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