Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Design and Test of a PZT Wind Generator Excited by Rotary Magnet

M.J. Yan, S.Y. Wang, C.T. Fan, W.J. Wu, J.W. Kan
Corresponding author
M.J. Yan
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PZT; Wind; Energy generation; Rotating excitation
To meet the demands of rotating machine monitoring system for self-power, a novel PZT wind generator (PWG) was presented. The influence of magnetic force (number and configuration of the magnets) and wind speed on energy generation of the PWG was investigated experimentally. The research results show that there are several optimal wind speeds for the PWG to achieve peak voltages at speed range of 3 to 13m/s. The optimal wind speed value decreases, and the output voltage rising with the number of rotating magnets increasing under given number of magnets fixed on PZT. The optimal wind speed decreases and the relative voltage rises with the number of magnets fixed on PZT increasing under the given number of rotating mag-nets. Besides, when wind speed, number and configuration of the magnets meet an appropriate matching, the generating capacity can be improved obviously.
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