Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Influence of diameter of quartz raw material on the quality of fused quartz product

W.H. Zhou, S.G. Zhu, X.Z. Liu, H.L. Zhang, Z. Zhao
Corresponding author
W.H. Zhou
quartz, diameter, fusion, purity
The traditional quartz processing industry is characterized by high energy consumption and low purity of product. To save energy and purify the product by a new type of furnace, it is necessary to find the best diameter range of raw material sent in. In order to study the influence of the diameter of quartz raw material on the purity of product, this paper compares 3 kinds of diameter range of quartz which are 0.3-0.45mm, 5-7mm and 10-30mm by heating and melting the raw material and observing the product. Finally, a conclusion that the highest purity of product will be reached when the diameter is between 5-7mm is drawn.
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