Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Advances in Education Technology

Angklung Inspired Engineering Design Course

Estiyanti Ekawati, Eko Mursito Budi, Ardhana Putra, Manik Mahachandra, Augie Widyotriatmo
Corresponding author
Engineering education, angklung, local content
Angklung is a traditional musical instrument of Indonesia that has been existed since the Hindu era. The whole parts of this instrument is made from bamboo and tied by rattan cord. For centuries, artisans have perfecting the craftsmanship of angklung based on inherited wisdom. Since 1968, angklung has been regarded as an official instrument for music education in Indonesia. More than 45 years later, ITB initiated a course of “Introduction to Engineering Design” for the first year students. Angklung production was chosen as one challenge to convey various aspects of engineering design, such as comprehension of science principles, capability to design and to manufacture and sensitivity to societal contexts. This paper presents how the challenge reveals multidisciplinary science and engineering concepts including acoustics, instrumentation, and decision-making. The stages of course planning, implementation, and evaluations were thoroughly analyzed leading to the recommendation of improvement at achieving the students’ outcomes at the next academic year
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