Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Advances in Education Technology

Improving Young Leaners’ English Listening Skill through the Use of Audio Slide Show on

Corresponding author
Keywords, audio slide show, listening skill, young learners
Young learners as future leaders need to master English as an international language. The development of technology also needs to be mastered. In addition, the first skill that has to be mastered for learning language is listening. A website called provides some interesting audio slide shows for helping learners improving their listening skill. This paper aimed to find out the possibility of using audio slide show on and its impacts for improving young learners’ listening skill and also describe its strengths and weaknesses. By conducting this, we find out that this site provide authentic materials by interactive and attractive media. In addition, the material is easy and free to be downloaded and provides level for learners to get materials they need. At the end of the learning process, there are some quizzes that may be used to measure learners’ understanding of the materials. This website can also be accessed anytime and anywhere with the student-centered approach in materials. However, by using this kind of method, sometimes the internet connection is not easy to be gotten; blackout or low battery may also block this kind of learning method. As a suggestion, the website developers of may give more various authentic materials for enriching learners’ knowledge of English and the speaker in the video may produce louder voice to make it easier to be heard.
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