Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Advances in Education Technology

Designing of Guided Discovery Learning on a Paramagnetic Heat Engine as an Enrichment Material

Dinar Maftukh Fajar, Siti Nurul Khotimah, Kuwat Triyana, Khairurrijal
Corresponding author
Carnot cycle, enrichment material, guided discovery learning, paramagnetic heat engine
A heat engine that works under the Carnot cycle can be created by employing a paramagnetic material. The topic of paramagnetic heat engine is not included in the Indonesian senior high school physics curriculum. However, it can be categorized as an enrichment material of physics since it describes a broad application of the Carnot cycle. Teaching using the guided discovery learning approach is known to give improvements of students' reasoning and creativity. This paper describes a design on how a paramagnetic heat engine is taught by the guided discovery learning approach. The stages are described in the following sequences: (1) Students begin the lesson by asking questions about other applications of the Carnot cycle that are not explained in the textbook; (2) A teacher gives clues that a heat engine can be created by employing a paramagnetic material; (3) Students investigate what quantities that enable paramagnetic substances can be used as a material for a heat engine; (4) Under the guidance of a teacher, students derive mathematical equations for designing paramagnetic heat engine; and (5) Students make conclusions and generalizations about activities that have been done. In addition, in each stage, an assessment is wrapped-up by the teacher to evaluate the students’ reasoning and creativity to gain understanding in a meaningful and constructive manner.
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