Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Administration Science 2020 (ICAS 2020)

In the midst of advance development on science, technology and economic growth marked by swift international trade transactions, the world was shocked by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic which killed millions of people, paralyzed various sectors of economy and industry and created enormous fear in various circles. Breakthrough efforts to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and economic paralysis were carried out by various countries by making various breakthrough policies in various fields, including health, social assistance in the form of social safety net and economic policy policies to generate economic growth. In facing these problems, as a public entity, the state must always present in order to overcome all the difficulties it faces. In this context, public policy and administration must always be at the forefront of finding solutions in various sectors of life.

The multiplier effect of public policy and administration formulated by the state is crucial in determining how policy direction will be taken and how to predict its outcome and impact amid the current crisis and turbulence. To meet the needs of the multiplier effect of public policy and administration, on 8 December 2020, the Polytechnic of STIA LAN Bandung, held an "International conference on Multiplier Effect of Public Policy and Administration in Facing the Pandemic Era". The international conference is expected to contribute to developing opportunities and challenge of the multiplier effect of public policy and administration in the pandemic era.

With speakers of a range of academicians and practical expertise, such as, Dr. Tri Widodo, MA (the Deputy for Policy Study and Innovation in Public Administration, the National Institute of Public Administration, Republic of Indonesia), Dr. Muhammad Taufiq, DEA, the Deputy of Policy Competency Development of State Civil Service Apparatus NIPA, Prof. Dr. Agus Pramusinto, Chairman of Indonesian Civil Service Commission or KASN RI Prof. Dr. Vedi Hadiz (Director of Asian Institute, Melbourne University), Prof. Dr. Ahmad Marthada (Utara Malaysia University), Prof. Agus Suradika (Muhamadiyah University Jakarta) and Prof. Stein Kristiansen., Ph.D (Agder University, Norway), this international forum discussed various field ranging form Public Policy, Public Administration, Politics, Political Economy, Disaster Manajemen, Defence and Security Studies, Development Studies, Gender and Cultural Studies, Health and Education, Human Resources Management, Business and Corporations.

On behalf of the executive committee of the conference, we would like to thanks for the participation of all participants. We also like to express our apologies for any shortcoming and inconvenience which you may experience during the conference.

The Editors:
Ade Gafar Abdullah – Editor in Chief
Isma Widiaty
Sabar Gunawan
Muhammad Nur Affandi