Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2017)

Session: Law

9 articles

Distribution of Burden of Criminal Proof

Changlin Ke
The distribution of burden of criminal proof shall follow following principles: burden of proof borne by claimant, litigation efficiency, objection of forcing self-incrimination and presumption of innocence. In the juridical practice, because the accusing party desires for the litigation efficiency excessively...

Legal Analysis of Children's Right to Play

Mei Liu
The right to play is one of the basic rights that children should have and the legal protection and practice the right to play are closely related to the healthy growth of children. Considering the great importance of the right to play for the development of children, this article starts with the value...

Problems in Appeal System for Students and Its Countermeasures

Mei Liu
According to the current situation of appeal system for students in our country, the legal basis of appeal system for students is explored and problems in the present stage are analyzed. Suggestions for improvement of appeal system for students are proposed to safeguard the lawful rights and interests...

Public Interest Litigation for Personal Information Protection in Big Data Era A Discussion Based on Chinese Law

Dudu Jiang
The promulgation of Network Security Law has established our citizens' right to self-determination of personal information and limited right to be forgotten. However, it is still a long way to protect personal information. In the era of big data, the right to self-determination and the right to be forgotten...

On Pragmatic Identity Construction of Prosecutors in Criminal Courtroom Discourse

Xia Chen
According to the theories of pragmatic identity construction, pragmatic identity as a specific social identity is the actual embodiment, application and even an invented concept in the verbal communicative context. In light of the spirit of "Trial Centralism" in the new criminal procedure law, the study...

Establishment of Plaintiff Qualification of Administrative Public Interest Litigation in China

Weijun Wu, Qian Tan
The public interest urgently needs guarantee of judicial remedy for it is often infringed upon in real life. With the establishment of the public interest litigation system in domestic civil field, the voice requiring for establishment of administrative public interest litigation system is louder and...

Promote the Construction of Society with the Rule of Law by Improving the Legal Quality of Citizens

Ximei Zhang
In current China's construction of society with the rule of law practice, taking enhancing the quality of citizens as a focal point is determined by the legal quality of citizens, it is the inherent requirements of construction of society with the rule of law and the objective requirements of social...

Study on the Dilemma and Perfecting Path of Judicial Review of Administrative Agreements

Wei Li
Administrative agreement is a means by which the government implements administrative policy and achieves administrative objectives. Its fundamental purpose is to realize administration. The administrative agreement itself has the dual attribute of administrative and agreement. There is difficulty in...

Research on Sino - US Cybersecurity Law Enforcement Cooperation From the Perspective of International Law Enforcement Cooperation

Angang Li, Yun Chen
With the speeding up of economic globalization, the exchange and cooperation between different countries have become the theme of international relations. The world today is increasingly becoming a close global village. However, the increasing prominent problems of transnational crime put forward a serious...