Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Education, Social Sciences and Humanities (ICCESSH 2017)

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Knowledge as a Non-equilibrium Dynamic System

Mikhail Oseledchik, Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev
The article is devoted to the consideration of knowledge as a non-equilibrium, self-sustaining, and self-organizing system possessing the properties of openness, nonlinearity and dissipation, which shows the true value of learning and intellectual productive environment for possible diffusion of knowledge....
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Self and Other in the Communicative Space of the Global World

Olga Chistyakova
The author presents the philosophical analysis of Self–Other relationship in intercultural and interreligious communications in the globalizing world. Special attention is paid to the semantic clarification of the processes of alienation and simultaneous mutual influence, strangification in a dichotomous...
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Ecology of Culture in the Space of Social and Humanitarian Knowledge

Eleonora Barkova, Olga Buzskaya, Marina Ivleva, Marat Buzskij
The article investigates, on the foundation of eco-philosophical approach, the concept of ecology, in general, and the perspectives of its implementation in the sphere of culture researches; it analyzes the main approaches in ecological methodology. The authors conclude the ecological aspects of culture...
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Psychosemantics and Representationalism

Alexey Chernyak
Psychosemantics is a research program aimed to naturalize meaning, demonstrate how it emerges from natural properties of mental states and processes. The present article explores what seems to be an essence of psychosemantic theories of meaning in order to bring to light their most general problem. It...
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The Historian of Philosophy in Search of Sense

Anatoly Kolesnikov
In the article, conditions of actualization interpretation and translation techniques of philosophical texts of non-Western philosophy are revealed. The author marks out features of hermeneutical procedures and their correlation with existentially rational approaches. The problem translatability of the...
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Philosophy of Economics in Context of the Challenges of Modernity

Andrey Orekhov, Fakhraddin Akhmedov
This article is devoted to the philosophy of economics as to the interdisciplinary area existing on a joint of philosophy and economy. Philosophy of economics - «philosophical problems of economy» is the scientific interdisciplinary direction investigating the most fundamental, basic, and most metaphysical...
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Transhumanism Horizons of Convergent Technologies

Ekaterina Gnatik
The article focuses on transformation of human values under the impact of convergent technologies that create possibilities to transform human consciousness on an organic, neurobiological level. They give an impetus for developing ways to overcome fundamental limits of human abilities and methods for...
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Russian Philosophy on the Value of an Individual

Igor Grebeshev
The author of the article represents the philosophy's personalist branch as an integral living process of Russian philosophical thought development in the late 19th - early 20th centuries, rich with interaction, debate and discussion. The author shows, how the reception of the European personalist tradition...
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The Mentality as the Image of the Cognitive Properties of the Other

Klavdiya Vasilyeva, Osor Ochirov
The article presents a probability model of gaining insight into the mentality phenomenon as a reflection of cognitive property and another mind's abilities. The authors establish a point that mentality is a result of the external evaluation since it is not self-reflected by its subject. The mentality...
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Areas of the Competence of Reason in the Teachings of Al-Ghazali

Maythem Al-Janabi, Nur Kirabaev
New methodological approaches to studying the philosophical heritage of al-Ghazali (1058-1111) are connected with the understanding of another culture as "a different culture and logic of thinking," the Arab-Muslim culture as a "phenomenon of cross-cultural interaction, the role of "the ideal of knowledge...
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Specificity of Early Categorial Thinking in Ancient China

Natalya Pushkarskaya
The article is dedicated to the universality problem in early categorial thinking of Ancient China. Universal conceptual schemes generated in archaic cultures appear to be an important part of contemporary science.
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Personalism–The Philosophical Movement for Human Development

Pavol Dancak
Freedom manifests itself in the creative activity of man. Through a creative act, the person expresses itself and thus fulfils its freedom. Life of man can be ruled neither by fear, nor by authoritative pressure. If there is something valuable in life and world, then it may happen only thanks to freedom....
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The Repressive Hypothesis: Natural Sexuality, Suppressed Eros and a Chance of an Alternative

Philipp Tagirov
The article studies the so called "repressive hypothesis" according to which eros and sexuality are suppressed by authoritarian social order. This hypothesis is based of Freudian idea of repressive nature of culture and developed primarily by W. Reich and G. Marcuse. The current analysis points out the...
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Philologist Versus Philosopher On the Translation of the Philosophical Texts

Rusana Pskhu, Galina Zashchitina, Ludmila Kryshtop, Nadezhda Danilova, Larissa Kalashnikova
The article concerns the principles of translating philosophical texts which have a number of particular features. Above all, that is the use of certain specific terminological means. The chief object and the main difficulty we deal with is looking for and revealing a correct translation for the philosophical...
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Concept of the "Axial Age" in Modern Philosophy in Russia

Sergei Nizhnikov
The article shows the principles of K. Jaspers's concept of "axial age" that were stressed and developed in modern philosophy in Russia. It analyzes ideas expressed from philosophers and historians including M.K. Mamardashvili (universalism of "axial age"), A.V. Semushkin (the ruin of myth and the birth...
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Social Criticism: From Utopia to Post-utopian Thought

Svetlana Rudanovskaya
The article deals with social criticism and its ideals that undergo transformation in the situation of mass media society (with its unification tendencies as well as pluralism in views and approaches to reality). Contemporary critics are characterized first of all by their sensitivity to language, its...
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Neo-Vedantism in the Bengal Renaissance: Genesis, Foundations and Development in XIX Century

Tatiana Skorokhodova
The article represents genesis and development of Neo-Vedanta philosophy by thinkers of Bengal Renaissance thinkers. The reconsideration of classical Vedanta is described as continuation of its ideas as most suitable for Modern needs in cultural spheres as well as re-building of these ones based on humanistic...
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Modalities and Logic

Vitaly Ivlev, Nellie Lepskaya
This article investigates the category of modality (necessity, chance and possibility) in history of philosophy, biology and logic. We study the first in the history of philosophy understanding of the types of modality of the ancient Greek thinker Democritus; identify the main use of the categories studied...
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Florensky and Kant—the Metaphysics of Faith vs the Metaphysics of Reason

Vladimir Belov, Julia Karagod
The article reviews the criticism of philosophical position of I. Kant by the Russian religious philosopher Pavel Florensky. The sharpness of such criticism is explained by the Russian philosopher's recognition in Kant not just of the assertion of power of reason as opposed to faith, but the assertion...
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Peculiarities of Aristotelian Scholastic Logic

Vitaly Ivlev, Marina Ivleva
The article is a retrospective analysis of Aristotle's logic, which had a great influence on the development of logic as a science, and its evolution into scholastic philosophy. With the help of the method of historical reconstruction the author singles out the major elements of logic in general such...
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A View on Contemporaneity Through the Discourse of Postmodernism

Olga Chistyakova
The article discusses the basic principles of the social existence displayed as the signs of the postmodern world. The author analyses some philosophical concepts and teachings of the postmodernism (Z. Bauman, J. Baudrillard, J. Urry, A. Giddens) in their reflection of social problems of contemporaneity....
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Information and Communication Technologies in the Contemporary Educational Process

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
The article is devoted to the analysis of the informatization process of all forms of educational activity and evaluation of its possible consequences. The authors consider the positive and negative aspects of the widespread introduction of computer technologies in the educational process. It is noted...
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Bibliometric Analysis on the Resource Rooms for Learning in Regular Class in Our Country in the Recent Twenty Years

Xiu Li
Bibliometric analysis is applied to review the research results of resource room for learning in regular class of our country from 1999 to 2016. The results reveal: although the amount of research literature on resource room for learning in regular class increases yearly, the research is still at initial...
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Exploration and Practice on the Three-dimensional Training Mode for Special Children's Art Rehabilitation Talents

Qiuzhu Liu, Xingmei Dong
The three-dimensional training mode, including course teaching, rehabilitation practice and network teaching, is probed in this paper for special children's art rehabilitation, on the basis of teaching reform. This mode mainly solves problems, such as insufficient practical ability of art rehabilitation,...
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Research on Applied Undergraduate Course Reform Based on Makerspace

Nana Shang
Applied undergraduate aims at training high quality applied talents who can adapt to economic development. In the era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", applied undergraduate is required to train talents with high quality of entrepreneurship and innovation. Maker Education becomes the theme....
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Investigation on Current Situation of College Students' Interpersonal Communication

Yu Zhao, Wen Hu, Xiaorong Gan, Tiechuan Liu, Ming Cheng
The Comprehensive Diagnostic Scale for Interpersonal Relationship of College Students compiled by Zheng Richang is used in this research to carry out questionnaire survey for 311 college students of Gannan Medical University. Conclusion: The interpersonal communication of college students in Gannan Medical...
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Practical Exploration on the Application of Red Culture in Ideological and Political Education for College Students

Pan Li, Yongjian Xu
Red culture resources are historical relics with rich connotation to carry out ideological and political education. Except for updating ideas and contents, the specific ways should be reformed and innovated to effectively integrate red culture in the ideological and political education. Therefore, the...
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Research on Co-construction of Practical Teaching System of Fine Arts in Sino-Russia Universities

Zhongfeng Fu
With the reform and opening-up, the education in China enters the age of globalization. The friendly relationship between China and Russia contributes to the upsurge of Sino-Russian cooperation in running schools. The Co-construction of practical teaching system of fine arts in Sino-Russia universities...
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Research on College Sports Teaching Development under the Perspective of Sino-Russian Cooperation in Running Schools

Changzhu Li
With the modernization of education, the internationalization level of colleges of our country in running schools improves unceasingly. The Sino-Russian cooperation in running schools develops rapidly, contributing to the introduction of high quality educational resources of Russia and the reform and...
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Education in the Network Society: Challenges and Prospects

Daria Dobrinskaya, Artemiy Kurbanov, Inna Vershinina
The article shows the key tendencies of the functioning of the institute of education in the network society. Specific features of dynamic changes in science and technology development and the transformation of the labor sphere are analyzed. The authors pay special attention to challenges and prospects...
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Self-Management as a Predictor of Student Performance

Elena Petanova, Radostina Stoyanova
This article reviews the study of predictors in fist-year students' academic performance with its index being calculated on the basis of their interim academic success assessments on two fields of study. The self-management capacity was determined by the methods of N. Peisakhov, and the sampling included...
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The Study of the Legal Education of Chinese Minority College Students

Deli Sun
The legal education of minority college students, mainly refers to the national college and university education involved in minority college students in order to raise awareness of the law, legal culture thinking, learning legal knowledge education. This study is to inquire and analyze the minority...
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Teaching of Philosophy as a System Core of Modern Higher Education

Irina Ponizovkina
The article is dedicated to the urgent issues and the role of lecturing philosophy in the higher schools. The author believes, the philosophical and humanitarian education shall become a strategic core of educational processes in the higher schools and make them more effective. The article also draws...
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Cultivate and Carry forward Socialist Core Values Based on Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture

Yinghui Ren
It is the requirement of improving national cultural soft power and strengthening cultural self-confidence of Chinese nation to base on excellent traditional Chinese culture, in order to cultivate and carry forward socialist core values. The dialectical unification relations of excellent traditional...
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Discussion on the Innovation of Mandarin Teaching in Colleges

Changmin Wang
Compared with other educational stages, in higher education stage, students' pronunciation of words and language habit has formed. They have different language foundations and weak consciousness of language specification. Besides, the mandarin application fails to meet the requirements. The information-based...
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Analysis on the Meaning of Teaching with Dialectical Negation

Fujiang Sun
The unification of affirmation and negation of things can reach if we overcome and retain different factors of things or the different trends or properties of the same factor. Understanding that negation is the "unification of retaining and overcoming" can train students' ability and skill of dialectical...
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Three Problems Noticeable for Patriotism Teaching

Wenping Ma
"Loving the country" is the core of individual cultivation and practice of socialist core values, in the teaching of "inherit patriotic tradition and carry forward China spirits" given in Chapter II of Moral Education and Fundamentals of Law course for college students in China, more analysis shall be...
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Application of Intercultural Awareness in College English Teaching

Yan Chen
Intercultural communication is one of the important parts in college English teaching and students are required to acquire the cultural knowledge of other countries, especially the English-speaking countries while learning the language. This article describes how to cultivate the intercultural awareness...
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Comparative Research on Construction of Art Major Teachers' Team Mainly in Universities of Science and Technology

Linlin Zou, Wanbing Shi
The development of society and economy makes people for the pursuit of art is more urgent and intense, and all aspects of social life in the art industry has become an important part in our daily life, for the social and economic development plays an important role. As an important part of the art of...
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Research on Zoology Teaching under the Credit System Mode

Ruilin Tian
Zoology is an important basic course for undergraduates majoring in biology, in order to guarantee and improve the zoology teaching quality after reform of the credit system, based on the teaching practice, the article discusses and confirms that to keep the integrity of zoology knowledge system and...
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Construction of A Learning Society and Sports Culture of College Campus

Xiaohui Che
A learning society is a kind of ideal social form, which is designed for the education development and learning activities in future by the lifelong education advocates. This paper discussed some problems related to the construction of a learning society and sports culture of college campuses based on...
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Study on the Teaching Strategies for Undergraduates of English Majors Based on Learning Style

Juju Wang
The minds and physiology of college students has been mature and they have possessed stronger independence and have basically formed their stable and effective learning skills and possessed the suitable learning strategies to acquire what teachers have taught. It is shown in the research that the teaching...
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Evaluation of a Curriculum

Yuxia Yang
Evaluation is an on-going and evolutionary process in the development of a curriculum in which it may encompass different people in the different periods like audience, participants or observers. Strictly speaking evaluation cannot only be thought as tests and it is broader than tests, assessment or...
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Rational Thinking on Bioethics Education for Students in Public Security Colleges Surpassing Life

Jun Lu
According to group characteristics of students in public security colleges, life education on them is analyzed from the perspective of ethic, and paths to solve the predicaments of bioethics education for these students are explored, in order to guide them to establish correct outlook on bioethics and...
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Research on Startup Education Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shuang Wang
Startup courses set in higher vocational colleges are the necessity of meeting social development, promoting self development and improving students' quality. Currently there are many problems existing in the course setting, textbook and teaching forms. This article is focused on raising thoughts to...
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The Integration of Media literacy education into Ideology and morality education at China's High Schools

Haoyu Wang
The development of the society has come to the era of media. The media message is increasingly important in public life, with the mediated culture penetrating every corner of the corner of the society. The ubiquity of the media message makes the students in growth confused when make choices. Meanwhile,...
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Research on Current Situation of Overseas Vietnamese Students and Its Policy Improvement

Anh Thu Vo, Wanbing Shi
It is of great importance to explore the current situation of overseas Vietnamese students and policy improvement, in order to improve the management level of overseas Vietnamese students. Research methods like statistical method, inductive method and policy analysis method are applied to conclude the...
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Research on Paths to Cultivate Occupational Quality of Higher Vocational College Students under the Guidance of Spirit of the Craftsman

Li Pan
Spirit of the craftsman plays a distinctly important role in the implementation of Made in China 2025, having great significance on the survival of enterprises, the development of higher vocational colleges and career planning of higher vocational college students. In cultivation of students' occupational...
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Research on Promotion of the Quality and Benefit of Military Theory at Local Colleges and Universities of Yunnan

Jinghua Rong
As a compulsory course for local college students, the course of military theory plays an important role in intensifying and promoting national defense education and construction. In addition, Yunnan, located in a special geographical location, is of great strategic significance with abundant war and...
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The "Double" Situation of College Students' Employment Guidance Education Mode of "12345"

Bin Zhou, Hao Li, Di Zhang
college students employment is a major problem in today's society, and it is a key indicator of education. And it is also the need of scientific and standardized education to achieve effective employment. This article appeared in the employment of college students. This paper is to study the causes,...
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Investigation on Current Situation of Students in University of Sino-foreign Cooperative Education and Its Countermeasures of Management Improvement

Hao Feng, Wanbing Shi
It has significant value for students in colleges of Sino-foreign cooperative education through investigation on current situation of them and exploration on countermeasures of improving management. Research methods like questionnaire method, induction method and statistical analysis method are applied...
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The Research of Basic Computer Teaching of Higher Vocational Based on Flipped Classroom

Zhijun Su, Xiumei Jing, Changyun Wang
Flipped classroom is a new teaching model of reversal arrangement of imparting knowledge and knowledge internalization, which plays a role in enhancing students' interest and improving their innovation ability. According to the steps of video learning before class, knowledge Internalization in class...
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Development of Russian Online Learning System Educational and Socio-cultural Aspects of Problem

Tatiana Sokhranyaeva
The article considers the problem of forming and functioning of the Russian system of online learning in educational and socio-cultural aspects. The tasks of developing the online learning system in conjunction with the interests of the main subjects of the social demand for the development of digital...
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International Education Cooperation under the Background of Belt and Road Initiative

Xiaoling Fang
What the "Belt and Road Initiative" advocates is to build a world featuring permanent peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, inclusiveness, green and beautifulness, and all countries and regions are required to promote the reform and development through opening up and carry out multi-level...
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Research on Public Art Education of Teacher Education Major in Local Colleges

Lijuan Feng
Teacher education major in local colleges takes on heavy responsibility to train qualified primary and middle school teachers. The uniqueness of it requires the intensification of art education, in order to let students grasp necessary art knowledge and skills and train their aesthetic judgment ability....
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Study on Measures for Development of Continuing Education Based on Social Stratification

Jichuan Li
Based on the classification of occupations, the social stratification in China, which is weighed through organizational resources, economic resources and cultural resources, brings opportunities and spaces for the continuing education in the country, to explore measures for the development of the continuing...
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Flipped Classroom and Its Application to College English Teaching

Hongtao Yin
Flipped classroom is a brand-new form of classroom teaching. The thesis analyzes the feasibility of flipped classroom instructing college English teaching and probes into its teaching process. In spite of the advantages of flipped classroom, it is a big challenge to the teachers as well as students.
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Exploration on Effects of Parents' Participation in College Management under New Normal

Shuting Tian
Higher education trains professional and intelligent talents for the society, concerning the national economic development and social modernization process. People with interests related to higher education under participate in college management under new normal. Parents of students who benefit from...
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The Training Strategy Study on Special Ability of the Computer Aided Clothing Drawing

Runan Jiang, Jinhua Dong
In the Course of Computer Aided Clothing Drawing, it must aim at cultivating special ability of computer aided clothing drawing effectively. Specific strategies are shown as follows: use a task-driven teaching mode to train drawing ability; implement a teaching mode of homework exhibition to reinforce...
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Principles and Methods of Ideological Education Work Interpretation on the Movie I am not "Pan Jinlian"

Liangliang Tan
The film I am not "Pan Jinlian" reflects a social issue of the masses' petition. In the film, the government conducts ideological work for the party many times to attempt to persuade her into stopping suing. But all their efforts fail. This paper analyzes the causes of failure and takes a lesson from...
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Buddhist Education Managment in Nava Nalanda Mahavihara University

Wanbing Shi, Poonam Kumari
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to find out about the Buddhist education management, Teaching and Research management, Faculties management, Administration and Financial management of the Nava Nalanda Mahavihara Buddhist University. Design/methodology/approach: Nava Nalanda Mahavihara Buddhist...
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Research on the Reform of Training English Talents for Event Industry

Jianhua Zhou
With the increasing development of event industry in China, the demands for English talents for event industry are great and urgent. The question of how to promote the rapid growth of these English talents to meet the requirement of internationalized event industry needs a quick and satisfying answer....
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Strengthening and Improving Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities under the New Situation

Yuan Gao
The preparatory education for ethnic minorities is a great measure of the national policy of the Communist Party of China[1]. To cultivate the national preparatory students to establish a correct world outlook, values, and national view, is directly related to national unity and national unity[2]. But,...
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A Study on the Language Negative Transfer in Chinese Students' English Studies under the Background of "the Belt and Road"

Jinxiang Xue
The national strategy of China-" the Belt and Road" policy urges that colleges and universities should cultivate talents with excellent English, but language negative transfer may be a big hindrance against this goal. In second language acquisition, people hod different views on language transfer, and...
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Research on Independent Learning Mode under the Background of Internet Plus

Bo Han
Researches on independent learning have been going through a long time at home and abroad, however, most of them are following the way used for formal learning such as courses, classroom and so on, which lies in a technical environment relatively weak and closed. Today, the highly developed Internet...
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A New Concept and a New Model for the Education of Translation Competence in Chinese Mainland Setting

Weimin Yuan
This article subverts traditional way to explore the definition of translation competence and its development. Based on dialectical thinking and system theory, division and integration are combined to develop translation competence. Elements at different levels are integrated into another system at higher...
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A Study on the English Teaching of Minority Preparatory Education and the Role Change of English teachers Based on the Flipped Classroom

Xijuan Chen
Under the background of big data era, an education storm of "flipped classroom" has triggered a close attention in educational circles, as well as the discussion of it. This paper focuses on the "flipped classroom", which is applied to English teaching of minority preparatory education, and can be used...
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Migrant Children's Schooling Culture and Social Mobility Based on the Study of A Designated Public School for Migrant Children

Bairen Ding
Taking a public school designating recruitment of migrant children in Nanjing City in China as a case, this paper analyzes the schooling life of migrant children under culture production theory. Study shows "culture of self-abandonment" prevailing among migrant children in weak public schools. Different...
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Study on the System of Compulsory Education-Teachers' Management in Mainland China

Bei Lyu, Kai Shao, Weili Huang
Although teachers' mobility system of district-management and school-employment promoted the quality-development of compulsory education, several problems appeared such as lack-teachers' stability, lack-subjectivity, lack-adaptability and lack-attribution, school culture inheritance as well as arbitrariness,...
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The Ideological Leading in the Construction of Campus Culture in Middle School

Wanxue Zeng, Yuanyuan Yang
Middle school culture, as an important part in human civilization system, is a soul underline for spreading knowledge, innovation, cultivation and science research. Among middle school culture construction, ideology guiding is a key to education improvement and build inner ability in school education,...
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The Research on Optimizing Training Program for Master Graduate Students in Sports Science under National Program On the Basis of Comparative Analysis of 13 National Sports Colleges

Yuanxiang Liu
As a programmatic document for postgraduate training, the postgraduate training program is essential for the quality of postgraduate training. In the context of that "fitness" and "sports industry" are promoted to the national strategy, using literature, investigation and mathematical statistics methods,...
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Psychological Predicament of Freshmen in the Course of Computer Programming and Its Countermeasures

Jianwei Zhang
Freshmen major in computer and engineering have to learn high level language programming. According to years of teaching experience, students have psychological predicaments in this process, leading to difficulties in learning. Practical application proves it has good effects to give countermeasures...
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Research on Historical Background of Scientific Research Evaluation System in German Universities

Lihong Li, Wanbing Shi
The exploration and analysis on historical background of scientific research evaluation system in German universities has great significance and value to understand the evolution of scientific research evaluation in German universities. The historical background that the scientific research evaluation...
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A Study on Flipped Classroom-based Autonomous Learning Model Applied in English Visual-audio-oral Teaching

Ming Cai
This paper aims to construct a flipped classroom-based autonomous learning model in English visual-audio-oral teaching with the expectation that some inspirations and references can be offered to English educators. Taking flipped classroom as the carrier, this model tries to carry out autonomous learning,...
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A Comparative Analysis and Enlightenment of Postgraduate Accounting Education between China and America

Zhengyong Zhang, Zhenkun Wang
With the development of economic globalization, and the continuous upgrade and innovation of the development of modern enterprise. The training quality and training specifications of high level accounting personnel are confronting new and higher requirements. This paper studies the characteristics and...
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Research on the Theory and Practice of Military Curriculum Teaching Method in Colleges and Universities

Shanhua Luo, Gongchen Su
On the basis of drawing lessons from the research results of other courses or disciplines, the development of military curriculum teaching method should be based on military course construction and military curriculum teaching and reveal the general rule and basic methods in the curriculum of military...
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Study on the Establishment of A New Teaching System of Higher-education Military Curriculum under the Emerging Situation of Intensified Reform and Innovation

Shanhua Luo, Gongchen Su
The establishment of the teaching system on every specialty curriculum in colleges and universities responds directly to the teaching purpose and training goal, it's not only a requirement for the personnel cultivation in higher education which shall have the appropriate structure of knowledge and level...
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Research on the Selection and Application of Sports Policy Tools in China's Colleges and Universities

Shengmin Cao, Wanbing Shi
Exploring and analyzing the selection and application of sports policy has great importance and value on the implantation of sports policy in China's colleges and universities. According to the core concept of policy tool, sports policy and its aim, we can get a clear picture of the selection and application...
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Machine Translation and Chinese College Students' English Learning

Caiying Wang
Nowadays, machine translation system has gradually gained popularity among college students, and it brings more and more benefits to them. This paper makes an analysis and comparison on lexical and syntax level of four machine translation systems commonly-used by Chinese college students. And it puts...
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Application of Mobile Learning Based on Mobile Phone APP in College Sports Teaching Take "Ulearning" as an Example

Fei Dai, Junhong Shu
With the continuous social and economic development, people's material standard of living improves accordingly. At present, smart phones have become an indispensable tool in people's daily life. With the soaring development of communication technology, mobile phones play a distinctly important role in...
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The Research on Teachers' Professional Development in the View of Organizational Identification

Jia Zhang
The characteristics of young teacher in basic education have determined that their organization is not high which has influenced their professional development. To properly introduce young teachers and carry out the socialization of the organization, improve the decision-making in democratic, strengthen...
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A Discussion On Child-centred Education in the Chinese Context

Jinfeng Zhou
This paper presents a detailed demonstration on the arguments on child-centered education, and much emphasis is put in the Chinese context. It is illustrated that education should definitely be designed basing on children's needs and interests. However, the function of teachers should not be neglected....
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Research on Penetrability of Project-based Learning in Ecological Classroom

Xiaoli Zhao
Information technology course aims at improving students' information skills and literacy. The integration and intergrowth of the ecological classroom with information technology and the project-based learning, and how to use project-based learning in teaching to improve students' information literacy...
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Three Changes in Japanese Teaching Methods

Fengjuan Wu
With the development and application of new technologies, Japanese teaching methods keep pace with the times, also change a lot. Japanese language teaching has become a trend with the network to create a language environment. This article mainly shows the new highlights of Japanese teaching by turning...
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Construction of High-level Teaching Faculties in Newly-built Local Universities in Ethnic Regions under the Transferring and Developing Background

Liqian Chen
Based on years' research and investigation, the author has probed into the necessities of constructing high-level teaching faculties and some measures about the construction of high-level teaching faculties in newly-built local universities in ethnic regions under the transferring and developing background...
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On Research of Non-governmental Applied Innovative Talents Cultivation Mode

Hao Yong
During the transformation period of university and college, Talents Cultivation is the base, the core of country and ethnic and the key of development of the university. We should cultivate applied and innovation talents so that the position of the non-governmental university will be invincible. Four...
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Research on the Status of English Teaching of the Postgraduate Students in the Chinese Agricultural Universities

Jingyuan Xie
The English level of the non-English major graduate students in the agricultural university is relatively low for many years in China. How to improve the students' English basic level in their postgraduate stage in the limited time is should be studied for. In this paper, some strategies to improve their...
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Development of School Guidance in the People's Republic of China from 2003-2016: Meet the Social Demands

Bei Lyu, Huan Huang
this article addresses the development of school guidance in the People's Republic of China from 2003-2016, including cultural context for the development of school guidance such as globalization, mass media and internet, cultural diversity and pluralism, structural changes in the family, and positive...
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Research on the Relationship between Dormitory Ties and Study Engagement of College Students Under the Same Roof

Xianwei Lu
Social network influences individual decision-making behavior. Based on 13695 paired samples constructed by 166 college students, this paper examines the relationship between dormitory ties and similarity of study engagement. The results show that: the existence of dormitory ties between students make...
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Discussion on Functional Division for Landscape Design Teaching

Lei Cai, Shifang Xu
This article discusses the functional division that is used generally in the teaching of landscape design, and it is not to give a yes or no simply but makes analysis from the development of the era and cross disciplines, trying to avoid philosophical arguments but unable to get basis out of the philosophy....
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Research on Three-dimensional Teaching Practice Pattern of Human Resource Management in Colleges

Aijuan Chen
According to the analysis of teaching status of human resource management in colleges at home and abroad, major problems are found, meanwhile, the three-dimensional teaching practice pattern of human resource management in colleges is researched through building six function modules of human resources,...
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Analysis on Exchange and Cooperation of Universities in Fujian and Taiwan under the Background of Supply-side Structural Reform of Higher Education

Jianping Huang, Lihua Huang
Current situation, applied transformation direction, living examples and strategies of exchange and cooperation of application-oriented universities in Fujian and Taiwan under supply-side structural reform of higher education are researched in this paper. It focuses on the strategy research to make for...
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Research on College English Teaching Supported by Information Technology

Taohua Xiao, Lina Wu
Under the background of higher education reform, in order to promote course construction and improve teaching efficiency of college English, teaching through advanced information technology and teaching idea avails the improvement of teachers' specialty literacy and the training of students' ability...
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Combination of Innovative Thinking with Accounting Teaching

Yi Tang
Accounting education in colleges teaches knowledge and skills of accounting major and cultivates talents with humanistic feelings, critical and innovative thinking and honesty. It is the original intention of college education that is different from training institutions. Innovation is the first power...
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Integration of Liberal Education with Professional Education in Colleges Taking the Major of Financial Management in Application-oriented Colleges as an Example

Mengyuan Liu, Yi Tang
The introduction of "liberal education" makes people realize liberal education should be integrated with higher education to train talents with integrated development. People hold different opinions on how to better integrate liberal education with professional education. Discussion on how to integrate...
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Contrastive and Integrated Teaching Application of Effective Interest Method

Yi Tang, Mengyuan Liu
At present, effective interest method is extensively used in confirmation of effective yield (or expense) during the holding of fixed or ascertainable assets (or liabilities) of future cash flows. It uses initial amortized cost to multiply by effective interest rate, in order to determine effective yield...
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Traditional and Contemporary: Meaning and Value of the Study on the Ming Dynasty's Ceramic Appreciation Literature

Yuzhou Wu, Xiaosong Zou
From the perspectives of cultural inheritance and contemporary life, this paper made a system analysis on the appreciation literature study of Ming Dynasty's ceramic works: firstly, it is beneficial to the excavation and arrangement of Chinese traditional ceramic design ideas; secondly, it contributes...
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Application of Cultural Symbols of Water Transport of Huaian in the Design of Tourist Souvenir

Yuzhou Wu, Ping Liu
Application of implement culture in water transport of Huaian to design of tourist souvenir is discussed according to cultural transmission. First, the idea of designing cultural derivatives from material, behavior and reflection is proposed; second, the inheritance and reappearance of water transport...
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Exploration on the Innovative Design Course Promoting Industrial Design Teaching Reform

Xinghe Wang, Yihui Zeng, Yiping Tang
Starting with innovative design, this article analyzes the status quo of industrial design teaching, the application of innovative design course. Based on the analysis, it raises the great significance that the innovative design course brings to train talents of industrial design, summarizes three modes...
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Analysis on Music Education in Regular Colleges and Its Diversified Thinking

Xia Wu
Music is the most natural expression of human thoughts and emotions. Music education can stimulate people's creative thinking. However, the music education in regular colleges faces problems while achieving results and lags behind the global multicultural music education in development. It is distinctly...