Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Gender Ideology in The Story of Zahra

Rizqi Handayani
Corresponding author
Rizqi Handayani
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ranslated literature, gender ideology, gynocritics, patriarchal society.
This research aims at viewing gender ideology through the work of a female author which in this case is represented by the novel The Story of Zahra. This novel was written by a Lebanese female author Hanan Asy-syaikh (1945). As for the research method used is analytical descriptive method by using the literature feminist critic approach which was developed by Showalter through his gynocritics, theory. This method is used to reveal the gender ideologies which are found in the text of the novel The Story of Zahra as primary data. The data collection was done by the researcher as key instruments by reading the primary data. The data was then identified, classified and analyzed critically. The result of the research shows that female authors tend to articulate women in novels as a subject of gender thus making them be able to express their experience surrounding their bodies in an articulated way. In expressing her opinions on gender ideologies in The Story of Zahra, Syaikh raised the issue of femininity, female bodies and virginity in the Lebanese society as discursive practices born from the patriarchal society.
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